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Everything you wanted to know about the Flip.

I wanted to share some Flip feedback 🙂 We have had many moms writing in asking how they are working, and many more moms emailing us with their comments and feedback.

We spoke with two moms this week using them on babies 10 pounds or under. One had a 9 pound newborn, and started using the flip at the 2 week mark, the other had a 10 pound 4 week old, so a bit older but the same weight. Both loved the simplicity of the system, and both had a great fit with the cover even at only 10 pounds. The only downside was on really messy poops, some did escape the insert (a mix between the stay dry and organic inserts), and would get on the cover, but did not leak out of the cover itself. Since this can happen with regular prefold/cover systems, it isn’t a bad thing for the Flip, the key is keeping it contained which it seems to be doing a good job of.

The other moms had older babies, and a good range of weights and builds (slender, average, chunky). Some were really amazed how the organic insert did at holding their heavy wetters for nighttime, and adding an extra insetr for nighttime kept it a very trim system and still held their babies. Some did need a fleece liner on top for the nap and nighttime periods, but this can happen at any age if wetness is a problem with urine concetration/ammonia for longer periods of time.
What I am seeing, if you like pre-stuffing your pockets or using AIOs, and having to deal with two pieces throughout the day is bothersome, it isn’t the system for you. If you stuff as you go, or use fitteds and/or prefolds with covers, moms are really enjoying the system. Especially with the interchangeable inserts (some are doing stay dry during daytime, organic at night with a fleece liner for more absorbency, or some just streamline and do all the same thing), there is a good deal of variety there.

One diaper does have a 14 day trial, meaning if you purchase one, you can use and wash it for up to 2 weeks. Decide you don’t like it, email us and we will have you send it back to the manufacturer, and you receive a full product refund.

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