Ergo baby carrier

-This week we are going to chat a little about Ergo in our BabyWearing series. Ergo now has 4 different carriers in their line, and we do carry all of them 🙂
-Originals: These are the galaxy grey, the black/camel, camel/camel, the cotton carriers with the pocket in the front. These carriers can be used with a newborn, you will need the infant insert until your baby has good head control, and while it isn’t as “hand’s free” as a wrap for a newborn, it is a very “cool” way to wear your baby in the summer months if you don’t mind keeping a close hand by to steady the baby in the carrier. This is what we call a daddy favorite, Ergos are two clicks to put on, no wrapping needed. There is a pocket in front with a zipper, perfect size for a small wallet, keys and a pacifier for easy traveling.
-Performance: These have a slightly longer torso, mesh constructions and lightly padded straps. Very breatheable, lighter to wear, with a pocket and other features mentioned above.
-Organics: Same as the originals, just made with Organic cotton and other prints and colors
-Sport: My personal favorite, no pocket in the front but a cut out where the baby’s back would be, more breatheability, very light to wear, slightly longer torso than the originals.

The infant insert can be used with all 4 designs, and this carrier just can’t be beat for back support. Easily goes to 40 pounds, and you can do a back carry and front carry in them. They do advertise a hip carry, but personally it is awkward and not comfortable for wearer or baby, so we don’t like to promote it 😉
We do offer a 30 day trial on all Ergos, you can read about it here:
Wash and wear any one of the 4 types of carriers for 30 days, for any reason you don’t love it, we will take it back for a full product refund.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


June 5, 2011. Baby Wearing.


  1. salm76 replied:

    I am so glad you made the comment about the hip carry…I have tried it over the past month, and I can never get it to work right! She always slides half way to the front, so I end up with a contorted front carry…I thought it was just me!!

  2. Brandi Elam replied:

    Oh, what a great program! I have been wanting an Ergo, but since they are so expensive I wanted to make sure I loved it before I invested that kind of money. I was afraid to buy one without knowing how I’d like it. Now, I’m torn between the Sport and the Performance. I usually use a sling, but baby boy is getting bigger and I am needing more support. But I’m in the south and it’s HOT here. So I’m looking for a carrier that will provide support but will also not be too hot to wear. Which is better for that -sport or performance? Thanks!

  3. Ergo First Blog replied:

    Ergo Baby Carriers Hip…

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