diapering a newborn

Continuing with some newborn updates, our little man is 2 weeks old today, and we have some fluff updates to share 🙂
We are moving away from newborn diapers that we covered last week, Lil Joeys are done, and to simplify with having two in diapers I would love to get into some of our one size pockets as soon as we can. Below I have a list of some current OS pockets that are working beautifully for him, at this point he is 9 pounds even, a little shorter build with a chunkier waist and a little chunk on his thighs.

Oh Katy one size pockets-the most trim one size fit on him, leak free and works great!
Rumparooz one size pockets-also leak free, a little bulkier but fits well
Tiny Tush one size-probably the bulkiest at this point, but from past kiddos I know these guys last size wise forever (my 24 pound 20 month old still has a rise setting to go, my third daughter potty trained from these at close to 38 pounds with room to grow). These offer a nice size range for toddlers, so by the fact they fit my 9 pounder I know I can definitely invest in them safely
Tots Bots by Bummis, Easy Fits-no leaks, higher rise than the others but more narrow in the crotch.
BG 4.0-no leaks, decent fit, he needs a tad more leg chunk to fill them out well

I promise I am not neglecting our fitteds/covers mamas 🙂 We have played with a few things in that arena, too! Newborn Gen-Y covers definitely fit from the beginning, not as trim as others but they do fit and work. Thirsties duo wraps were a go from the start, we paired them with a Thirsties duo fitted, all the way snapped down on both was bulkier, but did fit and contained everything. He is up a notch or two now on the fitteds, they do work well (same with the duo wraps, I prefer aplix in the newborn stage for a more precise fit). From my last son I know that newborn Sandys work well at this stage, higher rise, they do need a little leg chunk to fill them out. Kissaluvs fitteds size 0 work as well from 7+ pounds, usually outgrown by the 10-11 pound mark because the rise will get very low.

I tend to shy away from one size fitteds until around 2-3 months when they stop pooping at night, if you have specific brand questions do let us know! We have tried or had friends/family try almost everything we sell to get a feel for sizing/how they run for the build of your baby, so definitely ask away if you have questions 🙂


October 1, 2011. cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter.

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