cloth diapering newborns!

This week I feel it is appropriate to share our newborn diapering adventures so far! Our previous newborns were diapered like this:

-Abby was not in cloth as a newborn, I started her at 3 months, 8 years ago, and diapered her entirely with prefolds, proraps and a few pockets for potty training
-Camille was in prefolds/covers as a newborn exclusively
-Lucy was diapered in a combination of prefolds and fitteds as a newborn, I did have a few Bumgenius extra small AIOs for her as well
-Sebastian was in fitteds/covers, with Bumgenius AIOs in extra small, a few preemie Fuzzi Bunz and then he quickly went into one size diapers.
So, with Jaxson I was excited to get into some of the newer brands of small pockets and AIOs that have come on the market!

He was born at 8’13” and is now probably close to the 9 pound mark. Here is what we are using and loving 🙂
-Lil Joeys-they are really almost outgrown, but while his cord was healing I did love them. We have found for most term babies they are outgrown between 9 and 10 pounds, but are a cute, snug and trim little diaper for skinny little legs.
-Grovia Newborn AIOs-good fit, not as trim in the legs due to the turned/topstitched edges, but very soft inners and a nice organic diaper for a newborn
-Bumgenius extra small AIOs-great fit, good absorbency
-Bummis Tini Fit-one of my favorites-generous rise ( I like a high rise for newborns) good absorbency while staying very trim, I like how the inner is not completely stay dry, but wicks away a good deal with the bamboo/poly blended inner.
-Preemie Fuzzi Bunz-another favorite, gentle on their little waists while getting a nice leg fit

Nothing has failed us with the explosive little bowel movements, remember newborns get changed round the clock for a while since they are still little poop machines at night, I know if I went much past the two hour mark we would overdo the absorbency on most of those listed above, for really heavy wetting newborns fitteds/covers, or prefolds/covers with lay in hemp would be a nice way to boost absorbency.

I do feel like what we advise for the newborn umbilical stump in our Cloth 101 held true this week. We have generally advised not to let the newborn cord notch make or break your choice in a newborn diaper. Like my babies before, the notch wasn’t always exactly in the perfect spot where it needed to be to not interfere with the cord. Even the day we spent in the hospital with disposables, the little Pampers newborn swaddlers rubbed his cord even being folded down. I prefer to lay the rise of the diaper gently over the cord, it protects it from being knocked around by sleepers/onesies, and picking them up to carry/nurse/burp/buckle in a car seat and the million other times you are handling your baby 🙂 I did like the Lil Joeys because they did rest below it, but we would get a little blood/draining on the clothing and the very top of the diaper. All of that is completely normal though, you can’t really completely protect the cord from all movement, and since bowel movements don’t go to the front of the diaper (they like to shoot out the back or legs-LOL) you don’t have bacteria going up that way. Everyone will do this differently though, so if you want help choosing diapers with newborn notches let me know and we can go over the options with you 🙂


September 23, 2011. cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter.

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