Blog Friday September 9th :)

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s prize is a 6 pack of Diaper Rite prefolds (new in package) size large. The measurements are 17 x 19 (layered 4 x 8 x 4), great for older babeis or trifolded for pocket stuffing in larger diapers! We have done some itty bitty baby giveaways, so this is something for the older tots 😉
To enter, comment below linking back to with the product line (so looking for a brand here and a link) that goes on a two week sale starting this Sunday 🙂


September 9, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Kate Miller replied:


  2. Ashley replied:

    Thirsties will be on sale!!

  3. Erin Becker replied:


  4. Meg M. replied:

    Thirsties sale!

  5. Laura S. replied:


  6. Rosalie replied:

    Thirsties sale!

  7. Jamie replied:

    Thirsties Sale!!!

  8. Suzanne replied:

    Thirsties on sale!!!

  9. Samantha Cuhel replied:


  10. Leanne Marquis replied:

    Thirsties sale!

  11. Vanessa replied:

    Sunday, September 11, we will start our two week Thirsties sale! Everything “Thirsties” will automatically be marked down 15%,

  12. Breezy J. Moyer replied:


  13. Erin Widener replied:


  14. Meghan V. replied:

    Thirsties is going on sale!

  15. mamamcf replied:


  16. Amy Craig replied:

    Thirsties Sale!!

  17. Dana replied: THIRSTIES SALE! Just in time for me to order!

  18. debbie m replied:

    Thirsties will be on sale!! Love them!

  19. Jamie Kasprovitz replied:

    Thirsties will be on sale, and I will be buying some Duo Wraps!

  20. Melissa K replied:

    Thirsties will be on sale

  21. Rebecca M. replied:

    Thirsties will be on sale 🙂

  22. allison replied:

    Hooray for Thirsties! Seems like a good time to finally try out their wipes!

  23. Carla I. replied:

    Thirsties will go on sale this Sunday.

  24. Pamela Harp replied:


  25. Carrie replied:

    Thirsties on sale!

  26. Gina replied:


  27. Charlotte McConnell replied:
    Thirsties! I love their hemp insert!

  28. Amanda replied:


  29. Brandi Elam replied:


  30. Sarah G. replied:

    I have been looking everywhere, and I can’t find where it says anything about a sale on Sunday! Ahhh!

    But everyone seems to agree that it’s Thirsties, so they must know something I don’t. 😉

  31. Sarah J replied:

    After 3 years of exclusively cloth diapering, we are back to basics. I love prefolds and one of my favorite covers are duo wraps by Thirsties: I love their hemp too!

  32. Rebecca replied:
    Thirsties sale! Very excited!

  33. Megan Jacobsmeyer replied:

    Thirsties will be on sale! Everyone will be so happy =)

  34. Sabrina Dahl Radke replied:

    The brand I love! Thirsties!!

  35. bridgett zaidi replied:

    One of my fav covers, thirsties! These would be great to use over the pefolds 🙂

  36. Aubrey G replied:

    Thirsties will be 15% off

  37. Jodi J replied:

    It looks like Thirsties products are going on Sale!

  38. Theresa S. replied:

    Thirsties will be on sale this Sunday!

  39. susan m replied:

    Thirsties (impatient me bought a diaper last week and didn’t wait for the sale…had to get a hoot!)

  40. Sheila Oakley replied:

    Two week sale on Thirsties starting Sunday 9/11! Everything “Thirsties” will automatically be marked down 15%,

  41. Laura replied:

    It is a Thristies sale.

    I really hope I get a chance to try out some of the Thristies products I have purchased in prep. 9-11 is the EDD. 🙂

  42. Rachel replied:


  43. Ann replied:

    Thirsties! I’m going to be getting some of these as my boy is about ready to move up to size 2 duos!

  44. Amy Kramer replied:

    Thirsties sale

  45. Amanda O. replied:


  46. Ali replied:


  47. Jeniffer replied:

    Woohoo!! Thirsties will be on sale!

  48. PamEla replied:


  49. Lyna Jairam replied:

    Thirsties 🙂

  50. Marie replied:


  51. Amanda Alvarado replied:

    These will be on sale:

  52. Laotian Commotion replied:


  53. Maia G replied:

    I love Thirsties!

  54. Suzanne replied:

    Thirsties sale!

  55. betsy replied:


  56. Nicole replied:
    thirsties I have my eye on some goods =)

  57. Jenn M replied:

    Thirsties sale!

  58. Jen replied:

    Thirsties will be on sale

  59. Renee Winter replied:

    Thirsties sale!

  60. Jody Lewandowski replied:

    Thirsties – our favorite!

  61. Erlinda Palines replied:


  62. Sarah Hull replied:

    Thirsties! 🙂

  63. Stephanie G replied:

    Yay for Thirsties!

  64. Sarah Jane replied:

    I’ve been looking on your website for 15+ minutes but can’t find where it says a certain diaper will be on sale. So, I’m going to “cheat” and go with what others are saying. Thirsties will be on sale!! I’ll have to come back on Sunday or Monday to check it out. 😉 FYI: I LOVE prefolds. I prefer the basics, but have pockets and AIOs so my husband can change our daughter without a problem.

  65. Felicia R replied:

    Thirsties will be on sale!


  66. tubbytelly at gmail dot com replied:

    I could use some more 🙂

  67. coley R replied:


  68. Enas Farrell replied:


  69. Jenny Hull replied:

    Love Thirsties!

  70. Diane L replied:


  71. abbyslane replied:

    Vanessa, check your inbox!

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