How to get started with cloth diapering

This week we are going to discuss some “how do you do this?” questions we get frequently from families new to cloth 🙂 Sometimes the hardest things to overcome are the little daily steps to making cloth work for your family, so I am going to share a few tips over the years we have loved from our customers and that we have found works well.

-Where to put the diapers?
We see a lot of changing tables set up with the diapers and the pail is in the nursery,since spraying in the newborn stage isn’t always a must, this set up works well until the baby is older and you need to spray. Some will then just take the pail with them to the nearest bathroom and keep that area as is. My preference is to keep the diapers in the bathroom in the main floor of the house, with several children now that is where our time is spent even with a newborn, I have a cabinet mounted above our toilet that is big enough to stack my diapers in, and the doors keep it all concealed. Prior to this, I bought a really cheap “over the toilet” shelf rack similar to this (but not as expensive) that I put the diapers on. For years I kept my pail under the bathroom sink in the cabinet there, but now I keep it in my laundry room, for the diapers that need spraying I just grab the pail and go in there to chuck them in 🙂

In our previous home, we had a condo that the bathroom was SUPER tiny in. I did the same over the toilet rack, but instead of a pail I used a wet/dry bag I hung on a wreath hanger over the door.

Another question we get a lot is how to store diapers in between children? The best way is to put your clean diapers in a place where they aren’t exposed to temperature extremes. Temperature controlled basements or attics are fine, but if they are in a garage and winter cold and summer heat gets to them, the elastic will get brittle much faster.

What kind of pail to use?
The best/cheapest pail we have found over the years is a 13 gallon trash bin with a close top lid (not a swinging lid). You can get these at wal mart or target for around 10 dollars. The one I use I have had for about 8 years, and with the new baby due next month I am finally chucking it for a 13 gallon bin, only because almost every component on it now is broken and it is barely hanging together, but for 16 bucks I sure did get my moneys worth from diapering my 4 previous babies and 2 babies I had in at home day care with me in cloth!

Next week we will continue with some fun diapering tips to make things a little easier 🙂


August 11, 2011. cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter, Q & A.


  1. Nicole replied:

    we use a swing top lid. i heard it was good to expose the diaper to air. we have never had a smell issue. we wash every other day unless out of town then every 3rd day. i was just curious on why you would say not to use the swing top?

  2. abbyslane replied:

    Diapers are exposed to air even with a close top lid, you are opening it every few hours if not sooner, and unless you have a vacuum seal on it it will have air flow 🙂
    A swing top lid is more prone to odors escaping, especially with older babies and toddlers, and more prone to flies getting in/maggot issues (to be direct-LOL)

  3. Nicole replied:

    good to know. I will keep an eye out for that with my son. I did not have any problems with my daughter, but you never know.
    thank you

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