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Okay…how about those of you who are still enjoying winter? What do you want to savor before warm weather returns?

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February 4, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Jaime Nicholson replied:

    using my fireplace

  2. Jess replied:

    Hot chocolate!

  3. L. replied:

    I want to go sledding!

  4. Heidi K replied:

    The hot chocolate!

  5. Crystal replied:

    snowmobile rides!!

  6. MamaB replied:

    snuggling inside with my family, nothing better… besides making memories outside of course!

  7. Kimberlie replied:

    hot cocoa!

  8. Rebecca replied:

    My 2-year-old’s happiness whenever we “make a frosty!” (make a snowman)

  9. kelly M replied:


  10. Lindsey replied:

    Snuggling with my babe!

  11. Kristin replied:

    Not having to wear a bathing suit!

  12. Chany Jackson replied:

    I want to savor some more hot chocolate before it warms up!

  13. Amy ashlock replied:

    Bundling up and relaxing

  14. Miranda replied:

    Hot chocolate and watching the kiddos play in the snow

  15. Jessica G. replied:

    maybe one more snow day at home with the family and hot chocolate:)

  16. Jessica Roberson replied:

    I live in FL, so I want to savor the beautiful “winter” before it’s 100 degrees again πŸ™‚

  17. Laura replied:

    I love snow days and having no choice but to stay home with my husband and 4 boys.

  18. Katie Adams replied:

    Starbucks Cafe Mocha w/ an extra shot of espresso! Don’t like to drink hot coffee during the summer/spring seasons

  19. Amber Eaton replied:

    The hot tub!! Love it in the winter.

  20. Jackie Ziegler replied:

    Nights by the fire and waking up to snow (I’m from Florida so this is still super exciting!)

  21. Jenn replied:

    Snow Days from work!! πŸ™‚ (I love working at a school!!!)

    jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

  22. Sarah G. replied:

    Cozy sweaters and warm soups!

  23. kayla p replied:

    snowmen. that is if we have no more ice.

  24. Elisha replied:

    Either watching the snow fall outside while INSIDE my house, or just the crispness to the air.

  25. Amber Searle replied:

    Go skiing!

  26. Jennifer L replied:

    hot tea!! Lots and lots of it πŸ˜‰

  27. Holly in Virginia replied:

    DS and I have hot chocolate when we come in from the playground. It’s a nice cozy time for us, right before nap time.

  28. Lisa Pickens replied:

    Watching my boys play in the snow.

  29. Michelle replied:


  30. Kate C replied:

    My Fireplace πŸ™‚

  31. Kara C. replied:

    The new winter jacket my hubby got me for Christmas!

  32. Carrie replied:

    Watching the little one encounter snow for the first time.

  33. brian Z replied:

    birthday celebrations

  34. Rosalie A. replied:

    My daughter’s red rosy cheeks when she comes in from playing in the snow and asks for hot chocoloate

  35. Aimee replied:

    Hot chocolate and the electric blanket.

  36. Jennifer Ratza replied:

    Time for crafting, enjoying the fireplace and baking!

  37. Rachel Roberts replied:

    Wearing cute winter clothes!!

  38. Christy replied:

    I do enjoy being snowed in and wearing snuggly pjs all day. πŸ˜‰

  39. Carrie Warner replied:

    To enjoy my fireplace when it is peace and quiet!

  40. Laura B. replied:

    Tea in the afternoons and cuddling with blankets and babies.

  41. Sarah A replied:

    I love everything about winter! I haven’t been somewhere cold for the past few years, so our 6+ feet of Vermont snow have been good to me! πŸ™‚

  42. Nikki replied:

    If it’s too cold for walks, I would love some more snow to play in πŸ™‚ ngiraldi @ gmail . com

  43. Jessica replied:

    sledding w/ the kids! warm sweaters! toasty fires! πŸ˜€

  44. Adrian B replied:

    Snuggling with my family!

  45. Sara replied:

    snuggley sweat pants!

  46. Emily replied:

    Hot chocolate, a comfy blanket, and a good book. It just means more when it’s freezing outside.

  47. Amanda Schwoch replied:

    hot chocolate and sledding

  48. EmilyER replied:

    hot chocolate πŸ™‚

  49. Hillary Wenrich replied:

    I still need to go up north and go sledding with my daughter for the first time!!

  50. Sarah Mall-Pavich replied:

    Gas Station Cappucinno!

  51. Amanda Fisher replied:

    Warm blankets to snuggle with the baby while sipping a nice hot cup of Earl Grey.

  52. Sarah J replied:

    I’d like to get out in the snow with my little baby girl and let her experience it’s wet, cold fun! She just has to FINALLY get over all the colds she’s been having first!

  53. Pamela replied:


  54. Maria replied:

    Ermm…do I have to enjoy winter to enter this? The only thing I like abotu winter is warm clothes, LOL.

  55. Rebecca M. replied:

    Snow days with the kiddos.

  56. Tara replied:

    Well, I’m in FL – so enjoying being outside without sweating!

  57. Stephanie Gaffney replied:

    having my husband home more often due to snow days!

  58. Meg replied:

    I am savoring the nights cuddling by the fireplace with my hubby

  59. amanda trach replied:

    The last few weeks of being pregnant.

  60. Rachel K replied:

    Don’t love winter but I do enjoy hot chocolate and time at night for movies with the hubby :).

  61. Phillip replied:

    taking the kids sledding

  62. Brooke Tobey replied:

    The only thing good about this winter will be welcoming our baby girl in a couple weeks.

  63. Jaime replied:

    Hot cocoa!

  64. Jennifer Sherman replied:

    Cuddling up by the fire

  65. kristen huss replied:

    how adorable it is to watch my 17 month old walk through the snow! Next year she will be so much bigger and it won’t be the same!

  66. Stephanie H. replied:

    I’d love to see my daughter play in the snow once more (if we get any more) before spring. She’s so cute bundled up in her coat.

  67. Matt Sherman replied:


  68. Sabrina Radke replied:

    Hot chocolate, sleeping in on snow days when my kids and husband (he works for the school district) are home for the day!

  69. Lori Page replied:

    Making snowmen with the kids.

  70. Rebecca S. replied:

    Snow days snuggling with my kids!

  71. Val replied:

    Fresh, cool air at night

  72. Jennifer Allison replied:

    Hot chocolate in my favorite mug while cuddled up on the couch watching a movie after DS is in bed ❀

  73. Heather T replied:

    hot chocolate with mint whipped cream πŸ™‚

  74. Debbie M replied:

    cuddling by the fire with my family.

  75. Tracy replied:

    Fuzzy pajamas! And I need to have some hot chocolate before it gets too warm!

  76. Adrian replied:


  77. lindsey yost replied:

    The fire place! I do love to have it on while I nurse the youngest.

  78. Misty Brammer replied:

    We love ice skating and hot chocolate and cuddles with a warm blankie.

  79. Leah replied:

    I have to admit….I do love the snow. It’s so beautiful!

  80. Catherine Brown replied:

    I want a good enough snow day for my husband to have to stay home with us for the day, including playing in the snow, hot chocolate and baby cuddling. We missed the earlier ones because we were both sick for over a month with 5th disease (don’t get it as an adult- TERRIBLE).

  81. Mama Swears replied:

    I need a good 3-5 inches of snow first!

  82. Amanda Stallman replied:

    Cuddling my babe on the couch with a blankie and her daddy

  83. Kelli replied:

    Sure, hot chocolate, that sounds good. I’m done with winter πŸ˜‰

  84. Rachel Hockey replied:

    I love winter weather food – comfort soups, chili, stews, mmmm…

  85. Missy Davenport replied:

    watching my children play in the snow!!!!I could stand and watch them for hours .It is also fun to watch our German Shorthair Pointer Muffin bound and leap thru the white fluff when she is light colored herself.

  86. Mike Mo replied:

    playing in the snow and making snowballs to throw at each other

  87. Maria replied:

    Seems I’m not alone…hot chocolate!

  88. Janelle replied:

    I love how pretty the white snow is and I’d like to build a snowman with my son

  89. Gina Staub replied:

    Hot soups on these cold winter days! πŸ™‚

  90. Dorsha replied:

    My sons face everytime he gets to play in the snow.. and his rosey red cheeks when he comes in for hot chocolate ~Okay WARM chocolate~

  91. Sarah Hull replied:

    I love having a fire in the fireplace and making hearty soups for dinner. I also adore putting beanies on my son! I need to get as much beanie wearing in as I can before the warm summer-y rays make me pull out shorts!

  92. Meredith replied:

    snow! i love the big snows!

  93. Kayla Hurley Wetzel replied:

    hot chocolate and watching the snow fall.

  94. Amanda O. replied:

    Long pants and sweaters

  95. Jenny H replied:

    Yummy hot chocolate!

  96. Adam replied:

    Lower electricity bills- no A/C blasting in the Texas summers

  97. Tricia replied:

    Building a snowman with my little girl….we were both under the weather after the snow storm and power outage!

  98. Laura replied:

    Hot Caramel apple cider πŸ™‚

  99. Lei V replied:

    I really want to go snowboarding. Haven’t gone since I was preggo. Maybe I can stick the LO in the carrier on my back and go…. hahaha

  100. Masina replied:

    Some more snow! (:

  101. Jeni H replied:

    I would like one more snow day for the kids.

  102. Jennifer Laurin replied:

    I wouldnt mind it if it wasnt dark at 5 for most of winter, yuck.

  103. Becca replied:

    Snow days! No work equals more time with family πŸ™‚

  104. sarah j replied:

    I don’t mind the snow, but I could do without the negative temps, ice & the arctic winds!

  105. Darcy replied:

    snuggling up under a blanket & drinking hot cocoa

  106. Peter replied:

    Not sweating as much

  107. Kristin M. replied:

    a big cup of coffee to start the morning

  108. BobbieG replied:

    hot cocoa and a fire in the fireplace after playing in the snow!

  109. Heidi J replied:

    Not shaving my legs. πŸ˜‰

  110. Stephanie replied:

    Living in Florida it goes from winter cool to blazing hot in a flash so I love to savor this cool weather when we can open the windows and doors and not run the air conditioner!

  111. Kelli T replied:

    My fireplace. I just love how cozy it makes the living room!

  112. Jason replied:

    Taking my son to play in the snow

  113. Danielle Bell replied:

    I want to snuggle up by a fire and read a book while it snows outside!

  114. Lindsay J replied:

    I really want to take my 3 yr old son sledding. We bought him a sled last year and we used it just Once! Now he’s even older and he’d enjoy it even more than last year but we’ve been too busy or it’s been to freezing cold to do it – really want to try to do it this weekend!

  115. Jessie H replied:

    Hot Chocolate and not having to shave my legs as often…it’s harder with a pregnant belly in the way lol

  116. Carli replied:

    Hot coffee, tea, and chocolate! Or curling up with a blanket and a good book with something warm to drink!

  117. Jessica Rabbitt replied:

    My daughter playing in the snow!

  118. Kim replied:

    Humid-free weather!

  119. cindi replied:

    more SNOW loved taking 5 hours to go 11 miles

  120. fencilar replied:

    More snuggley time to warm up with hubby!

  121. Misty Pavlovich replied:

    Snuggling under the warm blankets with my three kids early in the morning πŸ™‚

  122. Jennifer replied:

    The mild winter of our current city before we move – next year’s winter location is going to shock our system.

  123. Kari replied:

    Scarves. I can never make the scarf + tank top look work here in the south.

  124. Sara T. replied:

    not having to put up with the sweltering D.C. summer heat! I hate sweating if I’m not working out!

  125. Lauren replied:

    Cuddling up with the family in a warm blanket.

  126. Stef replied:

    Looking at pretty snow covered trees!

  127. Jenny replied:

    Sitting on the couch, snuggling under a blanket with my kiddos

  128. Brittany B replied:

    I’m savoring no humidity and 70 degree weather πŸ™‚

  129. Alisha L. replied:

    I’d like to saver it not being so OMG hot…just a bit warmer would be better then this though πŸ™‚

    bakergurl02 @

  130. Brandi replied:

    I do love freshly fallen snow

  131. Chris replied:

    I would love to see more snow

  132. Megan replied:

    I want to enjoy soups, stews, chili, and baking before the warm weather returns. We tend to skip spring and go straight to summer.

  133. Sara G. replied:

    I love crazy amounts of snow!!

  134. Chris roberts replied:

    Enjoying the beautiful snow!

  135. Cara replied:

    I want to enjoy the snow and all the fun winter sports before it is over.

  136. Karen replied:

    I would like to savor the time my brother has been with us. He leaves on Feb.10th to go back to India.

  137. Jessica Lister replied:

    I want to savor the season for straight hair! Once the humidity gets here it doesn’t do good things for straight hair.

  138. Chrissy P replied:

    Snuggling with my baby girl in front of the fire!

  139. Jamie replied:

    Playing with the kids in the snow!

  140. sarah shult replied:

    sledding & snow angels

  141. Tami Brewer replied:

    Cup of hot coffee while relaxing in front of the fire. After the kids are in bed!!

  142. KC replied:

    snow days!

  143. ashley h replied:

    hmm I am ready for spring, but I like be under the warm blankets.

  144. Sarah W replied:

    The smell of snow in the air!

  145. Corban replied:

    not being hot!

  146. Andrea replied:

    Maybe another snow day?

  147. Patricia Hinson replied:

    Florida resident here but we love winter for all the extra family time we get! πŸ™‚

  148. Aubrey G replied:

    I’m ready for winter to be over, but need to finish painting our new house before summer comes and yard work begins! I’m savoring our new house!

  149. Andria replied:

    wearing more sexy mama boots!

  150. Cynthia Hegarty replied:

    It not being 110 degrees in az

  151. Van replied:

    I love the winter

  152. Mary replied:

    big snuggly sweaters!

  153. Bridgett Zaidi replied:

    cute boots!!

  154. stampedwithgrace replied:

    hot chocolate πŸ™‚

  155. amanda alvarado replied:

    Hot chocolate and snuggling under the covers in bed!

  156. Rachel Leslie replied:

    I really want it to snow once! haha Im from So Cal, now living in FL. It could happen

  157. Brandi Elam replied:

    Nothing! I want the cold to go away!! Especially all the snow and ice!

  158. Ash replied:

    a nice dinner with my family would be nice.

  159. Hwannie replied:

    hot chocolate.

  160. Tammy Roby replied:

    I am enjoying my fireplace, but I am ready for spring. Especially since we aren’t really equipped to handle the cold weather in the southwest…

  161. Ariana replied:

    Being inside warm and cozy on cold days.

  162. Tiffany W. replied:

    hot cocoa with marshmellows!

  163. Laura Dunne replied:

    My daughter loves playing in the snow…so cute!

  164. Tara replied:

    nothing… i don’t enjoy winter (sadly)

  165. Alisha S replied:

    I love winter clothes…. and hiding all that summer reveals:)

  166. Liz replied:

    Watching the snow fall! It’s the only part I like.

  167. Anna replied:

    Panera’s Creamy Tomato soup and Starbuck’s Caramel Apple Cider!

  168. Amy T replied:

    Umm, well if it keeps being frigid with no snow, I’m not enjoying this season enough to not be ready to say so long.

  169. Chelsey replied:

    Comfort food for sure. I love soups and stews and such. πŸ™‚

  170. Rebecca L replied:

    nice soup/ chili– or a coffee from my new Tassimo

  171. Jaime replied:

    hot caramel apple cider…. though I am ready to be rid of this cold!!!

  172. Kari M replied:

    my new snow pants hubby got me! and making warm hearty soups while the family all hangs out together in the kitchen ❀

  173. One Southern Girl replied:

    I agree with Heidi K., the hot chocolate! Yum!

  174. Joel replied:

    The chill in the air

  175. Kristy D replied:

    Sweat-free weather πŸ™‚ and footie pjs for the little ones

  176. Brian replied:

    I’m in Florida…i’m savoring everything before it gets hot and humid.

  177. Heather R. replied:

    I love winter now that we are in the Puget Sound and rarely get any snow.

  178. Meg replied:

    lounging around on snow days (which we’ve had a lot of this year!)

  179. Sarah R replied:

    Not shaving my legs, lol!!!

  180. Nicole replied:

    I’d like to get a few more snows if only to get use out of the snowsuits and boots I bought my girls!

  181. Toni George replied:

    Nada! Bring on spring!

  182. Mike Brown replied:

    Not being hot.

  183. Theresa G replied:

    I’d like to get some good packing snow so we can build one more snow fort or go sledding again before it’s all gone.

  184. Melissa Speegle replied:

    Hot chocolate!

  185. Janessa Solem replied:

    I really hate winter–I guess I can savor wearing sweaters. πŸ˜‰

  186. Nicole replied:

    I would love to get some pictures of my daughter out in the snow this winter. Last year i was out there all the time with her but being 8 months pregnant makes things a bit more complicated this year.

  187. Amy replied:

    Hot chocolate and soup!

  188. Barb Myers replied:

    Wearing jeans and sweatshirts.

    barb02_84 at

  189. Michael replied:

    All my little girl’s snuggly sweaters!

  190. Ryan K replied:

    not being so hot

  191. jolie newman replied:

    wearing sweaters and ugg boots!

  192. Chelsea replied:

    Homemade hot chocolate πŸ™‚

  193. melannie replied:

    Hot chocolate πŸ™‚

  194. bertille1914 replied:

    hot chocolate and cozy blankets!

  195. Karin replied:

    My fleecy pajama pants and sleeping under 5 quilts at night. πŸ™‚

  196. Rachel S. replied:


  197. Heath S. replied:

    Drinking hot chocolate with my wife. πŸ™‚

  198. Carrie replied:

    An excuse to drink hot chocolate. πŸ™‚

  199. Nikki Seesholtz replied:

    time snuggled up under my favorite blanket.

  200. Ashley S replied:

    Taking the boys sledding, hot chocolate and warm snuggles!

  201. Rachel N replied:

    not feeling guilty for staying at home all day in pj’s, relaxing with the family watching movies and playing with the baby.

  202. Rachel W. replied:

    Hot chocolate!

  203. Lisa replied:

    I’d like more than one snow day in a row so I can enjoy some quality outdoor time with my toddler and take some good pictures, we don’t have any from this winter yet!

  204. Tracy replied:

    Um, the mosquitos are out here so I think winter may be over. But I was loving wearing boots!

  205. Paul replied:

    Need this for the little one due soon.

  206. David replied:

    Time inside with the family.

  207. Lori Fordham replied:

    making snowmen!

  208. SharpieB replied:

    snuggling by the fire

  209. Megan replied:

    Fireplace time

  210. Rachel S replied:

    I love it! I am savoring Hot Tea. πŸ™‚

  211. Becky replied:

    Not shaving my legs πŸ™‚

  212. Bws replied:

    Cold weather! I am a hot natured person.

  213. Heather replied:

    Read-alouds on my couch with my kiddos while it rains outside. (Hey, I live in Washington. Less snow than rain!)

  214. Jennifer Repetto replied:

    Not a thing. I’m so not a winter person.

  215. Brent replied:

    playing in the snow with the little one

  216. Laura saenz replied:

    I def want to savor cool crisp air! It gets hot hot hot here in the summertime.

  217. Jennifer replied:

    I would like another snow day with my hubby & kids!

  218. Nicole replied:

    sledding & snow in general just can’t help it

  219. Doug Myers replied:


  220. Heather christian replied:

    Sorry everyone, I live in Florida and it’s been wonderful! But it was chilly in nov and dec, so our wArmth came a little sooner and I’m loving it!

  221. Stefany Austin replied:

    I want to go sledding! It’s our first winter in the USA and we’ve had loads of snow here yet I still haven’t had the chance to take the kids sledding!

  222. Levi P replied:

    That it isn’t summer

  223. Ryan replied:


  224. Gretel Johns replied:

    hot chocolates by the fire

  225. Melissa Phinney replied:

    hot chocolate!!!

    mphin278 at yahoo dot com

  226. Randy replied:

    nothing waiting for warm weather I should live in AZ

  227. Maybelline @ Naturalmente MamΓ‘ replied:

    my fleece pjs..

  228. Natalie replied:

    Def the hot cocoa and Uggs πŸ™‚

  229. Stacie Leatherberry replied:

    Ummm…if it is going to win me something awesome then I will say I loooove winter and the 80 feet of snow we have! HA! But really I am lying. I hate winter…

  230. Steve Searle replied:


  231. Mary M. replied:

    snow and snuggling. πŸ™‚

  232. Amanda T replied:

    My kids love the snow. I enjoy it for them. Thats it!!

  233. Mike B replied:

    The fireplace and calling my wife a Snow Bunny!

  234. Carla G replied:


  235. Michelle replied:

    Fleece footy pjs on my boys. They look adorable!

  236. jamie bartley replied:

    the fuzzy sleep outfits my son wears

  237. Connie replied:

    swaddling my grandson

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