“Must Haves” Giveaway~

Hello, everyone! For Blog Friday celebrations this Friday (1/13) through Friday (1/20), we are offering a “Must Haves” prize pack to one winner, chosen from entries below on Sunday 1/22.
The prize pack includes:
-One Planet Wise wet bag in Piccolo Dot print

-one Sigma diaper sprayer

And one Planet Wise pail liner, neutral solid color:

Entries run from today (1/13) through Friday 1/20.
– You may enter once as a “no buy” entry by posting below linking back to our store to your favorite fluffy product πŸ™‚
-Additional entry may be via a post below, type in your order number placed starting January 10th through the 20th over $20.00, I need the numbers following the “AB” to confirm your order. Remember, orders over $20.00 count as an extra entry.
-Additional entry given if you comment below for subscribing to our blog, type below “Blog Subscriber!”, and I will confirm this via email if you are the winner
-Additional entry given if you follow us on Twitter! Type in “Twitter follower” and we will confirm via email if you are the winner
-Additional entry given if you follow us on facebook, type below “Facebook follower” and we will confirm via email if you are the winner.

Each Entry must be its own comment below to allow for random.org winner selection. Prizes do not have a cash value attached, and may not be returned for store credit or cash compensation. Prizes are selected by Abby’s Lane, color and print where applicable, substitutions may not be chosen.

Good Luck!


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prevention of yeast

This week we are going into some tips and tricks for prevention of yeast if your baby has battled it more than once.

First, one cause of yeast could be antibiotics. If you are nursing and are on antibiotics, or if your baby has to be on antibiotics, all of the good bacteria along with the bad will be killed, and the overall chemistry of your baby’s skin will be more susceptible to yeast. If your baby is old enough, talk to your pediatrician about giving him/her probiotics. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to take some as well if you are nursing, there are safe supplements for babies and toddlers, adults can take over the counter acidophilus tablets. You may or may not see thrush in the mouth of your baby, it can appear in a few different forms, but if you see any changes inside your baby’s mouth or it seems painful for them to eat (nursing or bottle), let your pediatrician know ASAP.

If your baby isn’t on any antibiotics and you are not either (if nursing), but seems to be more yeast-prone, ask about probiotics anyway, it can definitely help keep the yeast away!

Now, the next step will seem completely pointless if you haven’t battled yeast, but I have to throw it out there. We see yeast happening as much in natural fibers as in synthetics. It really just depends on the baby, some cannot tolerate the wetness from natural fibers, and will flare into yeast quickly. Others cannot tolerate synthetics, and need natural fibers to promote breatheability. If your baby is battling yeast, look at the diaper system you have. If you have solely natural fibers, consider investing in some fleece liners to use to see if it makes a difference. On the flip side, if you only use synthetics, switching to a more air-flow friendly system can help.

Keep an eye on your nighttime system as well, for baby boys often yeast will start as a very red penis, sometimes with or without blisters, if your baby boy presents this symptom and you don’t see it clear up with ointment within a day or two at the most, take him in to get diagnosed.

We will go over some more on this next week, but one last thing to remember with yeast.

If your baby’s skin is completely clear, and has been for at least a few days, cornstarch is fine to use to help absorb moisture to keep yeast away.Β However, if your baby has any skin symptoms at all, cornstarch will feed yeast with the sugars present, so do not use if there is any skin rash present to suggest yeast.

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Blog Friday for January 6th

This week we are focusing on positive energy and thoughts πŸ™‚ Not all that related to cloth diapering, but not a bad topic πŸ˜‰
This week brought some challenges to our store, some were minor, some will take some time to solve. I would love to hear some positive stories from your week (they don’t have to be related to cloth diapering), so tell me what happened to you this week that was good, one winner picked on Sunday gets 154 points in their Abbys Lane account for a $10.00 voucher!

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Blog for Christmas weekend~

Hello everyone, in the spirit of Abby’s Lane this is a day late πŸ˜‰
In our house we do celebrate Christmas, and we wish a Merry Christmas to all of our customers who have supported us this year and any of the 7 years past. We also wish a Happy Hannukah, a Happy Kwanzaa and a peaceful Winter Solstice to our customers as well πŸ™‚ While this holiday season is full of peace and joy, there are many of our customers where this season may be full of sadness and anxiety, and I want to offer a special prize for those families. This may be the first year the holiday season is experienced with a divorce or separation, the first season where a special family member is not present due to a death in the family, unemployment, loss of a home, a shaky outlook for 2012. Miscarriage and infertility is present in the homes of many of our customers, your emails and notes over the years drives home how many of our wonderful families suffer with secondary infertility or repeated loss of pregnancy.
I would like to offer a $25.00 gift certificate to one person who comments below, you can share your story of why this season is different than those past, or if you wish to not share, simply comment below with a “entering” so we know to include you. My hope is a mom or dad who enters can use it for diapers if they have one in them, shoes for an older child, or if your babies are done with our store products, a little CJs gift pack to pamper yourself for a few minutes in the next few weeks.

On our tree, I have bought a little silver “My First Christmas” ornament for each of my 5 children, and I love to hang them close together in the front, their names and year of their birth is engraved somewhere on the ornament. Also in this group of 5 little “Firsts” are 3 little ornaments without a name or date. The first is a very cheaply made angel ornament, it is meant to be a pin to fasten to a sweater or jacket, but with a string on it passes for a Christmas ornament. When I bought it, we had no room in the weekly budget almost 8 years ago, so a clearance priced Christmas pin was all I could do, that was for our first pregnancy loss in January of 2005. Another angel would follow a few years later, a little silver ornament with a glass bead dangling from the wings for loss #2, and a third wooden angel joined the tree two years later for loss #3. We have been blessed with 5 beautiful, healthy and spunky babies, and as the years have gone by the pain of the losses isn’t as sharp, but those little ones will always have a special place in our hearts. As our family Christmas card has the pictures of our children, here I want to acknowledge the little ones who didn’t get a chance to be held, nursed, worn, have a fluffy little bum and make it on that card. To Max, Mary and Apryl we love you very much ❀

We wish you a beautiful holiday season, and a peaceful and healthy winter time, thank you for your support for close to 8 years now. From myself and the mamas who work with us:
Stephanie (there are 2 of us!)

We wish you a beautiful Christmas and Holiday Season πŸ™‚

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Deck the Halls, $50.00 for all!

Well, not “all”, really….trying to be festive πŸ˜‰
We hit 3000 fans before Christmas, so to sweeten our giveaway we usually do every 500 fans, 3 will be up for grabs
(and one on twitter as well, head over there to see how to win!

To enter below, just toss in a comment (one per person, please), we will pick three winners for a $50.00 voucher each on December 31!

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Blog Friday December 16th

Link back to our site below to enter, one winner picked on Sunday for a Giraffe Happy Heiny one size pocket with inserts πŸ™‚
Show me below what item is coming soon that is highly anticipated (a few products would count that fit the description)

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Blog Friday (well..Saturday) December 10th~

Gift Certificates sound great, thanks to the facebook fans who suggested it!
A $10.00 voucher to one winner picked on Sunday evening, link below back to our website, show me what product line just got restocked with new “options” added to them!

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Blog Friday December 2nd

Hey everyone! This week we are giving away a $15.00 voucher for one winner who posts below…
Post below linking back to the site, show me what you would spend it on πŸ™‚
Winner picked on Sunday!

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$50.00 Voucher Giveaway!

2500 fans on facebook, whoot!
This is the place to enter! Just comment below for your chance to win (one comment per person), we will pick two winners at random on December 1 (Thursday)~

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Blog Friday (or Sunday!)

The prize is three joey bunz regular hemp inserts, your choice size and color thread πŸ™‚
Comment below with your favorite product we carry, link back to the site. One winner chosen Monday, night!

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