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SoftBums Omni pockets

We are continuing with our “underdog” diapers, personal and staff favorites that don’t get as much marketing as some of the bigger names πŸ™‚
The spotlight shines on SoftBums Omni pockets this week.

This is a one size pocket that can also be used in the SoftBums all in two system, although I use it solely as a pocket diaper. It has a unique rise adjustment system, we get lots of emails about “why does my diaper have a hole in the bottom?” That is where you slip the little toggles out (think of a toggle on a child’s coat sleeves) to adjust where the elastic sits in your diaper. The tighter the gather, the smaller the diaper, and you can get this baby really small. I started using it around the 8-9 month mark if I remember correctly, but I am curious with our arrival in September to see how early it will work, I have heard customers report success as early as 8-9 pounds! What I love about it, it is wide enough to accommodate my regular microfiber inserts, at this point I have a ton of mixed brands, so it doesn’t have to be softbums inserts that you use with it. But, the crotch is still narrow enough where it isn’t bulky or wide in between the legs. You can make the rise really tall, too, so for me skinny/tall guy it is perfect, high rise without bulk in the crotch area. The tabs allow for a nice trim crossover, and the aplix looks fabulous after 10+ months of daily washing.

Next week we move into some other systems of underdog favorites, so if you are not a pocket family, hang in there for one more week πŸ™‚

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Tiny Tush diapers

This week we are going to start discussing some underdogs of cloth diapers πŸ™‚ These are some personal favorites of mine/why I love them/how they fit, etc…

I will start this one with Tiny Tush one size pocket diapers.

I discovered these with my third daughter, she was my largest build toddler, my first two had easily potty trained out of their bumgenius pockets and other one size diapers. Lucy wasn’t close to training and had outgrown her one size pockets. I was hesitant to buy X-Larges, I thought if I could buy some “bigger” one size diapers that would work well if there was a next babe. They were fabulous! She wore them through potty training, which was around 38 pounds, and she was quite tall (even today, she is within a half inch of my almost 6-year old who is 2 years older than she is).
She wore them for a good 8-10 months, and I used the same ones for my fourth baby, Sebastian. Bash is a tiny build, he started wearing them around 9 pounds, around the 6 week mark. They were bulky, but fit and contained leaks. He is still in them at 18 months, so for the same diapers, pushing 28 months, they are still in fabulous shape. He is 28 pounds, and is on the third rise snap setting, meaning he still has one to go, I could see him in these through training easily as well. The diapers themselves are made in the US, the microfiber inserts are not, but then again most microfiber is from overseas. I use aplix on all but one of them, and I only have a complaint about one diaper’s aplix out of about 15 diapers, not bad for 28 months of every other day washing!
Next week we will dish on some other brands πŸ™‚

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stripping diapers, part 3

Last week we described the “how” of stripping, I am going to finish it off with a “try this routine” if you have gone through the stripping process and want to avoid it in the future. I often get asked “how often should I strip” and truly, if you have a good wash routine, you shouldn’t unless you run into a bacterial rash issue or yeast and need to disinfect. The only times I have to strip with my wash routine is when I test new detergents and end up with buildup or bacterial issues that leave stink behind. This is what we have seen working best for our customers, of course your routine may vary, but if you had problems before, it may be worth a shot πŸ™‚

This is for HE and regular top loaders:

-Hot or warm prerinse with no detergent. This is a quick 3-4 minute rinse/spin cycle. If you only have the option for cold, skip it completely OR if you can do a brief “prewash” in warm or hot do it, but not if it is going to take an hour to do so
-Hot wash, not sanitary or whitest whites, with the recommended amount of detergent. Powder fares better than liquid overall, when I say recommended amount, I mean what your detergent container recommends, not the 1/4 amount that manufacturers will recommend.
-2 rinses, these will be a cold temperature usually. Some older machines let you choose “warm” which is great, but cold is fine. The machine will automatically do one, if you can set it to “extra rinse” then do so.

A few tips for HE machines: Make sure your detergent is HE, otherwise you will have “I Love Lucy” suds everywhere and ruin your machine pretty quickly. Get as much water as you can in the machine, I am a fan of doing a “full” load even if it is half full of diapers, diapers like water so make sure enough is in there. If your machine needs weight, don’t add dry towels, they soak up as much water as they add, if you add towels they need to be wet when you put them in there. Put your machine on the “extra water” or “heavy soil” option to get water in there. Washing every other day is best.

We see much more success overall with our customer base and our own testing with the warm/hot prerinse. We find it does not “bake” in stains, but rather helps loosen any old buildup that is left behind. For liquid detergents we have found this especially true over the years. For our advice to skip the prerinse if it is cold only, some will say “gross! then you are washing your diapers in dirty water!”. This is the case even if you do a prerinse. If you have looked at a load of diapers after a prerinse, they are far from clean. The prerinse will loosen some of the soiled matter, but doesn’t come close to getting it all, so your level of “dirty” is different, but still there. The right amount of hot water, and a good detergent will get them clean without a prerinse, give it a try. Spraying down your diapers before they go into the pail will help a great deal if you skip your prerinse, even the newborn bowel movements, it is less going in therefore less to get out.
Finally, make sure you are doing your sniff tests. You can spray as much perfume on poop as you want, you will still smell perfumed poop. I promise there is not a detergent in the world that will mask poop in the diapers or your machine, if you don’t smell poo, it isn’t there. Your two times to sniff:
-Out of the dryer
-When they are freshly peed in

If either of these times gives you reason to turn your nose away, there is a problem. Don’t just “put up” with stink, doing so can lead to health problems and rash problems that you don’t want against your child’s skin. If your toddler threw up on a tee shirt, you washed it and it still smelled like puke, there is no way you would put it back on the child. Diapers have to be treated the same way, (except even worse because you are putting old poop and urine back up against their genital areas). Don’t tolerate stink, truly, shoot me an email and we will figure it out!

I promise our advice isn’t to mess with a good wash routine, or go against other popular advice. We don’t stand to profit on your smelly diapers, most of our customer service is in regards to fixing wash routines. My first goal is to make sure your baby’s skin is healthy, and my secondary goal is to make your wash routine easy. When you have to do 3 wash cycles or add more ingredients than you do making cookies, it really sucks the fun and ease of cloth diapers. With those two goals in mind, and talking with thousands of families over 7 years, we are always working on trying to get as close to a uniform wash routine as possible. There are circumstances where the above advice will vary, as with anything, but starting there, and then emailing me and saying “tried it, still have stink at x,y and z” helps me troubleshoot what needs to change, so keep in touch with me on it!

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This is the place to be for the details πŸ™‚
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Blog Friday! July 22

Hey everyone! The answer to this one can be found on our facebook page πŸ™‚
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Blog Friday!

So many sad, sad news stories this week and last about our precious children in this country. Lift up everyone who will read this blog and tell us what you did this week to show your child(ren) they are the most important people in the world to you πŸ™‚
My best moments with my kids are usually after I make a mistake with them (usually a yell, sad to say), those moments when you are kind of losing your mind with the world spinning around you, and you aren’t proud of how you have handled yourself or your child as a consequence. Take those moments and use them to teach your child “I am so sorry! I made a mistake, you didn’t deserve to hear (or have) mommy do x, y or z. You are the most special person to me and I really goofed. What I want you to remember is everyone makes mistakes, and I am going to try my best to do better next time, because you deserve the best mommy in the world for such an awesome kid!” Follow it with a huge smothering hug that might crack a few ribs and a big wet kiss, I know when I do I get it back 100 times over with a big “it is ok mommy, everyone makes mistakes!”.
Remember, our job isn’t to be perfect, can you imagine how hard it would be for our kids to live up to that standard? Just good enough, the best you can, and always trying to do better. I don’t think any child can ask for more than that in a parent πŸ™‚
Hug and kiss those babies tonight, one winner will be randomly chosen for a $15.00 voucher on Sunday morning~

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Well loved giveaways~

Hey everyone, these are free to a good home, we will cover shipping. I just have a few items, I cannot guarantee functionality or any sort of warranty, and I ask that you honestly be in genuine need of these items to go to a good home. Comment below specifying which item you would be interested in, one item per entry, we will randomly pick one winner for each item Thursday July 14th~

-one Kissaluvs size 0, bleached once so color is faded, lime green
-pack of 4 infant prefolds, well used and frayed on edges
-one medium Fuzzi Bunz, old style, hot pink color, well used no stains
-one planet wise wet bag size large, used for several months

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stripping diapers

We are continuing our stripping discussion. I do want to throw one more tidbit in, it drives me a little batty when I see websites promoting the icewater drip test to see if your diapers are repelling. The idea being you dribble a few drops of water on the diaper, if it doesn’t sink in right away the diapers need to be stripped. The truth is I can do this on my perfectly fine pocket diapers and you won’t see it sink in, the pressure of the baby against the diaper pushes urine into it, so don’t rely on that test to see if you have buildup and need to strip.

There was a method that was very popular a few years ago in stripping, and I sincerely hope it has completely died out but I know some still recommend it. It involves using your dishwasher to strip the diapers. Now, this is a fire hazard, and will render your snaps and elastic pretty useless, so under no circumstances should you ever put your diapers in the dishwasher, please please please.

Another popular method is to put Dawn dish soap in the washing machine. We don’t recommend this either, your washing machine wasn’t made for dish soap, it is high sudsing and can clog the hoses. If you have a new washer under warranty, we have had customers who used Dawn, and when their machine broke and the repairman came, it was very easy to tell soap had been used, and the warranty was voided, so please take note of those problems if you go the Dawn route.

What is safer for you and the machine, is to bleach the diapers if you have buildup. 1/3 cup of clorox in the detergent cycle with clean diapers, and hot water, will take care of the problem. If you have cotton print diapers, dyed fitteds or prefolds, or cotton outer wet bags, you can use color safe bleach. That is the best method to strip, and safe for your machine. For disinfecting purposes, color safe bleach may not be appropriate as it uses hydrogen peroxide rather than chlorine to bleach, but for residue purposes it can work.

Make sure the diapers have been washed and dried, if they are soiled the bleach won’t do much. Once in a blue moon bleach is fine on your diapers, it is when it is used on a regular basis that you see premature wear and tear, just like you would on your clothing. PUL is dye fast and will not bleed from bleach.

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Facebook Friday July 8th :)

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Entries need to be in by Saturday night, 10 PM Eastern time, winner announced on Sunday πŸ™‚

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