Is cloth diapering hard?

Nice post over on Everything Cloth about debunking the myths behind how difficult it is to use cloth diapers. At Abby’s Lane I believe we’ve also covered many, many concerns on our Cloth Diapering 101 page.

I started cloth diapering when my oldest was almost 2. Other mothers from my mothers group were using cloth. I was shocked. But I started using them, and really loved them (and that’s also how I discovered Abby’s Lane!). My baby potty trained quickly, but luckily number 2 had arrived, and she used 100% cloth, exclusively, day, night, and out and about until she toilet trained.

Because of a variety of influences I ended up going back to disposables for baby number three.

By baby number four, I am down to one in diapers, and I am back in cloth. Because here’s the thing- diapers are freaking EXPENSIVE. My baby is turning 2 in about 6 weeks and I would venture to say that he is nowhere near toilet training (my oldest girls trained by 2. My third, rarely in cloth, didn’t toilet train until close to 3.5. Coincidence? I am not so sure). Anyway, baby is big, thus the diaper size is big, thus the quantity of diapers/package is small. And, since money doesn’t grow on trees (more’s the pity) he is back in cloth. I had actually forgotten how easy it really is, how cute they really are, and my only regret is that I didn’t put him in cloth much earlier into his babyhood.

What myths would you like to bust about cloth diapering? Is it the sheer wonder at the fact that our ancestors would have CHEERED at the idea of not washing diapers? Is it the thought of one more chore? Or do people just not even KNOW about the options available?


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How my trip to Canada made me a believer in sea pearls

Well, my adventures with sea sponges continue!

I had to go to Canada for about four days for my grandfather’s burial. We were going to be in Inverness, a beautiful little beach town on Cape Breton Island. But then I realized …. that my dear Aunt Flow was going to be coming along for the ride. Oh. Joy. (In fact, she decided to join me en route to Canada – on the airplane to be precise, but that’s another story)

I was staying in what I affectionately refer to as “the frat house.” Myself, and nine other adults. And at least one of those people was another woman who was having her cycle. With one bathroom.

I had brought my sea pearls for the beach, and some pads. And I saw that this house had one (ONE!) bathroom and I thought, my goodness, I’ll never be able to use these while I’m here. And I don’t have enough pads.

Boy, was I ever wrong. Somehow, all over this tiny, tiny island, I had no problem using the sponges. Public restrooms often had just one actual bathroom, so rinsing out in the sink was no problem. Just like home. It was great. And I mean, really great!! Especially in the frat house. Where the trash was always full, and you didn’t exactly want to throw your used pads in there on top of it.

So trust me, ladies: if I can survive using the sponges in a foreign land, anyone can do it!

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Almost Granola

We’ve already spoken about how dealing with Stephanie has lead me on the path to a more natural life. Well, gentlemen out there, you may want to step aside for this series (and by may, I mean, please do, because I’m a lady and I don’t wish to discuss my *ahem* womanly bits with you!).

I’ve always been a girl who used sanitary napkins. My mother terrified me with tales of toxic shock syndrome, and when my teenage rebellion over rode those fears, I found tampons immensely uncomfortable. I had plenty of friends who felt the same and plenty of self confidence, so I used pads for the next…oh…15 years with little regret.

And then Stephanie posted this article. I wasn’t too interested: except for this fact. She posted this article in the summertime. When I have four small children who want to go to the pool. And “mommy can’t go in the water right now” wasn’t really cutting it anymore.

So I order some sea sponges. The day they arrived I eagerly tried them. So weird! Yet so great! I immediately fired off an e-mail to Stephanie:

Soooooo for this sponge (which oh my gosh, I think I’m in love already) are you really not supposed to feel it AT ALL??? Or can you kinda sorta notice it?

Steph replied:

You can feel it when it is too low. Push it farther up, I promise it can’t get lost~

Not really buying this hype, but never knowing Stephanie to be a liar, I obediently followed her advice and shoved that thing up as far as it could possibly go. Bingo. Totally comfortable. You literally CANNOT FEEL IT AT ALL.

That’s day one. Wore the sponge for about six hours. I decided not to sleep with it in, since my cycle is still (for lack of better phrasing) completely wack after having baby #4. It’s hard to tell how light or heavy my cycle will be, so I slept with a pad instead.

And now, for adventure part two: will I ever get the hang of taking the dang thing out? Stay tuned.

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Cloth Re-vert?

So as I indicted in the introductory post, I first started using cloth diapers when toilet-training my eldest daughter.  I then used cloth dipes more-or-less exclusively when my second daughter was born (for her, as well as for eldest daughter at night).  Then they were both toilet trained, third daughter came along …..and well, I pretty much gave up the cloth dream for the ease of tossing something in the trash when I had a 4 year old, 2 year old, and an infant.

Well.  Let’s just say that Stephanie has always been wonderful – she would tease with wonderfully girlie prints, but she never gave me a hard time for switching back to disposable diapers.  However! She also failed to mention that once I would start working with her I would fall in love with cloth again.  Between all the easy and adorable options that are now available that weren’t around almost three years ago, and the charming blog posts from all our great fans, I think I am ready to re-join the cloth diapering band wagon.

My two and a half year old *really* needs to be toilet trained.  But there’s no reason why she shouldn’t wear a flippin cute pink diaper whilst doing so, am I right?  And as for my baby boy – well, he is leaking out of his diaper every night RIGHT NOW, so perhaps he needs an upgrade as well.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do.

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