This week we are going to start a little Babywearing series, each week I will take a carrier and do a little blurb on it, starting this week with the Moby Wrap 🙂
There are two carriers I absolutely adore for a newborn, one is the Hotsling pouch (which is now discontinued), the other is the Moby Wrap. Since the big sling recall about two years ago, many pouches are harder to find, so I am going to focus on the Moby Wrap for newborn wearing. The Moby is a stretch wrap, so the fabric will have a great deal of “give” to it. We find many customers are intimidated by how to wrap it, but really if you can do a cloth diaper, I promise you can do a Moby! One of those “do it twice and you have got it” wraps, detailed instructions can be found here.

It is an easy one for newborns because you can tie it on without the baby in it, then slide the baby into place while spreading the wrap around their body. It truly is a hands-free carrier, even with the newest of babies, and nursing can be done very discreetly with the amount of material you have to play with. Very easy for babies to sleep comfortably and safely, you always have full view of their face and chin. For the price point I think it is a terrific carrier for all newborns, and a great gift to give at a shower 🙂 Another feature I loved, the fabric is very lightweight and soft, when using it outside or out of the house, it makes a great blanket to lie the baby down on, or to cover the baby once they are asleep, you always have a handy cotton blanket with you. I like the Moby Wrap until the 3-4 month mark, around 15-17 pounds or so, when I will move onto a different carrier. Next week we will chat the Girasol woven wrap.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, my wishes for you to sleep in and wake up to lots of sloppy kisses and hugs from chubby little arms. If this is your first Mother’s Day, congratulations! I love this holiday, my kids always think of hilarious things to “thank” me for ( one year my second daughter thanked me for having stretch marks on my belly that let her grow to be a big girl inside my tummy-LOL), and enjoy the sale, lots of goodies for a great price 🙂


May 7, 2011. Baby Wearing.

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    […] are continuing with our babywearing chatter. This week we are going over Girasol wraps. Now, very soon we will have a Girasol rental/trial […]

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