Blog Friday Giveaway August 19th~

Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t believe I am doing this on time 🙂
You are playing for an orange snap little to big velour fitted by Little Beetle:

A $28.00 dollar value!
To enter, we need you to comment below with a hyperlink, I need the two most recent fitted lines added/to-be-added in our store. Hint, one is in and was highlighted last week, and one is coming next week due to popular request 🙂 Winner picked Sunday morning!


August 19, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Meg M. replied:

    EcoPosh is the new one (man, are these cute!)

    Blueberry OS Bamboo coming soon!

  2. Meng Tatel replied:

    Ecoposh last week and Blueberry next week!

  3. Breezy J. Moyer replied:

    Is this it?? Or do I need to hyperlinks? Do you want the hyper link to your site or this one? I really want to win one of your giveaways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sarah G. replied:

    Hmm, my first comment didn’t seem to go through…delete this one if it’s a duplicate.

  5. amy s replied:

    I think these are right!??? 🙂

  6. debbie m replied:

    Hope this is how you do it!

  7. Kristin B. replied:

    Blueberry bamboo fitteds (yay!)

    EcoPosh recycled fitteds (can’t wait to try!)

  8. Emily Hart Mcginnis replied:

    blueberry bambo one-size fitteds:

  9. Monica replied:

    I tried making a wordpress account (mamamcf) to enter the giveaway, but I think it got messed up somehow so I am entering this way, instead. Here are the two recent fitteds that were added!


  10. Samantha Cuhel replied:

    Blueberry fitteds:
    from blueberry:
    and your store:

  11. amy s replied:

    I didn’t see you said fitted lines! They are:

  12. Vanessa replied:

    For sale now:

    Coming soon to a CD store near you 🙂

  13. Kari Meeker replied:

    Well here is one, but I’m not sure if they’re to be in the same comment or not, so I’ll do it it two but feel free to count it as one entry!

  14. Kari Meeker replied:

    Here is the other one, and what I would probably buy with the gift card 😉

  15. Vashti McMurray replied:

    The fitted that i’m lusting over! Eco Posh

  16. Meng Tatel replied:

    Ecoposh fitteds last week and Blueberry fitteds next week!

  17. Enas Farrell replied:

    i believe u r asking for two ,right?
    I know one has to be eco posh
    and the other might be blueberry

  18. Alexis replied:
    Blueberry bamboo fitted

    Rumparooz Ecoposh fitted!

  19. Keisha V. replied:

    Here you go –


    The velour fitted Little Beetle would look adorable on my little ladybug! 🙂

  20. Cindy Lemken Blackburn replied:

    M<y great niece will look so cute in this !!!l

  21. Jodi J replied:

    I know the EcoPosh fitted line is new to the store:

    The Blueberry bamboo one-size fitteds are coming soon:

  22. Abby Borders replied:

    Blueberry Bamboo Fitted:

    EcoPosh Fitted:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  23. KSBR replied:

    EcoPosh is the new one size fitted:

    New in next week, Blueberry one size Bamboo fitteds:

  24. Pamela harp replied:

    I would love to try either of these!
    This week –
    Next week –

  25. Adrian B. replied:

    EcoPosh last week

    And Blueberry One-Size Bamboo Fitteds next week!

  26. Lesley W. replied:

    My guess is the blueberry bamboo fitteds (Love these for overnight!)

    and Rumparooz Ecoposh fitteds

  27. bigwind replied:

    EcoPosh last week:
    Blueberry coming next week (with cute prints!):

  28. Maria D. @ Downright Domesticity replied:

    Blueberry OS fitteds ( and EcoPosh! ( The LIttle Beetles also look super awesome; I’m hoping to use lots of wool longies this fall, so I need to stock up on fitteds!

  29. Gina replied:

    I thought I posted it, but now I don’t see it. If this is a duplicate, please delete! Sorry!


  30. Jessica Rabbitt replied:

    Eco Posh from Rump-a-rooz
    and Blueberry fitteds
    The Blueberry ones are super cute!

  31. Lindsey replied:

    Ahhh.. just bought the first one and can’t wait for it to arrive!

    Ecoposh Fitteds

    Next week…

    Blueberry One Size Bamboo Fitteds


  32. Maia G replied:

    These are the two new fitteds!

    mk_mitchell90 at hotmail dot com

  33. Felicia R replied:

    Eco Posh (these look so awesome!)

    Blueberry OS Bamboo


  34. Olivia replied:

    Their prints are so great!

    This must be one amazing fitted!

    And the prize looks like squishy goodness!!!

  35. Jessica W. replied:

    Eco Posh (I love these!)


    Blueberry OS Bamboo Fitted

  36. Roseanne Bunger replied:

    the Eco posh-

    and the Bamboo Fitteds by Blueberry-

    they both look so nice!!

  37. Erin Becker replied:

    Blueberry and EcoPosh by Rumparooz.

  38. Sarah J replied:

    I am dying to try both new fitteds! We love the fit of both rumparooz & blueberry coveralls, so surely I will love fitteds made by the same companies! 🙂

    Eco Posh:


  39. Cara replied:

    Super cute diaper! The new ones added recently were the Blueberry and Eco Posh.

  40. Becky Knepp replied:

    New one: EcoPosh

    Coming Soon: Blueberry OS Bamboo

  41. Tara E replied:

    Ecoposh Fitteds: and Blueberry One Size Bamboo Fitteds:

    thanks!! 🙂
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  42. Lyna J replied:

    Next week: Blueberry One Size Bamboo Fitteds

    Last week: EcoPosh One Size Recycled Fitteds

  43. Lucinda replied:

    New one is the super cool EcoPosh line…

    And up next is the very darling Blueberry fitteds…

  44. Carrie replied:

    The new one is EcoPosh:

    And coming next week is Blueberry bamboo:

  45. Ann replied:


    and EcoPosh:

    Keeping my fingers crossed I win this!!

  46. J Lenigan R Ashcraft replied:

    If it posted already, I am sorry. Please delete it. I just hit post comment and it didnt show up!

  47. Sarah Hull replied:

    The EcoPosh is the new one:


    The Blueberry OS Bamboo is coming soon!

  48. abbyslane replied:

    Meng T,, check your inbox for your win notice 🙂

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