Pocket diapers for nighttime

This week we are continuing some nighttime discussions, the last few weeks we talked about fitteds and natural fibers, this week we will touch on pockets at nighttime, but with a few notes about using pockets at night. Pocket diapers are our best selling diaper, and many of our customers use them for nighttime. Most will find this is a great system to a point, as babies get older, or even if you have a heavy wetting young baby, pockets won’t provide the wrap-around absorbency you need for side and tummy sleepers, or heavy wetters. By the time you stuff the diapers enough to hold, they create gaps and will leak, the trim contour that makes them fabulous for daytime can work against you for nighttime. That being said, if you have pocket diapers and want to try them for nighttime, try stacking denser inserts, like hemp or cotton. Trifolded prefolds work well inside pockets, or pairing hemp with microfiber can work well, too, just make sure the microfiber is on top of the hemp, both inside the pocket diaper. Rise is important, too, the top of the pocket should be at or above the belly button to work well for nighttime. Wider pockets like Happy Heinys, Knickernappies or Tiny Tush will give you a better chance at nighttime success over more trim daytime pockets.


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Ergo baby carrier

-This week we are going to chat a little about Ergo in our BabyWearing series. Ergo now has 4 different carriers in their line, and we do carry all of them 🙂
-Originals: These are the galaxy grey, the black/camel, camel/camel, the cotton carriers with the pocket in the front. These carriers can be used with a newborn, you will need the infant insert until your baby has good head control, and while it isn’t as “hand’s free” as a wrap for a newborn, it is a very “cool” way to wear your baby in the summer months if you don’t mind keeping a close hand by to steady the baby in the carrier. This is what we call a daddy favorite, Ergos are two clicks to put on, no wrapping needed. There is a pocket in front with a zipper, perfect size for a small wallet, keys and a pacifier for easy traveling.
-Performance: These have a slightly longer torso, mesh constructions and lightly padded straps. Very breatheable, lighter to wear, with a pocket and other features mentioned above.
-Organics: Same as the originals, just made with Organic cotton and other prints and colors
-Sport: My personal favorite, no pocket in the front but a cut out where the baby’s back would be, more breatheability, very light to wear, slightly longer torso than the originals.

The infant insert can be used with all 4 designs, and this carrier just can’t be beat for back support. Easily goes to 40 pounds, and you can do a back carry and front carry in them. They do advertise a hip carry, but personally it is awkward and not comfortable for wearer or baby, so we don’t like to promote it 😉
We do offer a 30 day trial on all Ergos, you can read about it here:
Wash and wear any one of the 4 types of carriers for 30 days, for any reason you don’t love it, we will take it back for a full product refund.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Baby Hawk Oh Snap Carrier

This week we will discuss the BabyHawk Oh Snap carrier. This is a soft structured carrier, made for front or back carry. I saw these a few years ago at a trade show in Vegas, and fell in love with the design. It is a “wider” carrier than Beco, Ergo and Boba. If you have a larger toddler, this is the carrier you will love. On the flip side, if you are a tiny build with a tiny baby, you may feel lost in it. Honestly, I am very comfortable wearing my 16 month old in it, and I am 22 weeks pregnant, it is that wide of a fit around my big belly. The designs are very cute and chic, and the adjustability of the snaps is very nice, you can slide the chest strap (or back strap if you have it as a front carry) all the way up or down the carrier, so you can put it high or low if you prefer.

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BabyHawk Mei Tei carrier.

For Diaper Chatter this week, we are still going through our Baby Carriers. Our next featured carrier is the BabyHawk Mei Tei, which I love from about 3 months on 🙂 Once they have a little head control, you can assist this by rolling a receiving blanket and wrapping it around the back of their neck (nowhere near their mouth or front of their face), to keep their little head more stable in the Mei Tei. The Babyhawk is nice in that it has a high head rest that can be folded down for older babies/toddlers, or left up to provide support for little babies or sleeping older babies. Wrapping is very easy, less steps involved than Moby or Girasol wraps, and the BabyHawk Mei Tei has padded straps to provide the comfort of front soft structured carriers. You can do a back carry in the Mei Tei as well, full instructions can be seen here:

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wearing your baby

We are continuing with our babywearing chatter. This week we are going over Girasol wraps. Now, very soon we will have a Girasol rental/trial period program. We will have a designated “rental” Girasol, you pay full price, but if you don’t love it, return it within 30 days for a full refund, you just pay to ship it back to us. Woven wraps are an investment and many can be unsure, this let’s you test drive one to see how it fits/works for you, before making your final decision.
Girasols are woven wraps, unlike Moby wraps that have a good deal of stretch, woven wraps will have a very slight stretch, and are loved for their support and strength for babies and toddlers. I love my Moby for newborns, but around the 3-4 month mark my shoulders and neck start to really feel the burn. Wovens don’t have that effect, without the stretch they provide back and neck support, and literally hundreds of ways to wear your baby securely on your hip, front and back.
Many babywearing groups have local chapters that can work with you on wearing your Girasol, and we are working on a photo array to demonstrate how you can wear some basic holds. We recently had a babywearing class at our store, and I learned a great deal about these, including the fact you can safely wear over 100 pounds in one, so this holiday season when you are tired of walking the mall, ask your partner to back wear you to give it a try 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone! We picked our two blog winners for our most recent $50.00 voucher giveaways, if you haven’t joined us on facebook now is a great time, we will give away two more at the 1500 fan mark.

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This week we are going to start a little Babywearing series, each week I will take a carrier and do a little blurb on it, starting this week with the Moby Wrap 🙂
There are two carriers I absolutely adore for a newborn, one is the Hotsling pouch (which is now discontinued), the other is the Moby Wrap. Since the big sling recall about two years ago, many pouches are harder to find, so I am going to focus on the Moby Wrap for newborn wearing. The Moby is a stretch wrap, so the fabric will have a great deal of “give” to it. We find many customers are intimidated by how to wrap it, but really if you can do a cloth diaper, I promise you can do a Moby! One of those “do it twice and you have got it” wraps, detailed instructions can be found here.

It is an easy one for newborns because you can tie it on without the baby in it, then slide the baby into place while spreading the wrap around their body. It truly is a hands-free carrier, even with the newest of babies, and nursing can be done very discreetly with the amount of material you have to play with. Very easy for babies to sleep comfortably and safely, you always have full view of their face and chin. For the price point I think it is a terrific carrier for all newborns, and a great gift to give at a shower 🙂 Another feature I loved, the fabric is very lightweight and soft, when using it outside or out of the house, it makes a great blanket to lie the baby down on, or to cover the baby once they are asleep, you always have a handy cotton blanket with you. I like the Moby Wrap until the 3-4 month mark, around 15-17 pounds or so, when I will move onto a different carrier. Next week we will chat the Girasol woven wrap.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, my wishes for you to sleep in and wake up to lots of sloppy kisses and hugs from chubby little arms. If this is your first Mother’s Day, congratulations! I love this holiday, my kids always think of hilarious things to “thank” me for ( one year my second daughter thanked me for having stretch marks on my belly that let her grow to be a big girl inside my tummy-LOL), and enjoy the sale, lots of goodies for a great price 🙂

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All you wanted to know about the Ergo baby carrier

We do have a 30 day buy back program now, too, you can wash/use any Ergo Carrier from us, return if within 30 days if you don’t like it for a full refund, you only pay to ship it back to us. A great way to be sure in your investment~

Ergo: “Originals” and organics-the term I use for their regular Cotton Carriers, like the Galaxy Grey, Black/Camel, etc.
and organics:

These are the tried and true, simple, effective, great carriers. They do have a front pouch, big enough to carry a small wallet, keys and a pacifier, attached and sewn into the carrier. They do have the hood, great for when the baby falls asleep, and can have the waist extender added to it. We have used one of these now for 5+ years and love it.

Ergo Sport:
A little longer in the torso, but no pocket in the front. They do have a hood, and a nice cut out in the middle to make it a little more lightweight and not as hot in the warm weather. Love this guy, too, even 7+ months pregnant in Las Vegas last year with my 2 year old, and in the airports~

Ergo Performance:
Longer in the torso, these are great for taller dads, taller moms, we have gotten a few returns on these for that reason (being longer), so not the best choice if you have a shorter torso. Lightweight, breatheable mesh, pocket in the front. Lightly padded, not nearly the amount as the others, but if you don’t have back issues and don’t need it, it only works as a “pro” in keeping it light.

Ergo Options: styled like the regular cotton Ergos, with the option to add the interchangeable cover under the pocket~

A great carrier, durable, easy, comfortable, did I say COMFORTABLE?

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Favorite Baby Carriers

Stephanie’s personal favorites for baby wearing! 🙂

I love my hotsling for the first few months. Very easy to use, there is no way you can put it on wrong. Baby is very secure, and it holds them very close. The weight is on your waist, if you have your shoulder fabric spread out on your shoulder. My husband loves using the Ergo with their new heart to heart infant insert for our son (5 weeks old). I think it is a guy thing though, it is sporty looking and doesn’t have the look of a pouch which he prefers not to wear in public.

Even with the heart to heart insert, you still get a little roly-poly head action, hence my preference for the hotsling. You can easily prevent the roly-poly head movement in the Ergo with the infant insert. Get a small receiving blanket and roll it up, then put it behind their head neck-brace style. Just make sure they are facing you and not breathing into the fabric, but it secures them nicely.

Now, once you hit 4 months and have some head control, I am Ergo all the way. You can’t beat the comfort, I can still easily put my 40 pound 4 year in it and carry her without any pain. Babyhawks are great until about 20 pounds for me. I have one and do like it, it is very pretty and fashionable, and is fun to use. Comfort level is there until about a year of age, but again, a little roly poly with the head until about 3-4 months (the receiving blanket trick works here, too).

So, in summary, I use:
Hotsling only until about 3 months, hubby uses Ergo + infant insert
BabyHawk/Ergo 3-12 months
Ergo 12+ months.

As for toddler carrying: we are talking about toddler carrying. Now, I am quite sure if I offered my 6.5 year old would take me up on the option to be carried through museums and other trips we take. The largest child I have “worn” for several hours was my oldest, but it was at the age of 4.5, about two years ago. For that I used the Ergo back-pack style. I can fit my second daughter in it still, and did recently when she became ill on a day trip we were on, and the Ergo was quite comfortable. I absolutely love the Ergo for older babies and toddlers. Last winter at the diaper trade show in Las Vegas, I was 7 months pregnant and was still able to carry Lucy (2 years old at the time) who weighed roughly 35 pounds. I had her on my back, and it was an absolute lifesaver going through airport security and the entire flying experience. If you have to fly with a toddler or older baby, it really is a must. When you are carrying your bags, holding an older child’s hand and hustling around in tight plane schedules, I can’t see any other way we could have done it. And for those who are curious why hubby didn’t wear her while I was 7 months pregnant, he had the harder job managing the 10 carry on bags I insisted we needed for the kids (5 of us flew and we each were allowed 2-LOL). Even that pregnant I could wear her for some amount of time, usually around an hour and I was done, but at 35 pounds that is still saying something about the comfort level.

My favorite part of using the Ergo is how easy it is to put a baby to sleep in it. Phil would volunteer to “put the baby down” all the time during football season, pacing the floor in the basement while watching ESPN was a piece of cake for him, and always put the baby asleep. I like it during the day, without having the time to rock a baby in a quiet room with older sisters charging around the house, if I put the baby in it and carried on my normal duties, she would pass out quickly and I could transition her easily into the crib.

Any Ergo questions, let me know, I just wanted to share some of our personal favorite moments 🙂 Truly over the years, I can’t think of a price too high for it knowing how much we have used it and how much it has made life easier.

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Put a sling on it!

Maybe everyone has already seen this video, but I think it’s too adorable, witty, and well done not to share on this Friday afternoon.  TGIF!

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