Drive to 500 Blog Shopping Spree!

We are excited to get to 500 active Blog subscribers 🙂 Here is how this works, as of today we sit at 274 subscribers, when we hit 500 who love our blog, we will be giving away a shopping spree of:
-4 one size pockets of your choice
-4 fitteds and 2 covers of your choice
-one diaper sprayer, white Sigma brand
-one medium wet bag, you choose brand and print
-2 pail liners, you choose brand and color

We will watch the tallies, promote and join today! When we hit 500, we will pick one random name from our subscription list 🙂


May 26, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. KatieYoung replied:

    Wow!!! This is an AWESOME giveaway!

  2. Jamie replied:

    I know this is a great giveaway!!!

  3. Natalie replied:


  4. Natalie replied:

    AWESOME giveaway!

  5. Lacey replied:

    YAY! I never win anything..Maybe its my lucky day!!

  6. Kara Figueroa replied:

    AWESOME!!! I will be inviting my friends!!!

  7. Kara Figueroa replied:

    Sorry…is this 500 email subscribers to the blog? Or is there a different subscription that I am not aware of? 🙂


    • Rose replied:

      Yep to the blog – use the little box to your right (in the sidebar) that says “blog subscriptions” if you’re not already subscribed. 🙂

      • lydia replied:

        do you mean “email subscription”?

  8. Liliana Montemayor replied:

    I never win anything…lets see if Max and I get lucky this time ;=)

  9. Megan Johnson replied:

    This is a FANTASTIC giveaway! I never win anything like other commenters have said but I’ll be hoping 🙂

  10. Nicole replied:

    That is one amazing giveaway!

  11. Ariana L replied:

    how awesome! how did i not know about subscribing to the blog?? hope you reach 500 fast!

  12. Brooke Schwaderer replied:

    awesome. Thanks for the chance

  13. Tori replied:


  14. Pamm replied:

    How did I miss that you had a blog?!?!

  15. Samantha Cuhel replied:

    What a great giveaway!

  16. Elizabeth Garrett replied:

    Hooray – just signed up for the blog. Thanks Abby’s Lane!

  17. Melanie L replied:

    You have the best giveaways! 🙂

  18. Laura B. replied:

    Yay! Hope you hit 500 soon!

  19. Jenny replied:


  20. BrassyDel replied:

    Only email subscribers? So us RSS subscribers don’t qualify? 😦

  21. Mama Chocolate (Johanna C.) replied:

    Woo hoo! Awesome giveaway! I’ve wanted a diaper sprayer especially for a long time!
    I just subscribed!

  22. Erin Robinson replied:

    Fun! I’m a subscriber now! 😀

  23. Alisha replied:


  24. Tiffany replied:


  25. Samantha Allen replied:

    Oh I would LOVE a diaper sprayer! (And of course all the other goodies too!)
    I’m a new subscriber…hope you hit 500 soon!

  26. Elizabeth replied:

    What a fabulous giveaway!

  27. Barbara M. replied:

    You ROCK!

  28. Michelle replied:

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for your generosity!

  29. shandy patrick replied:

    well I did enter my email address to subscribe to this blog, but the email I got wasn’t readable. All the words were on top of each other so I couldnt confirm my subscription. Is this ok? thanks!

  30. Mrs. Skelton replied:

    I just subscribed!!! 🙂 I hope I win! 😀

  31. Stacie L replied:

    Awesome giveaway! I REALLY hope I am picked for this one!!!

  32. Danielle replied:

    Love you site, this is a great offer…

  33. Sherry W replied:

    This is fantastic! Can not wait 🙂

  34. Lori replied:

    This would rock! After 2.5 yr. our BGOS are giving out. It was a good run!!

  35. Jennifer replied:

    Fantastic giveaway!

  36. Cathy M. replied:

    Wow. This is fantastic. Great giveaway

  37. Meghan Floirendo replied:

    Awesome giveaway!

  38. Leah Liang replied:

    This is great.

  39. Dee replied:

    How generous! I ❤ diaper giveaways! 🙂

  40. april lalumiere replied:

    very cool!

  41. Carrie replied:

    Such a generous offer! You are a wonderful asset to the cloth diapering community, and cloth diapering curious.

  42. Jeni replied:

    Awesome giveaway!

  43. Chany replied:

    What a fantastic giveaway!

  44. Kristi replied:

    What an awesome giveaway idea! I think I just subscribed; I added my email address to the subscription link. Is that where I needed to put it? 🙂

  45. Erin replied:

    Awesome giveaway! Here’s hoping!!:)

  46. Katelynne replied:

    Yay! Thanks!

  47. Allison R. replied:

    This would be a FABULOUS giveaway to win!

  48. Donna Jenkins replied:

    Awesome giveaway! Fx!!

  49. myclonesinaction replied:


  50. Kayla P replied:

    so wonderful of you guys to do these giveaways.

  51. Brittany replied:

    Your giveaways are the best!

  52. Leslie replied:

    So excited!

  53. Jessica G. replied:

    i heart shopping sprees!

  54. markatieKatie Henderson replied:

    Awesome giveaway!

  55. Meaghan replied:

    Awesome guveaway

  56. Brittany replied:

    A very generous giveaway!

  57. tiffanyplus3 replied:

    Awesome, would love to win!

  58. Rebecca replied:

    Yay for anothe giveaway!

  59. elizabeth copeland replied:


  60. Kate replied:


  61. Heidi F replied:

    Amazing & generous! THank you 🙂

  62. abbyslane replied:

    Our winner has been emailed and will be shopping soon, thanks everyone!

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