prepping & stripping diapers

I am going to do a little PSA about stripping/prepping. I thought the “dishwasher” method had died out, but I see it coming back now in forums and our customer emails. Never, ever, ever, ever (repeat 40 times) put your diapers in the dishwasher to prep or strip. Also, there is really no need to ever boil anything anymore.

The dishwasher is too hot for your diapers, in addition to voiding warranties,frying elastic, melting aplix and melting snaps, and catching things on fire (like your house), it is overkill and not needed. If your diaper falls onto the heating element it will catch on fire, and it will spread beyond your machine. IF you are intent on boiling something, it cannot have snaps, velcro or elastic. ONLY on 100% fabric items. BUT, please reconsider boiling, a small hot wash cycle will prep your items just fine without you having fabric on your stove. You can also prep new natural fibers in your household laundry, it will work!


May 12, 2011. cloth diapers, Wash routines.


  1. Jamie replied:

    I have a question: When I strip mine they smell like bleach even after a few extra washes. Anything that works just as good as dawn and bleach but still strips the funk away???

  2. abbyslane replied:

    Bleach is strong so it will likely still smell, if it is too strong for your liking, after bleaching wash them with detergent 🙂

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