Bottom Bumpers One Size AIO

For Diaper Chatter this week, I wanted to share my review of the Bottom Bumpers One Size AIO:

I have been using one for about two weeks now on Sebastian, 9 months and 18 pounds. I am not usually a fan of side snapping diapers, but I really like this one. You have to make sure the soaker is positioned straight when you get it on, I have not checked it once or twice and you will wick out moisture if it is off to the side. Just make sure it is centered and tucked in 🙂
It has a very generous rise, so great for tall babies, and my little guy is thin but it fits well, the side snaps allow for lots of leg room so it would be great for average to chunky babies as well. It is a natural fiber for those looking to avoid synthetics, if you like the design you can easily lay in a fleece liner to make it a “stay dry” diaper. Good absorbency, I have used it at night with a joey bunz under the soaker, and that held, but he is a light to moderate wetter at nighttime. It would be an easy diaper to do a change with while the baby is standing, so if you have wiggly ones who hate laying down, snap up one side, stick it on, pull up and snap the other side.

And one quick note, we got lots of emails from cream using mamas this week, remember you cannot use flushable liners with creams to protect your diapers. When the cream gets warm it will seep through and the liner will be pretty useless, with a few exceptions on creams, if you need to protect those diapers use your fleece or flannel liners:


October 18, 2010. Bottom Bumpers, cloth diapers. Leave a comment.