Pocket diapers for nighttime

This week we are continuing some nighttime discussions, the last few weeks we talked about fitteds and natural fibers, this week we will touch on pockets at nighttime, but with a few notes about using pockets at night. Pocket diapers are our best selling diaper, and many of our customers use them for nighttime. Most will find this is a great system to a point, as babies get older, or even if you have a heavy wetting young baby, pockets won’t provide the wrap-around absorbency you need for side and tummy sleepers, or heavy wetters. By the time you stuff the diapers enough to hold, they create gaps and will leak, the trim contour that makes them fabulous for daytime can work against you for nighttime. That being said, if you have pocket diapers and want to try them for nighttime, try stacking denser inserts, like hemp or cotton. Trifolded prefolds work well inside pockets, or pairing hemp with microfiber can work well, too, just make sure the microfiber is on top of the hemp, both inside the pocket diaper. Rise is important, too, the top of the pocket should be at or above the belly button to work well for nighttime. Wider pockets like Happy Heinys, Knickernappies or Tiny Tush will give you a better chance at nighttime success over more trim daytime pockets.


November 30, 2011. Baby Wearing.


  1. Rachel Garringer replied:


    I am dying to try these on my 2 year old^^^^

  2. staci replied:

    Thanks for this! I have never liked using pockets as a pocket because they leaked. You just explained to my the “why”. Perhaps with some experimenting I can get a pocket system to work for my heavy wetting camel kids. 🙂
    ps: I’m visiting from All About Cloth Diapers!

  3. juditupp replied:

    I don’t have heavy wetters but this is interesting. I’ve used homemade fitteds with a pocket for my last couple of babies along with a separate cover. I’m considering switching to a pocket system for our next baby.

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