diapering in the fall and winter

This week we are going to start chatting about some common fall and winter diapering issues, and how to prevent/fix them 🙂 The nice thing about the cooler weather, we see a dramatic decrease in our customer service emails about yeast. Yeast loves damp and hot, and the drier, cooler air really helps keep it away. But, we then see a resurgence of eczema issues. Over the years we have seen time and time again that babies and toddlers who struggle with yeast will often also struggle with eczema. This is why if you have had recurring yeast infections, it is a good idea to ask your pediatrician to prescribe an antifungal and an eczema cream, the combination can help keep things at bay and heal much more quickly. Skin compromised by eczema is an easy portal for fungus to thrive, so consider it if you are having to deal with yeast over and over again. Over the years, with our eczema cases, we honestly see it split down the middle if babies do better with stay dry or natural fibers. Half of them do better with natural fibers to prevent irritation and chafing, and the other half cannot be in wet fabric if even for a minute. If you have eczema experiment to see which helps your baby more. Moisture is your friend with eczema, so find a good moisturizer for your baby for between outbreaks to keep the skin from cracking and being more susceptible to further issues. You don’t need a daily steroid moisturizer, ask your pediatrician for a daily one that is risk-free to your baby. Over the years, too, we have found that customers who burn wood stoves with babies who have eczema benefit from humidifiers in their bedrooms and near the stove, to keep the air a little more moist from the dry heat.

Next week we will tackle the line drying challenge in winter 🙂


September 8, 2011. cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter.


  1. Meg M. replied:

    Ooh, can’t wait for next week’s topic!

    When it’s actually cold out we’re good, because our old radiators dry everything in the vicinity really quickly. It’s the fall and spring where we struggle—not cold enough for heat, but not warm enough to facilitate quick drying. This past week has been especially troublesome since it’s been raining for days without end. Our best solution so far has been an elaborate system of fans near the drying racks.

    I am definitely looking forward to everyone’s tips and tricks for cold weather drying!

  2. jamie replied:

    How do I wash my diapers after a yeast issue??

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