Blog for Christmas weekend~

Hello everyone, in the spirit of Abby’s Lane this is a day late 😉
In our house we do celebrate Christmas, and we wish a Merry Christmas to all of our customers who have supported us this year and any of the 7 years past. We also wish a Happy Hannukah, a Happy Kwanzaa and a peaceful Winter Solstice to our customers as well 🙂 While this holiday season is full of peace and joy, there are many of our customers where this season may be full of sadness and anxiety, and I want to offer a special prize for those families. This may be the first year the holiday season is experienced with a divorce or separation, the first season where a special family member is not present due to a death in the family, unemployment, loss of a home, a shaky outlook for 2012. Miscarriage and infertility is present in the homes of many of our customers, your emails and notes over the years drives home how many of our wonderful families suffer with secondary infertility or repeated loss of pregnancy.
I would like to offer a $25.00 gift certificate to one person who comments below, you can share your story of why this season is different than those past, or if you wish to not share, simply comment below with a “entering” so we know to include you. My hope is a mom or dad who enters can use it for diapers if they have one in them, shoes for an older child, or if your babies are done with our store products, a little CJs gift pack to pamper yourself for a few minutes in the next few weeks.

On our tree, I have bought a little silver “My First Christmas” ornament for each of my 5 children, and I love to hang them close together in the front, their names and year of their birth is engraved somewhere on the ornament. Also in this group of 5 little “Firsts” are 3 little ornaments without a name or date. The first is a very cheaply made angel ornament, it is meant to be a pin to fasten to a sweater or jacket, but with a string on it passes for a Christmas ornament. When I bought it, we had no room in the weekly budget almost 8 years ago, so a clearance priced Christmas pin was all I could do, that was for our first pregnancy loss in January of 2005. Another angel would follow a few years later, a little silver ornament with a glass bead dangling from the wings for loss #2, and a third wooden angel joined the tree two years later for loss #3. We have been blessed with 5 beautiful, healthy and spunky babies, and as the years have gone by the pain of the losses isn’t as sharp, but those little ones will always have a special place in our hearts. As our family Christmas card has the pictures of our children, here I want to acknowledge the little ones who didn’t get a chance to be held, nursed, worn, have a fluffy little bum and make it on that card. To Max, Mary and Apryl we love you very much ❤

We wish you a beautiful holiday season, and a peaceful and healthy winter time, thank you for your support for close to 8 years now. From myself and the mamas who work with us:
Stephanie (there are 2 of us!)

We wish you a beautiful Christmas and Holiday Season 🙂


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diapering 0-3 month babies

We have gone over some of the newer products that were personal favorites for my 5th baby (now 3 months old), and some of these products are really going to the top of the charts by our customers as favorites as well. A few notes on some of these new purchases for those interested:

1) tiny tush minis: these are my personal fave for Jaxson, they start to fit around the 5-6 pound mark, and go to 14-15 pounds (I preferred the aplix, I found they fit longer with the way the front of the diaper laid, the weight range is anywhere from 2-5 months depending on how quickly the baby grows). One tip about them, they come with what looks like a big washcloth, it is a microfiber towel intended to be trifolded and used in the diaper. When you do trifold it, it will be the same as a 3 layer microfiber newborn insert. I found Jax needed more than what came with it, as a newborn an extra small microfiber would work, a preemie prefold folded in half, or on the bigger sizes a small joey bunz packed in with the microfiber towel would be great 🙂 If you have terry washcloths on hand fold them into half or thirds, they will work great! Baby washcloths on the smaller sizes work well, too for an extra boost.

2) Bummis tiny fit: these will fit a tad smaller, starting at around 6-7 pounds but outgrown a tad earlier, around the 12-14 pound mark, and have a nice, trim fit. The soakers on these guys fold in to add extra absorbency, and they come with a tiny booster to add to it. In these little guys a preemie prefold folded in half would work, or a small microfiber washcloth you could fold into thirds, small joey bunz would be right at the end of the size range on these guys, they may overwhelm the baby is the baby has a tiny build.

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Deck the Halls, $50.00 for all!

Well, not “all”, really….trying to be festive 😉
We hit 3000 fans before Christmas, so to sweeten our giveaway we usually do every 500 fans, 3 will be up for grabs
(and one on twitter as well, head over there to see how to win!

To enter below, just toss in a comment (one per person, please), we will pick three winners for a $50.00 voucher each on December 31!

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Blog Friday December 16th

Link back to our site below to enter, one winner picked on Sunday for a Giraffe Happy Heiny one size pocket with inserts 🙂
Show me below what item is coming soon that is highly anticipated (a few products would count that fit the description)

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Potty Learning / Potty Training part II

Now, if you thought our advice on day training was very “sit back and see where they go”, nighttime doesn’t get better. For my own children, it is really a matter of waiting until after they are day trained and wake up dry for a good two weeks straight before we try underwear at night.

If your child has been day trained for a few months and still has nighttime wetting, try something to see where they are. Lay a natural fiber inside the diaper, so it provides a wetness cue. It can be a hemp insert, a wipe, a prefold, anything that isn’t stay dry or microfiber. See how your child does, if she wakes up due to the wetness enough to call you and finish urinating on the toilet, you may have a case for a few trainers to provide a different feel than a diaper. If she pees through and doesn’t wake, she will leak out of the trainers, so don’t bother with them yet. If your child needs the absorbency of a diaper and doesn’t respond to wetness cues, they are likely to still need an actual diaper. Taking them to the potty before they go to bed will help, for some of our children (every years after they “trained”) when my husband and myself go to bed several hours after they do, we take them as well so they can sleep into the morning hours without having to wake up to wet sheets. If you notice your child is dry most of the night but wakes up with an accident in the early hours of the morning that may be a good option as well. So, if they go to bed at 7/8 pm, and you go to bed 11/midnight, take them to the toilet. For my 4 year old daughter if we don’t do this chances are pretty good she will wet around 3/4 am. If we take her at midnight she can sleep soundly until 7/8 am to wake up for the day.

I am not a fan of witholding fluids to encourage nighttime training.. The Happy Heiny trainers, which are very diaper-like in feel and absorbency (meaning you can stuff them as much as you need to for older toddlers) can go well into 50+ pounds, so you are covered for nighttime as long as your child needs it. It really is not unusual for us to see emails for children who are 5, 6 and older to need help at night. If you have ruled out any medical conditions that need attention, it is just a matter of those cues and when your child is ready to plug those cues into toilet readiness, and enough bladder control to last all night.

In the ironic twist of life, the reality is they may be helping us with our diapers if we are lucky enough to live so long!

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Blog Friday (well..Saturday) December 10th~

Gift Certificates sound great, thanks to the facebook fans who suggested it!
A $10.00 voucher to one winner picked on Sunday evening, link below back to our website, show me what product line just got restocked with new “options” added to them!

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Potty learning / potty training

Last week we wrapped up nighttime diapering, so this week we are going to start with some potty training discussions! I am going to do a
‘rerun” of a past article from April of 2010 with a few notes changed around, so if it looks familiar it is being recycled 😉

Now, consider yourself warned, most of this is going to come from my experience training three kids and working on a fourth, working in day care
for a number of years, and chatting it up with customers frequently. I am not a psychologist, and I know everyone has their ideas of appropriate ages
and behaviors with training, so what I want to share is for you to take or leave at your liking~

This is going to take a few weeks to go through, but I want to dedicate time to the little guys on their way out of diapers. Whether they are 12
months, 18 months, 2, 3, 4 or 5, they are all on their way out of the diapers we love to put them in. I get lots of emails about “when?!?!?!?”
When do you know it is time? This is going to concentrate on children who are not challenged by physical or emotional hindrances, those children need
extra time and attention, and while I can help, you may need advice outside of my realm of experience.

I always knew my babies were ready to start when I noticed dryness in the diapers over periods of time. Whether they woke up from naptime dry, or I
went to change them around the hour mark and the diaper was not wet at all. Usually this starts at around a year to 18 months. Boys take longer in
general, they have much more neurological work that has to occur for them to make the connections for training. You truly can start “training” before
this. When they are old enough to walk and start following you everywhere, take them in the bathroom with you when you have to go. By this point it
certainly isn’t the oddest thing you have done as a parent (you mean I get to shower all by myself? What a treat! LOL), and it won’t be the last. Make
it a cheerful, happy thing. “Oh look, mommy/daddy goes pee pee, yeah!” They will see the bathroom as a cheerful place, a place to celebrate what you are doing. It really sets the mood for later. They also see liquid coming out of you as a good thing, and won’t be freaked out when they see it coming out of them in places they never knew existed before. I mean really, if you looked in the mirror and saw water pouring out of your ear, you would be a little weirded out, no?

Cool potty seats are fun, potties with their favorite characters are a plus, but they may not even need this. I found it helps though to have these things in the car. So, they see you going, they are intrigued, they want to do it. You are going to have thousands of “dry runs” before the real deal starts. A good time to actually put them on the potty? Before bathtime! The sounds of water rushing around always made mine want to go. Just a habit to start, just plop them on while getting the bath ready. If it is too much for them, no biggie, they aren’t ready yet. Even if they just sit there for a second and smile, you are training. Training isn’t the results, it is the process, so make it fun and take a deep breath. Another great time, first thing in the morning. Even if that diaper is full and you know they went all night, make it a part of your morning ritual. When they are sitting on the same place they see you go, and see what is supposed to happen, if they are ready they will start to follow suit.

They don’t like sitting, show no interest in being with you when it goes on? Don’t worry, I promise if your baby is not ready, it would
be more productive to run into a brick wall then to try and push it with your child. All you will run into is resistance, and making it a chore
rather than something new and exciting. Some of you are saying “yeah, but she is 3, shouldn’t she be interested?” I think our generation is much more
gentle with training then generations before. I know it isn’t unusual to hear my friends talk of hanging soiled bed sheets out for neighbors to see,
or being punished for accidents. Shame was frequently part of the process, and happily I think that is truly a thing of the past. So, don’t worry when
your mother or mother in law asks “is she still in diapers?”, I can assure you she won’t be 16 and wearing super jumbo extra large Fuzzi Bunz, just
relax, and go with it. Make it happy, make it cheerful, and celebrate the little steps in the journey.

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Blog Friday December 2nd

Hey everyone! This week we are giving away a $15.00 voucher for one winner who posts below…
Post below linking back to the site, show me what you would spend it on 🙂
Winner picked on Sunday!

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