Blog Friday 10/28

The prize is a version one small Simplex by Swaddlebees, in Amber color 🙂
Version one has a more generous rise and non-stretchy tabs, this diaper would fit a 10-18 pound baby~
Enter by linking back to below (honestly if the answer isn’t “right” it will still count), we loaded some graphics tonight for new items coming in about 10 days or so. Hint: some keywords to look for would be “purple” and “performance” 😉

Winner chosen on Sunday!


October 28, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Meredith E. replied:

  2. Jennifer L replied:

    is it the mystic purple ergo? And wow, if I didn’t have a carrier I think I might try that one!

  3. Rachel N replied:

    I think it is the new mystic purple ergo carrier.

  4. Kate C replied:

    The new Ergo carrier that I am drooling overrrr!

  5. Liz E replied:

    Beautiful Ergo!

  6. Christine replied:

    I have a Boba myself.

  7. Darien replied:

    I think it’s the new Ergo!

  8. Ashley replied:

    2011 Mystic Purple Performance Ergo! So pretty! I love the ssc I have but Ergo’s great colors always tempt me.

  9. Jessie Hamblen replied:

    Mystic purple Ergo!! I really want one lol

  10. Laura replied:

    2011 Ergo, Mystic Purple

  11. Amanda Traunero replied:

  12. Dorsha Swartz replied:

    Purple Ergo

  13. Ashley Jossick replied:

  14. vanessa replied:

    Purple Ergo?

  15. Jenn replied:


  16. Rebecca M. replied:

    Mystic Purple Ergo?

  17. Sarah replied:

    Ergos are awesome!

  18. Jessica S. replied:

    I think it’s the new mystic purple ergo at

  19. Delora (@delora) replied:

    Pretty new Ergo color!

  20. Allison replied:

    Purple ergo!

  21. Meghan V. replied:
    It is cute but not quite my style if I were going to get an Ergo. 🙂

  22. Maia G replied:

    A beautiful new Ergo

  23. Lucinda replied:

    Wow, that purple is gorgeous!

  24. Maria D. replied:

    I waaaaaant one… 😉

  25. Martha Ruth Brecht replied:

    The purple Ergo?

  26. Meg M. replied:

    This pretty new Ergo!

    I love the bright blue for the Ergo Performance as well!

  27. Lisa replied:

    The new Mystic Purple Ergo Baby carrier.

  28. Brooke Boyer replied:

    Gorgeous new color!

  29. Adrienne replied:
    We got the black Ergo. It’s the only one my husband was willing to wear ;).

  30. Samantha Allen replied:

    Mystic Purple Ergo.
    smoo06 at yahoo dot com

  31. Amy Kramer replied:

    love it

  32. Lauren Vanni replied:

    Pretty color!

  33. Allie replied:

  34. coley R replied:

    so pretty!

  35. Jodi J replied:

    I see a new purple ERGO listed here (the picture isn’t working for me, though):

  36. Tracy replied:


  37. Heather M replied:

  38. Linda replied:

    Am I too late to enter?

  39. Julie G replied: Hope I am not too late to enter!

  40. Sarah Hull replied:

    Hope I can still enter!

  41. abbydale replied:

    Denise G, check your inbox!

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