Diaper Cream Q & A

We are talking about diaper creams. In fall/winter dry weather, combined with woodstove heat and other factors, many of our customers will see eczema creeping up on their babies. The summer and more humid weather tends to see less of this, as the moisture in the air can keep it at bay. The problem with diaper creams are actually what makes them work, they are a barrier to wetness. On the baby’s skin this is great, it lets skin heal and keeps urine away. On diapers, it keeps urine away and will leak out the sides, plus it will soak into the fabrics and create stinky stains that can be hard to wash out. Some creams are better than others, but we truly have yet to see one across the board, either mass produced or mom-made, that every customer who tried it washed it out with no problems. Some moms cannot get out a pea sized amount of vaseline, some moms have no problems with globs of desitin, it truly varies from neighbor to neighbor, you have to test the creams for your washing conditions.
We go over it on the site here:

And finally, you will not always have the option of a “safe” cream to use. Infections, illness, chronic diaper rash will need prescription creams, and some of them are thicker than tar. For any new cream to your house, cut up a bunch of fleece liners. You dont have to sew fleece, you can go to your fabric store, get 1.2 yard and follow the measurements on our site. Also, Wal Mart usually has really cheap fleece throws for 2-3 dollars, cut one up to make your liners. Every time you use the cream, use a liner. Wash them seperately (keep a wet bag or grocery bag next to your regular wet bag to keep them in). If you wash together, your oils from your creams can leech onto your other diapers. After a week of washing them seperately, smell them and look at them. Stained and stinky? That is what the cream will do to your diapers, so keep using your liners. If your liners are washing clean, the diapers will, so feel free to use that cream on the diapers.

If some cream gets on the diapers, don’t panic, it is fixable. Get an old toothbrush, some liquid dishsoap, and hot water. A little elbow grease will get it out, let me know if you have a real stubborn spot or two~


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