Pocket diapers for nighttime

This week we are continuing some nighttime discussions, the last few weeks we talked about fitteds and natural fibers, this week we will touch on pockets at nighttime, but with a few notes about using pockets at night. Pocket diapers are our best selling diaper, and many of our customers use them for nighttime. Most will find this is a great system to a point, as babies get older, or even if you have a heavy wetting young baby, pockets won’t provide the wrap-around absorbency you need for side and tummy sleepers, or heavy wetters. By the time you stuff the diapers enough to hold, they create gaps and will leak, the trim contour that makes them fabulous for daytime can work against you for nighttime. That being said, if you have pocket diapers and want to try them for nighttime, try stacking denser inserts, like hemp or cotton. Trifolded prefolds work well inside pockets, or pairing hemp with microfiber can work well, too, just make sure the microfiber is on top of the hemp, both inside the pocket diaper. Rise is important, too, the top of the pocket should be at or above the belly button to work well for nighttime. Wider pockets like Happy Heinys, Knickernappies or Tiny Tush will give you a better chance at nighttime success over more trim daytime pockets.


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Diaper rash

We got a lot of questions after our last email about the nighttime chafing/wet rash if you are using natural fibers. Natural referring to cotton, hemp, bamboo or a mix of these. Any “organic” fabric will be a natural fiber. By definition, natural fibers will not be stay dry, the closest you can get to a natural stay dry liner is a silk liner (we sell these on the site), they are very thin, made from silk and you lay them in the top of the diaper. But, they are not 100% stay dry like fleece or suedecloth is, you will feel some dampness, they just wick away a good amount of the moisture. Your stay dry fabrics will be fleece, suedecloth, which are both 100% polyester. Microfiber is 100% poly but not stay-dry, it has to be fleece or suedecloth, or another variation of these. If you are using prefolds or fitteds that are natural fibers, you may have success with laying in a fleece liner. We do sell them here.

Or you can make your own. Go to a fabric store, ask for 1/2 yard of scrap fleece, and cut into 15 x 5 rectangles. No sewing needed, it won’t fray.
For fitteds, lay them in the middle, it will protect the core of the diaper from transferring wetness. For prefolds, if you are trifolding just lay them on top, between the baby and the prefold, if you are folding the prefold around:

1) lay the fleece liner in the middle of the diaper, place the baby on it, so you see the front half of the liner (the back half is under their bottom)
2) flip that front half of the liner up over their belly, almost as if they were wearing a pantyliner, so the top of the liner comes close to their belly button)
3) now fold your prefold around the baby, if you don’t flip the liner up it will get twisted in the prefold and not work (especially if you are doing the bikini twist)

Now, depending on the severity of the sensitivity to wetness, this may not be enough. It will protect their middle skin/genital area, but if they get rashy on their hip and belly, the liner won’t help with that if the diaper is getting really soaked. In this situation, I would first try to increase absorbency, if you can keep the wetness mostly in the middle by adding some extra hemp inserts, it cuts down on the wetness going to the sides of the diaper, and with the fleece liner may be enough to keep the rash at bay.

With any rash, please seek the advice of your doctor for any itching, cracking, bleeding, blisters or peeling. This rash is very mild to treat and will go away quickly with the use of fleece liners, if it is at all serious or painful looking it does need to be diagnosed.

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Blog Friday (or Sunday!)

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night time diapering basics

This week we are starting our nighttime discussion. This week we are going to cover some of the “basics” for nighttime diapering. I will start this with the caveat that if what you are doing is working then don’t bother reading this, but if you are troubleshooting nighttime leaks this is a good place to start πŸ™‚

1) be ready for the fact that your child’s output can change overnight, literally. If your baby is a very light wetter and then starts soaking through diapers, it is very likely that they really did become a heavy wetter overnight. We talk with many customers who spend many nights on wet sheets thinking they have a buildup problem when it is absorbency that needs to be fixed. Remember that the vast majority of buildup issues will be accompanied by odor, it is very rare when detergent buildup is so bad it causes leaking without you smelling the trapped feces and urine being left behind. Another clue to this is if the diapers are soaked. Buildup will leave you leaking with very little absorbency, the inserts will be bare;y wet or wet only in spots, if your diaper is soaked, you need more absorbency.

2) For most babies, pockets will not cut it for heavy wetters. There is only so much pockets can do for a heavy wetter at nighttime, remember pockets are great for daytime use because they are trim and easy to change. At nighttime you don’t need either of those features, and your absorbency is held really in the middle of the diaper. When you have a wiggly baby who is rolling around in their sleep, their urine can be hitting the sides of their diapers, meaning you will leak out of the sides quickly. The trim cut you love for daytime pockets will work against you for nighttime, stuffing them too much will cause gaps, and then urine will roll out the side of the diaper. This is the reason fitteds and covers work well at nighttime, because they wrap absorbency all around the child’s waist and legs, protecting better.

3)Some babies may experience diaper rash from nighttime diapers if they are really soaked, be open minded about natural fibers if your baby is sensitive to wetness. The overnight heat rash/urine chafing rash usually starts as a mild sunburned look where the diaper touches, this may or may not be accompanied by pinprick red dots all over the diaper area. If you are using prefolds at night be aware of this, if your baby is rashy in the morning you may need to change up your system you are using.

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Blog Friday November 4th

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Hemp for diapers and inserts

This week we are moving onto the hemp fabric for diapers and inserts, net week we move into some nighttime discussions. Hemp is a very dense fabric, and a natural one (not synthetic). Hemp does need to be prewashed, it will arrive a little bigger and stiffer than the finished product, if you have a few hemp items toss them in with your household laundry 2-3 times, and they will get better with age. After the prewashings you can wash them with your other diaper items. He,p is great layered under other fabrics, but can be tricky at catching everything if you have a fast wetter. Boys tend to be more problematic than girls with hemp, hemp inch for inch holds a lot, but it takes a few seconds for the liquid to sink down into the fabric. Putting microfiber or cotton on top can help, or having your hemp fabric blended with another fabric to break up the density. Some do have success with just hemp, depends on the baby. Our favorite Hemp Inserts at Abby’s Lane are BabyKicks Joey Bunz, they are thin, economical and last very well over time and multiple washings. They are contoured and very easy to slip into pockets, in fitteds (or under fitteds between the fitted and cover), or laid on top of an AIO for extra absorbency. If you want to size up you can do so easily, just fold them down, you will get a little extra bulk at the end but you can usually skip a size when buying them. For prefold users, lay the hemp in the middle, then flip up over the belly when wrapping the prefold around, you get a lot of density packed into a small space without having bulk added to your prefold.

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Thank you for choosing Abby’s Lane!

Jumping the gun on a little Thanksgiving gratitude for our customers πŸ˜‰ At Abby’s Lane we are incredibly indebted to our customers. You have kept us going for over 7 years now, from a bookshelf of inventory in our first townhouse, to a garage and basement inventory in our next condo, to 5 rooms in a basement in our house with two employees, now to a 3200 square foot retail space and 10 employees! There are many cloth diaper stores on the net now, and every purchase is treated with integrity and honesty, no matter how big or small. We appreciate your business and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us.

Here is a little “Top 10” list of things you get when you choose to spend your money at Abby’s Lane:

1)Supporting 10 mamas who can work and bring their babies and toddlers with them to work, in addition to at home hours
2)Supporting Tree friendly business practices! We don’t send paper receipts, opting instead for an e-receipt, plus we store every single “archived” invoice for you if you ever need it for warranty purposes. Ourold website will always be hosted to make sure we save your records if needed. Over the course of our business this has saved approximately 90,000 pieces of paper from being used.
3)Benefiting from our first class mailers, which are completely biodegradable and reusable (and made in the US!)! Save your poly mailers for another use (they have an extra adhesive strip on them), if you do toss them, they are gone within a year in your landfill πŸ™‚
4) Free shipping always to the US
5) 6.5% back in store credit on every order through our Abby’s Lane Dollars program
6) 5% off all orders with few exclusions if you are on this list πŸ˜‰
7) Your order ships the same or next business day
8) Classes throughout the US through our Team Cloth program that educate and promote green living and money saving parenting products that we feature
9) Some of our products are made in the USA, if they are made in other countries, we do our best to ensure they are made with Fair Labor regulations. I know we cannot always avoid buying products from overseas, but I do my best with the information I have to ensure what I sell was not made by someone the same age as my third grader, in safe working conditions and with a fair wage.
10) You can know that if you email us with any issues, be it washing hurdles, product questions or help with your purchases, I do my best to get back within hours to you. Nothing is worse than feeling like you got a “lemon”, or having stinky diapers or a mystery rash and waiting days to hear back. My email is always “on”, and I will always make sure we follow up to make your shopping experience a complete one.

Again, thank you and I appreciate all of you greatly, I love what I do and I love working with all of you πŸ™‚

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