do I need to strip my diapers?

Stripping refers to an action of doing something to the diapers to disinfect or strip them from detergent buildup, ointment buildup, old feces or urine buildup, fabric softener, basically anything that is hindering absorbency. Today I am going to review what does need to be stripped versus what doesn’t.

Many times, truly most times, that a customer thinks the diaper needs to be stripped, it is actually a scenario where more absorbency is needed, or the fit is incorrect for the baby. You do NOT need to strip if:
-The diapers leak, but more than 45-60 minutes has passed
-The diapers leak, but the entire diaper/fitted or insert is wet
-The diapers leak but do not have odors to them
If you are having leaking but find that the above fits, you likely have an absorbency or fit issue, not a need to strip. Very, very rarely will buildup occur without an accompanying odor. If you have enough buildup left to hinder absorbency, you will be trapping old feces and urine, and it will stink. What may be a cause to strip is:
-Odors out of the dryer, or once freshly peed in
-leaking within the first few minutes of the diaper being on
-leaking and the diaper is wet in spots only
-use of creams, and you can see and smell spots where ointment has been
-use of liquid detergents that are “free and clears”, this is also evident when you take the diapers out and they have a sticky or tacky feel to them, almost like they are coated with something.
I like to highlight the odor key in all of this, remember you cannot ever mask the smell of poop. You can spray perfume on it, put bleach spray on it, it will smell like perfumed and bleached poo. It is incredibly rare when we see buildup not accompanying odors, it can happen, but really is very rare. If you suspect buildup and do not have any odors, we will first go the route of more absorbency/checking the fit. If you strip and it is an absorbency or fit issue, you won’t solve anything and be right back where you started with leaky diapers. More next week 🙂

July 3, 2011. cloth diapers, Q & A, Wash routines.

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