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Washing 101

A few washing 101 hints, these are my five most typed out hints to customers on a daily basis with washing issues:

-Use powder over liquid
-Switch out your cold prerinse for a warm or hot one
-Do an extra cold rinse after your wash cycle
-Don’t do a cold wash cycle at all, just a warm or hot prerinse than a warm or hot wash cycle, hot is preferable
Don’t be afraid to use a regular amount of detergent

Now, of course there are always exceptions to my guidelines, but for the most part, liquid tends to cause buildup more quickly than powder. Between cold or warm/hot prerinse we see no difference in stains, instead seeing cold working against you in the prewash cycle. That extra rinse after really helps avoid buildup if you can do it, temperature doesn’t make a lot of difference here so cold is fine. Don’t do a cold wash cycle with or without detergent, it runs you into more problems than it solves in most cases.

And lastly, with very few exceptions on soft water front loaders, don’t use a teaspoon of detergent, many cases of the stinks is solved by upping the amount.

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Bummis Easy Fit by Tots Bots

I am going to review the Bummis Easy Fit by Tots Bots:

I picked the starburst print, which if you are looking for a great boy print it is fantastic πŸ™‚ Material wise, the PUL is super nice on these, not bubbly like the new PUL is on diapers, over in Europe they must be using a different adhesion method because this stuff is really nice.

The rise is smaller than a tiny tush and a bumgenius 4.0, Sebastian is 9 months old/18 pounds, and is on the largest setting on the Tots Bots, but still has one setting left on the BG 4.0 and the Tiny Tush. It is a little more narrow in the crotch than the TT, and the aplix is very wide across the belly. I stuff it with an additional hemp insert to hold him, and that helps to keep the aplix from rubbing on his belly because the aplix is so high. If you run into this problem with other diapers, and can fix this by pulling your insert way to the front to give the aplix something to hold over, you will want to add an insert to these guys. The insert does agitate out no fail, so you don’t have to unstuff it if you don’t add an insert. I do like the diaper, it is trim, easy to use, and does a pretty absorbent job solo, especially on a younger baby.

It does hold in poo well, not to be gross but he is on 2 antibiotics now and has poo worse than a newborn, so far it does a good job of holding it all in. The bamboo doesn’t stain, and quite a bit of moisture is wicked away by the microfiber soaker so for a natural fiber it doesn’t get very wet. All in all I am please, for a very tall or chunky baby though it may not be the best choice.

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Bottom Bumpers One Size AIO

For Diaper Chatter this week, I wanted to share my review of the Bottom Bumpers One Size AIO:

I have been using one for about two weeks now on Sebastian, 9 months and 18 pounds. I am not usually a fan of side snapping diapers, but I really like this one. You have to make sure the soaker is positioned straight when you get it on, I have not checked it once or twice and you will wick out moisture if it is off to the side. Just make sure it is centered and tucked in πŸ™‚
It has a very generous rise, so great for tall babies, and my little guy is thin but it fits well, the side snaps allow for lots of leg room so it would be great for average to chunky babies as well. It is a natural fiber for those looking to avoid synthetics, if you like the design you can easily lay in a fleece liner to make it a “stay dry” diaper. Good absorbency, I have used it at night with a joey bunz under the soaker, and that held, but he is a light to moderate wetter at nighttime. It would be an easy diaper to do a change with while the baby is standing, so if you have wiggly ones who hate laying down, snap up one side, stick it on, pull up and snap the other side.

And one quick note, we got lots of emails from cream using mamas this week, remember you cannot use flushable liners with creams to protect your diapers. When the cream gets warm it will seep through and the liner will be pretty useless, with a few exceptions on creams, if you need to protect those diapers use your fleece or flannel liners:

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Impromptu Blog Chat Winners!

And the winners are:

$30 voucher: One Southern Girl
3 pack of Bumgenius Elemental One Size AIO: Sarah L
Diaper Sprayer: Adrian
BG 4.0 OS pocket: Michelle from Munchkin Farm
Medium planet wise wetbag: JessicaC

Everyone has been e-mailed, so check your box for instructions on how to collect your prize, and thanks for playing!

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even more nighttime solutions

I wanted to address the pocket-mamas this week. We have a lot of moms who email us with disappointment that their pocket diapers aren’t cutting it for nighttime, even with their young babies. We love pockets in this house, and use them for day and nighttime, but we have two very different systems for each timeframe.

Our daytime diapers are usually Bumgenius, some one size Fuzzi Bunz, and also a few trim AIOs. Nighttime is a different story! The pockets we use at night would fall off my girls during the day, they are cut bigger, fit bigger, and are stuffed to the max with cotton, hemp and the kitchen sink. Around 2 months is when my little dainty flowers turn into super soaking pit bulls who do not appreciate being changed at night. They won’t sleep through the night for another two years (sigh…) but if I try and change them, teeth start gnashing and the claws come out.

I love the bumgenius line, but it is a tricky diaper to use for nighttime. They are contoured, trim, and can be tricky with leg gaps with their slim fit. We love the Happy Heiny one size (and it comes in snaps for you snap loving mamas and daddys!), and have a nice, generous pocket, legs and waist to accomodate all the stuffing you need. If you are waking up with puddles around your child, and your roof isn’t leaking, check the inserts.

You need to upgrade absorbency, and if your present diaper can’t stand the bulk, time to change brands or upsize.

Not saturated?
Most likely a sizing issue, or overstuffed. I like to start with stuffing an overnight pocket with a trifolded prefold. Cheap, easy to wash, and absorbent. Next, if that doesn’t cut it, toss in a joey bunz, happy heiny stuffin, or another trim hemp insert behind the prefold (meaning the urine hits it after the prefold).

Shoot me an email with any questions on this, it doesn’t take an older baby to be a heavy wetter, especially the all-night nurslings, they can really be a fire hydrant at a y ung age.

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Last prize!

$30.00 gift voucher!
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Fourth prize~

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Third prize :)

This prize=white diaper sprayer from Sigma πŸ™‚
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Second prize-Blog Chat

All winners will be chosen on Friday at sometime when little dude takes a nap, you have until midnight Eastern time to get your replies in so no rush πŸ™‚
Comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving menu item, prize is your choice of a Bumgenius 4.0 one size pocket we have in-stock now, or a new Artisan series one when they come out (mid November)

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