keep your cloth diapers looking great!

Last week we posted some how-to’s, this week we are going over some
tried and true tips for keeping those diapers looking great šŸ™‚

-Diapers with elastic, wait until they are cool to stretch/stuff them.
When you take your pocket diapers or stuffable AIOs out of the dryer, give
them a few minutes to cool off, stretching hot elastic will wear it out

-Laundry Tabs. If you have a tough agitation cycle on your washer (which
can actually help you get them clean easier), you may find your laundry tabs
on your aplix diapers have a hard time staying on. An easy fix, go to a
fabric store and buy a roll of velcro. Cut into 2 inch squares, separate
them so you have a dish full of the “loop” or softer side of the
velcro. Keep these tabs by your diaper pail, before tossing the diapers in
put a loop tab on your diapers, then wash and dry as usual. When you take
them out of the dryer, toss the tabs back in your dish, they will stay on
perfectly through the washer and dryer, and are about $2.00 to buy the roll.

-This really isn’t a “tip” per se, but rather the
Abby’s Lane opinion on “what is worse on diapers, washing them
frequently which wears them out or letting them sit longer and not washing
frequently”. Our opinion from our experience with our 4, and talking
to thousands of customers over the years, is that for best longevity of your
diapers, washing daily or every other day is best for them.
The longer they sit in ammonia and feces, the harder it can be to get them
clean, and usually involves using bleach or vinegar to do so, which is hard
on PUL and the elastic. Also, when you wash every 3-5 days, you have to have
twice as many diapers, so even in the worst case scenario (which we truly
have never seen happen), you are washing every other day and you wear them
all out in 18 months and have to buy a whole new set, you are at exactly the
same cost out as if you had bought double to wash twice as far apart. If you
soak your cleaning rags in pure ammonia you see what it does to them, urine
is hard on fabric when it sits (think cat urine on carpet), cleaning them
more often really does seem to make them last longer. Not using bleach,
vinegar, the sanitary cycle on your diapers, if you can hang things dry even
better, these things are what really can make a difference in longevity.

We wrote an article a little while ago about what to expect life-span wise from
your cloth diapers,
worth a read over when considering what to buy šŸ™‚

Let me know if you have any questions!


August 20, 2011. cloth diapers, Q & A.


  1. nicole replied:

    Any tips on getting stains out of microfleece? Ive tried laying them in the sun, but it hasn’t helped much:(

  2. Kris replied:

    I would love to read the life-span article but your link is broken šŸ™‚

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