Full blog chat prize list :)

Join us HERE on February 4th, 10 PM EASTERN time zone, you will post below the prize you want to enter for 🙂 You may enter for more than one prize, however only one entry per prize per person. We will close entries at midnight and announce winners on Saturday, February 5th.

1)1 Bumgenius 4.0 artist series one size pocket-your choice of color/closure
2)one rumparooz one size pocket diaper, you select robotronic or ecoowl snap closure
3)4 buddha bunz dryber balls, you choose colors
4)1 bumgenius diaper sprayer
5)1 pack sea pearls, you choose size, and 2 many moons regular size menstrual pads, you select color style
6)one little beetle organic velour learner, you choose size and color
7)one CJ’s large stick of BUTTer and lip balm, you choose scent
8)one bag of rockin green detergent, you select scent and formula
9)one Kissaluvs diaper potion lotion concentrate, and kissaluvs terry wipes
10)one kissaluvs marvels AIO diaper, color white
11)one pack Thirsties gender neutral wipes (6) and one duo diaper, you select size and color of diaper
12)one medium Leslies Boutique wet/dry bag, dreamsicle print
13)one Bumgenius elemental artist series diaper, you select print
14)one grovia shell, you pick print and closure, and 1 2-pack of organic soakers
15)one Blueberry coverall, you pick color and closure, and 2 prefolds, your choice of size in indian unbleached
16)one flip organic day pack, you select color and closure of two covers
17)one Fuzzi Bunz one size pocket diaper
18)one Gen-y universal cover, you pick print and size, and one prefold, you select size of indian unbleached
19) one Bummis EZ fit one size pocket, you pick print/color
20)One Ergo Baby Carrier, color Black/Camel

and one $20.00 voucher to top referrer 🙂


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Blog Prize Teaser Number 2

Previously we had announced:
Bumgenius Artist Series Pocket…..
Rumparooz One Size Pocket….
4 Buddha Bunz Dryer Balls (one prize of 4 balls)……
1 Bumgenius Diaper Sprayer…….
1 pack of Sea Pearls and two regular size Many moons pads….

And today we add:
-One Little Beetle OV Trainer
-one CJs BUTTer large stick of BUTTer and one CJ’s Lip Balm
-One bag of Rockin Green detergent
-One bottle of Kissaluvs Diaper Potion Lotion concentrate with 5 Kissaluvs terry wipes
-One Kissaluvs Marvels AIO diaper

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Detergents & diapering

Many of you write to me frustrated that you have to use a special detergent for your diapers. Our Cloth 101 page on the site has always expressed the same views that we still hold, but it is not necessary to use a “CD” marketed detergent to have success, we see the most success from our customers over the years, and our own personal 7+years in diapering from mainstream detergents:

Detergent is a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” point, if you are using a detergent and have no odors outside of the dryer or once freshly peed in (not the overnight diaper, that is a different scenario), then stop reading now and go to my giveaway section 😉
However, if you take your diapers out of the dryer and sniff them, and you smell anything other than clean fabric, you have a problem. It can be described as “musty, barnyard, ammonia, stale urinal”, any of those terms qualify. Also, if they smell fine out of the dryer, but within a few minutes of it being on you smell a musty-urine smell, you have buildup, most commonly caused by liquid detergents.

These two problems require two different solutions, one of which we will tackle today.

For the “smell out of the dryer”, you are looking at:

1)not enough detergent
2)not the right detergent

For solution to number one, I have long maintained that with very, very exceptions of customers who have incredibly soft water, a tablespoon of detergent is not going to work. Imgine soaking your cotton tee shirts in the toilet, then placing them in a dark, warm bag for 24-48 hours. Do you trust them to get clean with a tablespoon of detergent? Use the recommended amount of your powdered detergent, it is the first step I recommend to fixing this problem. Now, if you have bad buildup you may need to strip first, which we will gget into next week.

For number 2, refer to our list above. Generally speaking, over the years of doing this, the more natural the detergent, the worse it is with diapers, with very few exceptions. Rockin Green, Planet and Country Save being those exceptions. Again, if it ain’t broke….but if you have problems look over that list.

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Blog Chat Prize Teaser~

Bumgenius Artist Series Pocket…..
Rumparooz One Size Pocket….
4 Buddha Bunz Dryer Balls (one prize of 4 balls)……
1 Bumgenius Diaper Sprayer…….
1 pack of Sea Pearls and two regular size Many moons pads….

More coming soon 😉

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Blog Chat Coming Up!

It is time for the first Blog Chat of 2011!!!!!
For the “veterans” who remember the epic prizes of 2010, this one won’t disappoint 🙂
Here is how it works:
-On February 4th, 10 PM Eastern, come to the blog for one hour
-Type an entry (usually an answer to one of our silly and easy questions) below the post that contains a prize you want to enter for
-Wait a few days to see if http://www.random.org picks you as our winner!
It is really that easy!
Spread the word, we do have a prize for top referrer that wins a $20.00 voucher 🙂
Prizes will include diapers, accessories (wet bag, sprayer, pail liner, wipes, etc…)
And one humongous grando stupendous kick-rear prize that will knock your socks off 🙂

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Grand Opening

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our grand opening! It was wonderful to put faces with the names that we are so familiar with. We had tons of people in the store – little kids happily played in the play area. Rose took photographs of more than 30 kids!

Visit our Facebook page to see photos of the grand opening. It was a really fun time. What a great bunch of customers Abby’s Lane has! We’re so honored by your business. Thank you so much for making our opening day such a success.

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$100.00 raffle.fundraiser for little Emily~

Please help us raise $$ for Shannon (most of you know her as Coupon Mommy to 3) and her little 3 year old in stage 4 of cancer.
The link below gives all of the details, we will issue one winner a $100.00 voucher on January 31:


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Here’s a sneak peek at our new storefront!

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Brick & Mortar!

In case you have been under a rock (or a snow drift), and haven’t heard, we are opening a brick and mortar store!

Our grand opening is Saturday, January 15 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Our address is: Store Address:
7730 Donegan Drive
Manassas, VA 20109

-From route 234 in Manassas, turn right on Donegan by Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant, after the large Kaiser Permanante building. Take your second right into the parking lot with red brick office suites. Abby’s Lane is the third office on the right. Signage is coming soon, our door is marked 7730.

After January 15:
Monday: 10-2
Closed on Sundays

So c’mon out for our grand opening. It shall be super great fun. From 9-11 a.m. Rose will be snapping photos of your munchkin (or you and your munchkin!) and can e-mail it directly to you! All day long we’ll have in-store giveaways and special sales.

Please join us! We’d love to meet you, say hello, and talk diapers with you.

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More wash routines!

Many of you were very intrigued by last week’s info about the initital warm rinse. Some replied with a “this solved my stink issues”, others with a “that made no difference, thanks for jacking up my electric bill”, which is fine, too 😉

Washing isn’t a science, we offer what we see working for a majorty of our customers and our own personal experiments. The second set of washing tips today goes to the wash cycle itself. First tip, do not use the sanitary or whitest whites cycle, this is the superhot 3 hour lock down cycle that will wear down your diapers quickly and void warranties. I have seen pictures of melted snaps and burned elastic from this cycle, the regular hot cycle is plenty hot enough to get the diapers clean. Last week we went with the “warm or hot prerinse”, and the advice to skip it entirely if you can only do cold. So now we go to the hot wash cycle. Detergent wise (we will get into this more next week, but for starters), we have found over the years these general tips to be helpful:

-Powders work better than liquids
-Free and Clears will be sub-standard to “mainstream” detergents
-HE detergents for HE washers, however in a “regular” washer you can use HE detergent if you have soft water. It is easier to rinse, and less sudsy for less buildup. Remember though, HE=HE detergent, Regular=HE or Regular detergent.

Next week we will get into some detergent specifics 🙂

Thank you for another year of success with Abby’s Lane. I don’t take one customer for granted, each order enables us to stay on our path to help families find the greener path to their baby’s health and comfort. We have grown from one 2 shelf bookshelf to a 2100 square foot store space, and one mama with one little girl to a staff of 8, and the same mama now with 3 girls and one boy 🙂 Much has changed, but the basics haven’t. We want your shopping to be fun yet functional, we want your business but we know we have to earn it. The cloth diaper market online now is huge, and we feel priveleged with every order you choose to place with us. We vow to not get set in our ways with policies and products, but take your advice as to what you want to see in our store, and what products you want to know more about. My email address is AbbysLane@…, I answer every single email within 24 hours whether you are happy with us or not, so let me know what you think and what you like and dislike, we take every suggestion under consideration 🙂

Thank you again everyone, I am excited about 2011!

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