Is cloth diapering hard?

Nice post over on Everything Cloth about debunking the myths behind how difficult it is to use cloth diapers. At Abby’s Lane I believe we’ve also covered many, many concerns on our Cloth Diapering 101 page.

I started cloth diapering when my oldest was almost 2. Other mothers from my mothers group were using cloth. I was shocked. But I started using them, and really loved them (and that’s also how I discovered Abby’s Lane!). My baby potty trained quickly, but luckily number 2 had arrived, and she used 100% cloth, exclusively, day, night, and out and about until she toilet trained.

Because of a variety of influences I ended up going back to disposables for baby number three.

By baby number four, I am down to one in diapers, and I am back in cloth. Because here’s the thing- diapers are freaking EXPENSIVE. My baby is turning 2 in about 6 weeks and I would venture to say that he is nowhere near toilet training (my oldest girls trained by 2. My third, rarely in cloth, didn’t toilet train until close to 3.5. Coincidence? I am not so sure). Anyway, baby is big, thus the diaper size is big, thus the quantity of diapers/package is small. And, since money doesn’t grow on trees (more’s the pity) he is back in cloth. I had actually forgotten how easy it really is, how cute they really are, and my only regret is that I didn’t put him in cloth much earlier into his babyhood.

What myths would you like to bust about cloth diapering? Is it the sheer wonder at the fact that our ancestors would have CHEERED at the idea of not washing diapers? Is it the thought of one more chore? Or do people just not even KNOW about the options available?


April 13, 2011. cloth diapers, FAQ, Posted by Rose, Q & A.


  1. Amy T replied:

    I don’t think that cloth diapering is hard. You have a lot of extra laundry to do, but it is not the same time consuming task as doing laundry that requires folding an such. (Plus, it is kind of strange, but I almost look forward to stuffing the clean dipes.) The only part of cding that have been hard for us is the constant battle with ammonia (despite reading all your posts about washing.) We finally just stopped trying to nighttime CD because it seems to activate/aggravate baby’s eczema that he gets on his bum. Despite those struggles I don’t think CDing is hard. It is actually very fulfilling to know that you are saving the earth from that many diapers that would otherwise end up in landfills. Saving a thousand bucks isn’t bad either.

  2. Adam replied:

    I think it’s just ignorance.

    When we contacted the Mother’s Day Out program that our son is now enrolled in they said they didn’t do cloth diapers. When I went by to drop off the application I showed them how easy they were and they promptly agreed to do it. They were still envisioning the piece of fabric and a safety pin, which you can still do but we don’t.

    As for the laundry, it really doesn’t take that long (you put them in, turn the dial and pull), or at the very least it takes an equal amount of time as going to the store and buying them.

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