Potty Learning / Potty Training part II

Now, if you thought our advice on day training was very “sit back and see where they go”, nighttime doesn’t get better. For my own children, it is really a matter of waiting until after they are day trained and wake up dry for a good two weeks straight before we try underwear at night.

If your child has been day trained for a few months and still has nighttime wetting, try something to see where they are. Lay a natural fiber inside the diaper, so it provides a wetness cue. It can be a hemp insert, a wipe, a prefold, anything that isn’t stay dry or microfiber. See how your child does, if she wakes up due to the wetness enough to call you and finish urinating on the toilet, you may have a case for a few trainers to provide a different feel than a diaper. If she pees through and doesn’t wake, she will leak out of the trainers, so don’t bother with them yet. If your child needs the absorbency of a diaper and doesn’t respond to wetness cues, they are likely to still need an actual diaper. Taking them to the potty before they go to bed will help, for some of our children (every years after they “trained”) when my husband and myself go to bed several hours after they do, we take them as well so they can sleep into the morning hours without having to wake up to wet sheets. If you notice your child is dry most of the night but wakes up with an accident in the early hours of the morning that may be a good option as well. So, if they go to bed at 7/8 pm, and you go to bed 11/midnight, take them to the toilet. For my 4 year old daughter if we don’t do this chances are pretty good she will wet around 3/4 am. If we take her at midnight she can sleep soundly until 7/8 am to wake up for the day.

I am not a fan of witholding fluids to encourage nighttime training.. The Happy Heiny trainers, which are very diaper-like in feel and absorbency (meaning you can stuff them as much as you need to for older toddlers) can go well into 50+ pounds, so you are covered for nighttime as long as your child needs it. It really is not unusual for us to see emails for children who are 5, 6 and older to need help at night. If you have ruled out any medical conditions that need attention, it is just a matter of those cues and when your child is ready to plug those cues into toilet readiness, and enough bladder control to last all night.

In the ironic twist of life, the reality is they may be helping us with our diapers if we are lucky enough to live so long!


December 13, 2011. Diaper Chatter, toilet training & learning.


  1. Tasha replied:

    Great tips! My daughter is not yet day trained, but I have a feeling I’m going to be taking some of your advice. We’re still having trouble with day training, and I was wondering if I should start night training too. Now I know that I need to wait.

  2. potty training 3 year old boy replied:

    All I knew about training dogs was what I had learned in Science class about animals being made to
    behave in certain ways through rewards and punishments, so I naively (stupidly, actually) assumed that I
    could get Vicky to act in the ways that I had wanted by rewarding her for
    her good actions and punishing her for her bad ones.

    Children, even babies, love to be praised for everything that they do, and praising the baby reinforces
    your potty training lessons. The troubles that you may
    face can easily be tackled by you.

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