Tiny Tush diapers

This week we are going to start discussing some underdogs of cloth diapers 🙂 These are some personal favorites of mine/why I love them/how they fit, etc…

I will start this one with Tiny Tush one size pocket diapers.

I discovered these with my third daughter, she was my largest build toddler, my first two had easily potty trained out of their bumgenius pockets and other one size diapers. Lucy wasn’t close to training and had outgrown her one size pockets. I was hesitant to buy X-Larges, I thought if I could buy some “bigger” one size diapers that would work well if there was a next babe. They were fabulous! She wore them through potty training, which was around 38 pounds, and she was quite tall (even today, she is within a half inch of my almost 6-year old who is 2 years older than she is).
She wore them for a good 8-10 months, and I used the same ones for my fourth baby, Sebastian. Bash is a tiny build, he started wearing them around 9 pounds, around the 6 week mark. They were bulky, but fit and contained leaks. He is still in them at 18 months, so for the same diapers, pushing 28 months, they are still in fabulous shape. He is 28 pounds, and is on the third rise snap setting, meaning he still has one to go, I could see him in these through training easily as well. The diapers themselves are made in the US, the microfiber inserts are not, but then again most microfiber is from overseas. I use aplix on all but one of them, and I only have a complaint about one diaper’s aplix out of about 15 diapers, not bad for 28 months of every other day washing!
Next week we will dish on some other brands 🙂


July 27, 2011. cloth diapers, Q & A.


  1. Susan M. replied:

    I love my Tiny Tush diapers! I didnt try them until almost 10 lbs, but will definitely try earlier with the next baby. I love their fitteds, too!

  2. Kelsey Sweedler-Devlin replied:

    Tiny Tush is my favorite cloth diaper brand! I have been using the trim one-size fitted cotton cloth diapers with Tweedle Bugs one-size covers on my 17-month-old part time for about a year and everything has held up fantastically. I have never once had a blowout with these diapers. Every now and again I get a bit of a leak but usually that’s operator error, not the fault of the diapers. 😉

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