Traveling with cloth

Last week we discussed traveling with cloth and what to watch for with using commercial laundry facilities.

We received lots of questions, mostly related to temps and detergents. Your hotel sink and tub will likely be set to 120 degrees or lower, but even at 120 degrees it is very hot to hand wash, so you will likely be washing at lower temps than usual. Detergent should be easy to rinse out, if you are using powder I would mix it in with a cup of water first to dissolve it, then add it to the sink/tub. Again, multi layer diapers won’t fare as well with hand washing, so thick fitteds, dense hemp inserts and AIOs will be the hardest to hand wash. Cotton prefolds, flats, thin microfiber, covers, pocket shells and flannel will be the easiest. The flip disposable and Grovia disposable inserts are nice options (Flip is out of stock by the manufacturer until late Sept/October), to use in your covers, if you use Grovia in anything but the Grovia shells, don’t take the adhesive off as it is very strong and can damage your PUL covers. Each disposable insert is about the equivalent to one 3 layer microfiber insert in absorbency, so plan accordingly for your child’s needs. Let me know if you have any questions!


September 1, 2011. cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter.

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