Blog Friday August 26

One winner picked Sunday morning πŸ™‚
Link me to the newest and cutest Thirsties print coming next week!
The prize? Well, in honor of Irene who is headed our way tomorrow, let’s give away a prize pack of 3 Joey Bunz regular Hemp inserts (you choose sizes and thread colors), known for their max absorbency, so we may need them to clean up our flooded floors! This is a $16.00 prize value~


August 26, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Denise G. replied: So cute! I’m loving owls this season!!

  2. Kate C replied: Love them!!

  3. Katy replied: I love it!!!!

  4. Rosalie replied:

    SO cute!! I have to have one!

  5. Samantha Cuhel replied:

    So excited about this one πŸ™‚

  6. Carla I. replied:

  7. Lyna J replied: oohhh This is so cute!

  8. Tiffany replied:

    I love the Owls!

  9. Ashley replied: And very cute. πŸ™‚

  10. tubbytelly replied:

    I see owls everywhere πŸ™‚

    I could really use some hemp inserts!

  11. Andrea replied:

    I agree. These are ADORABLE, especially since DS lately has been running around going “hoo, hoo” pretending to be an owl!

  12. Gina replied:

    New print – Hoot!!

    Super cute!! πŸ™‚

  13. Casey Washington replied: I do love the owls! πŸ™‚

  14. ashley h replied:
    Love the new owls!

  15. Jamie replied:

    Love this Owls print!!

  16. Allison replied: cute!

  17. Susan M. replied:


  18. Melanie L replied:


  19. Courtney G replied:


    Ok, owls are cute and all…but why is everyone doing them all of a sudden?

  20. Suzanne D replied: Can I get a HOOT, HOOT?!

  21. Pam Harp replied:

    Hoot! You gotta scroll down a little to see it. πŸ™‚

  22. Aubrey G replied: New Hoot print, so cute!

  23. ashley m replied:

    Hoot! So cute.

  24. Jessie Hamblen replied:


    The new print is adorable!! Thirsties duos don’t fit my kids well, but I’m tempted to buy one anyway because it’s so cute lol Maybe they’ll fit at some point? πŸ˜‰

  25. Deann replied: hoot! Looks cute!

  26. Liz McCarthy replied:


    I love it!!!

    lizsamples at live dot com

  27. Amy Ashlock replied:
    Love em!

  28. Denielle replied:
    I love the colors in this print, very cute.

  29. Jena S replied: Love it! I don’t even use PUL and I want one!

  30. Maia G replied: I love thirsties!

  31. Amanda O. replied:

  32. Amy Craig replied: LOVE πŸ™‚

  33. April P replied:

    Hoots! So cute!!

  34. Vashti McMurray replied:

    The new print is adorable!

  35. Brittany B replied:
    So adorable!

  36. Carrie replied:

    What a hoot! ; )

  37. Charlotte replied:

    What a hoot!

  38. Theresa Fitzsimmons replied:

    I love owls!

  39. Kati Polman replied:

    so cute!

  40. Jenny Hull replied:

    It’s so cute…and gender neutral!

  41. Lucy replied:

    wise idea!! hope the store stays dry!

  42. JulieK replied:

    oh my goodness – owls are my fav!!

  43. Sarah J replied:

    Hoot! Hoot! πŸ™‚

  44. saph @ frugal wife blog replied:

    Ooh they finally came out with a new print!

  45. Jessica Rabbitt replied:
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Amber Genther-Gould replied:
    Love the hoot thirsties!

  47. Becky Knepp replied:

    Thanks again for all your giveaways!

  48. Lesley C. replied:

    Owls! How cute!

  49. Emily W replied:


  50. Ariana L replied:

    Love the new print, and could definitely use some hemp inserts!!

  51. Samantha Allen replied:

    Love the owls!
    smoo06 at yahoo dot com

  52. Laura B. replied:

    The new print is Hoot!

  53. Olivia replied:

    Cute little owls!

  54. Sarah replied:

    I’m glad they’re adding more prints!

  55. Vicki replied:

    Might have to try one!

  56. vanessa replied:

    Love those hemp inserts!

  57. Sabrina Radke replied:

    Oh how cute!

    Hemp is the best!

  58. Madeline replied:


    madelinemiller at gmail dot com

  59. Rachel Roberts replied:
    Love it!

  60. Nina Wang replied:
    ❀ the owl print!

  61. Lisa replied:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. Heather Riggs replied:
    The owls are adorable =)

  63. Becky replied:
    Love the owls!! Super cute!
    rahuss85 at gmail dot com

  64. April G replied:

    Super cute!!

  65. JLJMommy replied:

    Hoot! Love the name.
    ktiegen at yahoo dot com

  66. Megan replied: Hoot print! So cute!!!

  67. Jenn replied:


  68. Brooke Boyer replied: These are adorable!

    I really, really, really need the hemp inserts. Pick me! Pick me!

  69. Stephanie H replied:


  70. Carly VanDenBerg replied: love this!

  71. Nicole replied:
    I am going to need those owls in a size 2… since my baby boy out grew the size 1 at 3 months old….yup hes a chunker who loves his booby juice = )

  72. Allyson replied:

    size one for my new baby that should arrive this week!!

  73. Lindsey replied:

    Cute little owls…

    Just bought some hemp inserts from you, but with my daughter, I need more! Thanks for the chance!

  74. Meaghan replied:
    The new print Is hoot! It’s super cute! Would love to win some new inserts.

  75. Susan replied:

    Super cute: Hoot!

  76. Alison replied: Definitely the owls

  77. Sarah G. replied:

    Hoot is coming!

  78. allison replied:

    I like Hoot
    Cause it’s too cute!

  79. Meg M. replied:


    Oh my gosh, how adorable. I need to pick up a couple of new Thirsties covers, too! Definitely getting this print.

  80. Meghan V. replied:

    Here is the new print:

  81. Amy kramer replied:

    New hoot print sooooo cute

  82. Annie T. replied:

    Hoot –

  83. Kelly Brooks Clarke replied:

    Lovin the new print!!! Hoot, Hoot!!! My little boy who is do anyday now, would love it πŸ™‚

  84. Lauren replied:

    Very cute! πŸ™‚

  85. Tamara Sz replied:

    Love it!

    Thirsties does a great job with their prints!

  86. Jodi J replied:

    I hadn’t seen the new Hoot print before! So cute!!!

  87. Alyssa replied:

    Whooooo wants free hemp inserts?

  88. Sarah Jane replied:

    I’d LOVE some more hemp inserts. I find I have to use them more at night now.
    NOTE: I love Thirsties. They do a WONDERFUL job and this is the first I’ve seen the hoot print. SO CUTE.

  89. Jody Lewandowski replied:

    We’ve had really good luck with these wraps on my skinny legged son!

  90. Samantha Williams replied:

    LOVE owls! I love the Thirsties fit- I may have to order a couple of these!!!

  91. Felicia R replied:

    I love the new print!

  92. Carrie replied:
    I love Thirsites!

  93. Casey replied:

    Yay! πŸ™‚

  94. Ashlyn replied: Cute owls!

  95. Meredith E. replied:


  96. Maria D. @ Downright Domesticity replied:

    I’m not completely enthralled with the Owl print, but I’ll probably get it anyways because I love the way Thirsties fits! Hope you’re weathering the storm all right!

  97. Sarah Hull replied:

    What a Hoot!

  98. Katherine replied:
    I want on!

  99. abbyslane replied:

    Liz M, check your inbox for your winning email!

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