Baby Hawk Oh Snap Carrier

This week we will discuss the BabyHawk Oh Snap carrier. This is a soft structured carrier, made for front or back carry. I saw these a few years ago at a trade show in Vegas, and fell in love with the design. It is a “wider” carrier than Beco, Ergo and Boba. If you have a larger toddler, this is the carrier you will love. On the flip side, if you are a tiny build with a tiny baby, you may feel lost in it. Honestly, I am very comfortable wearing my 16 month old in it, and I am 22 weeks pregnant, it is that wide of a fit around my big belly. The designs are very cute and chic, and the adjustability of the snaps is very nice, you can slide the chest strap (or back strap if you have it as a front carry) all the way up or down the carrier, so you can put it high or low if you prefer.


May 28, 2011. Baby Wearing.

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  1. Leah Liang replied:

    Great giveaway:-)

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