wearing your baby

We are continuing with our babywearing chatter. This week we are going over Girasol wraps. Now, very soon we will have a Girasol rental/trial period program. We will have a designated “rental” Girasol, you pay full price, but if you don’t love it, return it within 30 days for a full refund, you just pay to ship it back to us. Woven wraps are an investment and many can be unsure, this let’s you test drive one to see how it fits/works for you, before making your final decision.
Girasols are woven wraps, unlike Moby wraps that have a good deal of stretch, woven wraps will have a very slight stretch, and are loved for their support and strength for babies and toddlers. I love my Moby for newborns, but around the 3-4 month mark my shoulders and neck start to really feel the burn. Wovens don’t have that effect, without the stretch they provide back and neck support, and literally hundreds of ways to wear your baby securely on your hip, front and back.
Many babywearing groups have local chapters that can work with you on wearing your Girasol, and we are working on a photo array to demonstrate how you can wear some basic holds. We recently had a babywearing class at our store, and I learned a great deal about these, including the fact you can safely wear over 100 pounds in one, so this holiday season when you are tired of walking the mall, ask your partner to back wear you to give it a try 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone! We picked our two blog winners for our most recent $50.00 voucher giveaways, if you haven’t joined us on facebook now is a great time, we will give away two more at the 1500 fan mark.


May 14, 2011. Baby Wearing.

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