Misc Cloth diaper Q & A

I am answering some frequently asked product questions that don’t really fit into any other category than “miscellaneous trivia”
-What is the difference between the Blueberry deluxe one size pocket and the Swaddlebees econappi?
Not much, only the inner fabric that touches the baby, and the insert. The cut of both diapers is exactly the same (Blueberry and Swaddlebees are sister companies), the Econappi has organic velour, for mamas who prefer natural fibers touching their baby’s skin, and the insert is the ecoliner (again, natural fibers). The Blueberry one size deluxe has a microfleece inner for stay-dry properties, and the insert has microfiber as well.
-Why do my Bummis Super Whisper Wraps start to smell during the day?
This isn’t a frequent occurrence, but can happen for mamas who reuse their covers throughout the day. Most PUL covers are made with one layer of PUL laminate, you can see a shiny side when you change the prefold or fitted underneath. This shiny side doesn’t hold onto any urine or fecal matter, it is a slick surface that can be wiped clean. The Bummis super whisper wraps have another layer over this shiny side, another polyester fabric layer. It is the same fabric on the outside of your covers. This can hold onto odors, but usually isn’t any problem unless the prefold or fitted is really saturated. This is an easy fix by more frequent changings, more absorbancy, or just airing out the cover during the day, or changing halfway through the day. This pro to this extra layer, the cover is thicker and holds it shape on the baby, and wears beautifully over time and washings.
-How can I best protect the elastic in my pocket diapers?
We see this question frequently, and mamas will seem frustrated that the elastic in their pockets will go while their covers are holding strong. Our best piece of advice about elastic, don’t stuff your pockets until they have cooled off out of the dryer. Stretching out hot elastic can really cause it to give, which is why your covers are fine, nothing needs to be stretched out, and they aren’t used until cool usually anyway. If you are like me your diapers don’t get stuffed until they have been on the kitchen table for an hour (at least!) anyway, and the dog bowl the baby was drinking out of is cleaned up, the toddler was taken to the potty, the phone rang twice and the UPS man was signed for. Just let them cool before stuffing 🙂


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