SoftBums Omni pockets

We are continuing with our “underdog” diapers, personal and staff favorites that don’t get as much marketing as some of the bigger names 🙂
The spotlight shines on SoftBums Omni pockets this week.

This is a one size pocket that can also be used in the SoftBums all in two system, although I use it solely as a pocket diaper. It has a unique rise adjustment system, we get lots of emails about “why does my diaper have a hole in the bottom?” That is where you slip the little toggles out (think of a toggle on a child’s coat sleeves) to adjust where the elastic sits in your diaper. The tighter the gather, the smaller the diaper, and you can get this baby really small. I started using it around the 8-9 month mark if I remember correctly, but I am curious with our arrival in September to see how early it will work, I have heard customers report success as early as 8-9 pounds! What I love about it, it is wide enough to accommodate my regular microfiber inserts, at this point I have a ton of mixed brands, so it doesn’t have to be softbums inserts that you use with it. But, the crotch is still narrow enough where it isn’t bulky or wide in between the legs. You can make the rise really tall, too, so for me skinny/tall guy it is perfect, high rise without bulk in the crotch area. The tabs allow for a nice trim crossover, and the aplix looks fabulous after 10+ months of daily washing.

Next week we move into some other systems of underdog favorites, so if you are not a pocket family, hang in there for one more week 🙂


July 29, 2011. cloth diapers.


  1. Becky replied:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Softbums diapers!!! I do really wish that they would market more and really get their name out there!! So proud these are a MN made diaper 🙂 Of all my diapers, these are one of the only three that I will actually buy more of (along with Mud Butt Cloth Diapers -WAHM and AppleCheeks!!)

  2. Katie S replied:

    I also LOVe my Softbums! I have two Echo and two Omni. The fit is fabulous and they are trim. Love them.

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