Blog Friday December 16th

Link back to our site below to enter, one winner picked on Sunday for a Giraffe Happy Heiny one size pocket with inserts 🙂
Show me below what item is coming soon that is highly anticipated (a few products would count that fit the description)


December 16, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Felicia R replied:

    BG Freetimes should be shipping soon! I would love to try one of them!


  2. rktshot replied:

    can’t wait to get an albert!

  3. vanessa replied:

    Got a notice today, here is what is shipping to us today (so by my estimate should be arriving next Wednesday or so): Freetime in all solid colors (except white) aplix and snap closure, 4.0 one size aplix and snap in Lovelace and Albert, Elementals in Albert and Lovelace.

  4. Drea replied:

    BG Freetime and other BG diapers in Albert and Lovelace prints!

  5. amy v replied:

    I’d love to win!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  6. Brandy Rogers Davis replied:

    The new BumGenius Freetime diaper is a highly anticipated item that I am excited about trying out! 🙂

  7. Carrie replied:

    The BG Freetime. I would really like to try these out!

  8. Helen R replied:

    BG Freetimes which I am excited to try

  9. tubbytelly replied:

    I know Thirsties will have a new diaper…but I don’t know where that link is. I mean, if it’s not here and you don’t do pre-orders…?

  10. Kim Albrecht replied:

    And can’t wait to order some alberts

  11. Lindsay Coffman replied:

    BG freetime in albert & lovelace prints are coming!
    Can’t wait to get one!

  12. Laura B. replied:

    BG Freetime is highly anticipated. I am eager for the BG Elemental in Albert.

  13. Jessie Hamblen replied:

    BumGenius freetime!!

  14. Allison replied:

    BG freetime is coming!!!!

  15. Ashley F replied:

    BG Freetime, the new AIO!

  16. Emily W replied:

    Someday I will win one of these 🙂

  17. Rebecca G. replied:
    BG Freetime!

  18. Raquel replied:

    BG Freetimes!

  19. Erin replied:

    The BG Freetime!

  20. Christina F. replied:

    fun prints!

  21. Laura Cooper replied:

    The long awaited BG Freetimes!

  22. Jaime replied:

    can’t wait to see this new BG product

  23. Sarah Hull replied:

    The BG Freetimes are coming soon!

  24. Liz E replied:

    BG Freetime sounds cool!

  25. Amanda Alvarado replied:

    The BG Freetimes! I would love one in the Albert print!

  26. allison replied:

    Love the Albert print!

  27. Brooke replied:

    BG Freetime AIOs!!!!!

  28. Adrian B. replied:

    BumGenius Freetime! I want to try one!

  29. Dina replied:


  30. Darien McGuire replied:

    BG Freetime!

  31. mallory t replied:

    Of course, the Bumgenius Freetimes!

  32. Brittany B replied:
    Can’t wait to see these!

  33. Sabrina Radke replied:

    BG Freetime!

  34. Lesley replied:

    Really want to try these!

  35. Tina replied:

    BG Freetime!!

  36. Chelsea replied:

    These are so cute!

  37. Kate O. replied:

    Bg free time

  38. Catherine Brown replied:

    Free time!

  39. Maia G replied:

    The freetime! I am very curious to see how people like these. Seems… odd. Maybe I will have to try one

  40. Vashti M replied:


  41. Ellen replied:

    Can’t wait to try these!

  42. susanne wedel replied:

    BG Freetime

    love the albert print

  43. Pollyanna Valenzuela replied:

    Thank you for this giveaway!!

    Freetime One Size All In One !!

    God Bless You!!

  44. Lori replied:

    Our CD-friendly daycare provider would love the new BG Freetime and I’d live the Albert print!

  45. Annie T. replied:


  46. Jenea garges replied:

    The new bumgenius prints. I want the albert:)

  47. Sarah Jane replied:

    The BG Freetime!! I won one one another giveaway, so if I won this giveaway, I’d get the Lovelace pattern and give to an expecting friend who is planning on cloth diapering.

  48. Melissa Wagner replied:


  49. Sonya replied:

    Would love to get one of these:

  50. SuzanneD replied:

    I love the lovelace print!

  51. Rebecca M. replied:

    bumGenius Freetime, love the Albert print!

  52. Carita replied:

    Receiving an Albert one would be so lovely! Thanks for the chance.

  53. Tiffany replied:

    The new BG freestyle!

    • Tiffany replied:

      Stinking autocorrect…freetime!

  54. Kristen Russell replied:

    Bg freetime diaper!!!

  55. Jodi J replied:

    I’m so excited about the new bumGenius products coming soon, especially in the Lovelace print!!!

  56. Steph H replied:

    Oooh new BG Freetimes!

  57. Rachel Grimsby replied:

    And another important stock announcement, the mother load of Bumgenius is arriving next Tuesday, if we can get it counted/sorted and checked for Tuesday night we will send an email to let you know it is in-stock, but it may be Wednesday when this is accomplished to make sure it is all in.
    All Freetime and 4.0 in new Artist Series are arriving, with the exclusions below. Albert and Lovelace Elementals will be included in this shipment. New FLIP products are due in January.
    FREETIME: Coming in all solids and Albert/Lovelace EXCEPT:
    White freetime snap
    Albert freetime snap
    Lovelace freetime aplix
    Those are due later in December/early Jan

    We will post when these are counted and on the site, Freetime can be sneak/peeked here:

  58. Julie G. replied:

    Super excited for the Freetime

  59. Meghan V. replied:

    The BG Freetime is coming next week

  60. Alyssa replied:

    Lovelace is super cute — too bad I have a boy!

  61. Diane L replied:

    Bumgenius Freetime are coming!

  62. Meng Tatel replied:

    Bumgenius Freetime will be here soon!

  63. Anne E. Perry replied:


  64. Lisa replied:

    Bumgenius Freetime:

  65. Amanda O. replied:

    BG Freetime!

  66. Meg M. replied:

    Albert Freetime!

  67. Katie replied:

    Freestyles – Lovelace and Albert!

  68. Gina replied:

    Bumgenius Freetime!

  69. abbyslane replied:

    Lindsay C, check your inbox!

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