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We do have a fun weekend giveaway in effect Saturday and Sunday. All orders over $50.00 after all discounts will receive a $5.00 gift voucher with their shipping notice on Monday, orders over $100.00 get a $10.00 voucher. No expiration date, if your order is over $150.00, split ‘er up into two orders to qualify for both codes, you can get more than one it just has to be one per order. Any questions shoot me an email 🙂
we *do* have a no buy entry in this as well, email me at AbbysLane@aol.com with the subject line (important here, please make my life easy and put this in the subject line) “voucher giveaway”, we will pick two winners for a $10.00 entry each 🙂


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Little off topic :) – Chocolate Cake recipe!

When I’m in a bad mood I bake. I don’t typically like making desserts. I find the perfect measuring, timing, and order of ingredients tiresome. It’s not like cooking, where you can improvise everything and anything. It’s not even like baking bread and biscuits, where you can follow your instincts. Baking cakes, cookies, brownies, requires concentration. And that’s why it’s perfect for a bad mood. You can’t replay events or emotions in your mind. You can’t stew over real or imagined hurts. You need to concentrate. One cup flour. Half a cup cocoa. Add eggs one at a time, beating at least two minutes between additions.

By the time you are done with your baking, you are washing the dishes and all you are thinking is, my goodness, this is why I never bake. Look how many dishes are in the sink. And soon enough the house smells soothing and homelike.

Best of all, you have a big ol’ slab of homemade chocolate cake to eat. And that makes a great late night treat while you’re shopping at Abby’s Lane! 😉

(I call this recipe Bad Mood Chocolate Cake. But I promise it puts a smile on your face!)

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How many diapers do I need?

I often get the question why we recommend fewer diapers per child than other sites. For newborns we recommend 18-24, older babies around 12-15. Some will say if you buy twice as many diapers, the wear and tear will be cut in half, and you will see them last twice as long. This may or may not be true, anecdotally I can vouch for many brands being washed daily with hot water and machine dried and lasting for years, and others will see they have worn out within a year’s time. The advice is kind of “six of one, half dozen of the other”.

You can buy twice as many, but on the offchance yours would have lasted, you would have spent half as much, and saved that much more money for the next size. If they wear out anyway, you willl have to rebuy, and spend what you would have in the first place, so it didn’t cost you anything extra.

Also, we tend to see customers with dozens of diapers washing every 3-4 days, which causes huge amounts of wear and tear, the longer a diaper sits in ammonia in a dark pail, the shorter the life span of the elastic will be. Even if you swear you will be disciplined and still wash frequently, it will creep up on you that if you don’t *have* to, it won’t get done daily or every other day. Our advice, start small, enough for daily or every other day. If they go, buy more and you would have spent the same, if not, you just saved half of your diapering budget.

As far as longevity, truly I feel safe stating the only diaper that I can really guarantee will last through 2 children is a prefold. When you get elastic, snaps, PUL, and other features in the mix, you will not see the life span of thousands and thousands of washes as you will with plain unbleached cotton. There will always be exceptions to this ( I have some bumgenius 1.0 pockets that still function, they aren’t pretty, but they work), but in general that is what to expect.

A one size diaper should not be expected to last through two children. If you start late with a first child, you can see some life in a second child, but usually not all the way through. Most one size diapers are within 1-2 dollars of a sized, but you are using it for 3 different sizes, so you essentially spend 1/3 of what you would with sized diapers. It will get washed, soiled, dried and worn 3 times as much, so do not expect the same lifespan as a sized diaper. Wait until your pockets, fitteds, AIOs and covers cool out of the dryer before stretching the, this is huge with elastic. Most sized diapers will last through two children, in between babies store them in a tempaerature controlled room, temperature swings will make your elastic brittle and snap. Even with having to buy a seperate one size stash for each child, you still come out financially well ahead of disposables
(check out this calculator: http://www.diaperpin.com/calculator/calculator.asp )

If you have any questions, please let me know. I want you to get the most bang for your buck, but if you can’t stand the thought of prefolds don’t buy them because they are cheap, you won’t use them and it won’t save you a dime. Do what works for your family, star on the smaller side with your stash and go from there. You can always add to it, better to be diapering and say “gosh, three more diapers will be exactly where I want to be with my wash routine” then “man, I never get to the last 6 diapers in my stash, I could have used that money for the next size up.”

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$50.00 winners :)

Jessica B and Suzannah P, you have been emailed for winning our $50.00 giveaway 🙂
Thank you to everyone who entered!
When we hit 2500 fans on facebook, we will give away 2 more 🙂

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Stinky cloth diapers

I wanted to address something we have discussed in the past, but over the past two weeks I have gotten numerous emails about.

The topic is “what is normal in regards to odors and what is not?”
A quick summary:

Urine smell in the morning diaper
Urine smell in the pail with sitting soiled diapers
Urine smell in a wet bag with soiled diapers, even for a few hours

Not Normal:
Odors in clean diapers out of the dryer (take a deep whiff when you pull them out)
Strong “stale” urine odor within a few minutes of a clean diaper being on. Meaning, first urination, not the morning diaper, and not after being on for a few hours.
Odors in your washing machine when empty
Anything “fishy” while the diaper is on

Morning diapers will smell. They have been sitting in urine for 8+ hours, even newborns will have smelly morning diapers. Pail odors are normal. It is o.k. to have stink come up when you open the lid. You can work with this a few different ways, the easiest is to wash daily/every other day at most, to keep the load light. You can add other things to the pail to deoderize it, but if you open and shut quickly this shouldn’t be a problem.

For the not normal odors, remember our easy rules:
Diapers smelling out of the dryer is usually the result of
a. not enough detergent (don’t skimp, only one out of a few hundred of you need a tablespoon in a picky front loader to get the diapers clean, most of you need a healthy amount, don’t fear suds!)
b. The wrong detergent, meaning free and clears, natural detergents, etc…

Diapers smelling of stale urine after a few minutes means you have buildup, you need to rid the buildup by stripping (please, do not boil them or run them in the dishwasher), and start with a new wash routine.

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Winners of our Epic Blog Chat Giveaway!

Thanks again to everyone who joined us, and here are the WINNERS of our blog chat giveaway:

Stephen who made hummus yesterday: Apple Cheeks

Noelle from Floria: Babylegs

Val: Blueberry Minky

Britiany T: BG 4.0

Heather A: 2 Babykicks

EmilyER: One BG Elemental

Jessica S: Bummis Easy Fit

Rachel K: One shopping cart cover

Jennie V: Gen Y cover

Patricia: Fuzzi Bunz

Tammy: GroVia

Sarah H: Happy Heiny one size

Tara: Katydid one size

Maria from Change Diapers: Kissaluvs fitted

Melissa B: Leslie’s Boutique wet bag

Kate F: diaper sprayer

Allison: Mother Ease one size fitted

Erin from Valley Girl goes Crunchy: 1 pedipeds original

Miranda: 1 planet wise liner

Kforrest11: 1 Tiny Tush one size

Cynthia H: Softbums bundle

Jessica: Rockn Green detergent bag

Kimberlie: Wee Huggers hobo bag

Jessica Rabbit: 6 prefolds

Kali from Mama Matters: $25 voucher

Referral winner: Dibs!

Winners have been notified via e-mail, so check your box for your instructions. Thanks for playing!

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Just a quick note :)

I saw many of you posted that you would like to be able to track your AL dollars, we are working with our webhost to have an account system implemented, not only will your new orders be “tracked” and able to be viewed, but your past orders placed under your name as well 🙂 Crossing our fingers for it to be implemented soon!
Loved the props, literally brought a tear to my eye. Did you like this format better than the last one? Give me your feedback 🙂

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Thank you for joining us tonight!!!

Everyone, thank you so much for joining us tonight. This was so much fun, as usual! We thank you for your business, for your support, for your enthusiasm. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We sparkly heart our loyal customers. POST ON THIS ENTRY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A $25 VOUCHER TO THE STORE.

REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER: You have until midnight tonight to get your entries in for ALL of tonight’s giveaways. We will be announcing the winners TOMORROW NIGHT. (this is a LOT of prizes to sort through and announce!!) All winners will be picked by random.org, not by first correct answer, so EVERYONE has a shot!

So thank you in advance for your patience, and good luck!!

Abby’s Lane

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6 prefolds

Name your favorite thing about Abby’s Lane for a chance to win 6 prefolds!

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1 wee huggers hobo wet/dry bag

What’s a new feature we have added to our website (hint: it has to do with hearing from our customers!)? Let us know and you could win 1 wee huggers hobo wet/dry bag.

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