cloth diapers and yeast issues

We tackled a lot of yeast issues this week with customers. We have written quite a bit about yeast in past articles, which you can find here.

But the main points I want to readdress are:
-Over the years, we have found the best way to get rid of yeast the first time, when you are prescribed the antifungal, pick up a pack of disposables at the pharmacy. Keep the baby in them until the skin has been clear for 48 hours, then they can move back into disinfected cloth. If your baby is allergic to disposables, we will have to find some other alternatives, it is best if you have prefolds or flats that can withstand multiple disinfecting sessions to keep the baby in cloth while they are being treated. Remember, yeast doesn’t come from the diapers, but it can live in the diapers and reinfect the child.
-To disinfect the diapers, we recommend all diapers, wipes, inserts be bleached. To do this, wash/dry as normal, then wash with just hot water and 1/3 cup clorox bleach. PUL is dye fast and will not fade. If you have dyed or cotton print diapers, color safe bleach can be used for these items, although remember color safe bleach uses hydrogen peroxide to disinfect, which in rare yeast strains may not be enough. If you go this route and the yeast comes back, you may want to consider using chlorine bleach to kill the strain.
-After you go back into cloth, changing frequently the first 1-2 weeks back in cloth are important while your baby’s chemistry gets back to normal, also, if the yeast is completely gone using cornstarch in the diaper to promote dryness is good. Cornstarch feeds an active yeast infection though, so be sure your baby is completely healed for a few days before starting this.
-If you have dealt with more than a few yeast infections within a 6 month period, we need to evaluate the diaper choices and your wash/disinfecting routine with you, so please email us. Some babies truly are more yeast prone than others, and analyzing what you are currently doing can help find a solution. Also, some babies with medical conditions that require continuous antibiotics will be more prone to yeast as well, so if this is your baby please let us know and we can offer some tips to make cloth successful.
-And as always, please seek a doctor’s advice and help diagnosing the yeast.


October 6, 2011. Tags: . Diaper Chatter, FAQ.


  1. Ann replied:

    We just spent a month battling horrible yeast… Switched to disposables, disinfected diapers and wipes. Came back within hours of going back to cloth… So we did it all again. We finally figured out it was the wipes warmer! Perfect yeast, bacteria and fungi (mold) growing environment… No more wipes warmer for us… Just using a spray bottle with water and a few drops of tea tree oil mixed in to wet the wipes immediately before use.

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