Thanksgiving weekend

We just wanted to thank everyone who made our Thanksgiving weekend such a crazy great success. From our Facebook page it would appear that we have lots of people pretty excited with their new fluff!

Hope you all enjoyed it, and thank you very much for your patience with us!


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Misc items of interest

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All you wanted to know about the Ergo baby carrier

We do have a 30 day buy back program now, too, you can wash/use any Ergo Carrier from us, return if within 30 days if you don’t like it for a full refund, you only pay to ship it back to us. A great way to be sure in your investment~

Ergo: “Originals” and organics-the term I use for their regular Cotton Carriers, like the Galaxy Grey, Black/Camel, etc.
and organics:

These are the tried and true, simple, effective, great carriers. They do have a front pouch, big enough to carry a small wallet, keys and a pacifier, attached and sewn into the carrier. They do have the hood, great for when the baby falls asleep, and can have the waist extender added to it. We have used one of these now for 5+ years and love it.

Ergo Sport:
A little longer in the torso, but no pocket in the front. They do have a hood, and a nice cut out in the middle to make it a little more lightweight and not as hot in the warm weather. Love this guy, too, even 7+ months pregnant in Las Vegas last year with my 2 year old, and in the airports~

Ergo Performance:
Longer in the torso, these are great for taller dads, taller moms, we have gotten a few returns on these for that reason (being longer), so not the best choice if you have a shorter torso. Lightweight, breatheable mesh, pocket in the front. Lightly padded, not nearly the amount as the others, but if you don’t have back issues and don’t need it, it only works as a “pro” in keeping it light.

Ergo Options: styled like the regular cotton Ergos, with the option to add the interchangeable cover under the pocket~

A great carrier, durable, easy, comfortable, did I say COMFORTABLE?

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Cloth diaper challenge

Elizabeth from Gen-Y diapers posted this article on their Facebook page. Natali Del Conte has accepted a challenge to try cloth diapering. And she wants help! Advice, tips, feedback. She’s just like any other new mother trying to make the change from disposable diapers to cloth. So let’s help her out! First of all, she should be reading our blog for our wonderful advice. 😉

In all seriousness, there is an excellent chance to show that fluffy mamas aren’t all talk and no action. And it’s great to have cloth diapering in the public eye. Read the article and offer Natali your support!

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Over at Cloth Diaper Blog they had this fairly hilarious video by Babykicks. Of course we have Babykicks in the store and they are awfully adorable.

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Nighttime diapering

Many of our pocket parents are at wits end trying to find the balance between appropriate stuffing/leg gaps with their heavy wetters. And honestly, even without labeling the baby as a heavy wetter, 8+ hours is a long time in a diaper, so even the light wetters can easily flood a light nighttime solution.
Pockets can be tricky with nighttime, the trim fit welove during the day does not accomodate nighttime stuffing for most babies, and when we stuff it enough, the rise sinks down, the legs stand an inch away from their thighs, and you can count on at least one wet sheet change in the middle of the night.
If your pockets have been exhausted with options, consider the following solution of a pocket fitted and a cover. Now, don’t tune me out just yet, this isn’t a wool cover we are talking about, so if you are not on Team Wool yet, you can still do this.

My favorite pocket fitted is the Happy Hempy. It accomodates chunky thighs, but can still wrap around slender ones. The diaper itself is absorbent, so you have the sides and front able to hold urine. Then, you stuff it with whatever you have on hand/need to meet absorbency needs. My favorite insert for these, and the most economical, is a prefold trifolded width-wise (not lengthwise, so turn it 90 degrees), with some microfiber or hemp if you have it handy.
The whole thing gets wrapped in a cover.

I use both wool and PUL covers, you can easily use your PUL covers over these. Hempys run small, they also shrink over time, so buy bigger than what you think you need. Sebastian has his extra larges getting prepped today, and he is 18.5 pounds/almost 10 months old. I need to stuff the heck out of them though, and his larges were left over from my last daughter, so he is a little early on the XLarges. I use an extra large Bummis Super Brite cover over the XL’s, for the Larges I used large Thirsties covers, or Duo Wraps in size 2 all the way unsnapped. For his mediums we used a medium cover, and size 2 Thirsties duo wraps almost unsnapped. Wool is also great over these guys for a completely breatheable system.

Next week we have the One Size Hempy in snap or aplix closure coming in, which gives you small-large in one 3 step rise fitted. Great investment for nighttime and naptime. Now, Hempys will be bulkier, it isn’t trim, so either plan on sizing up on fotted pj’s, or toss on some babylegs with a longsleeve onesie or tee shirt for pajamas. Our Hempys all have the stay dry fleece inner to wick away wetness as well.

In summary, here is how I stuff/size wise:
Small Hempys for newborns=trifolded infant prefold with small covers, or one size covers on small or medium rise settings
Medium Hempys=trifolded infant prefolds OR trifolded regular prefold for the hevier wetters, with one medium joey bunz, medium size covers or one size covers with one rise setting to go
Large Hempys=Regular prefolds trifolded with joey bunz and/or microfiber insert, large Thirsties cover, Large Super Brite, Coverall all the way open, Duo Wrap all the way open.
Extra large Hempy=premium prefold trifolded, joey bunz and microfiber, extra large Bummis Super Brite or Extra Large Bummis Super Whisper Wrap.

Disana wool soakers are great at any point, we always have our wool info up here if you want to refresh:

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Melissa S, and Heather H, you have to thank for choosing you as our winners!
Emailing you now 🙂
Thanks to all the winners, spread the word to your friends to join us on Facebook, at 3000 fans we will give away two more!

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