swim diapers

It’s that time of year again!

There is a huge misconception with disposable swim diapers (little swimmers and other brands). That is they will hold the pee and the poop. Anyone who has put one on a toddler or moderate-wetting baby will quickly find out this isn’t the case, and have a messy car seat to clean out. Urine can pass right through, they aren’t like a disposable diaper that is plastic lined to contain wetness. You don’t want them to be, the diaper would swell up and weigh the baby down, or explode from the water pressure.

Swim diapers, cloth or disposable, are meant to contain bowel movements. Even if the little swimmer holds a tiny bit of urine, as soon as you put your baby in the pool, the water enters the diaper, dissipates the urine, and the chlorine will promptly kill it. Having lifeguarded as a teen, I promise there are enough chemicals in any public pool to take care of the bowel movements of an elephant, a little urine is no problem.

Cloth swim diapers function to contain the bowel movements. Don’t put them on in the car on the way to the pool, slip them on before entering the water. I advise to have at least two, in case a poopy happens you can switch it out and stay at the pool. Some mamas use their empty pocket diapers, you can try it, but be careful, as they will fill up with water and become very bottom-heavy. Covers will function better at this, but you will wear them out much faster, so use an old cover that you aren’t attached to if you want to try it, and make sure it has a snug fit.

The Imse Vimse brand is nice because they have one side of snaps, in case of a poopy you can slide it down one leg while leaving the other open, a nice featue to have with poopy swim diapers. You do want them snug, don’t size up or you will run into bowel leaks.


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