one CJ’s large stick of BUTTer and lip balm

If you follow us on Twitter, you already know that Rose is ready for spring. What are you looking forward to about springtime? Tell us and win one CJ’s large stick of BUTTer and lip balm, you choose scent.


February 4, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Jess replied:


  2. MamaB replied:

    SUNNING my dipes!

  3. L. replied:

    Looking forward to the warmer weather and flowers!

  4. Maria replied:

    WARM WEATHER! Being able to go outside again without freezing!

  5. Sarah Mall-Pavich replied:


  6. Crystal replied:

    being able to take my little guy outside and try out his new 3-in-1 smart trike…wagon rides..watching him run around in the grass!!

  7. Laura replied:

    having my baby in APril 🙂

  8. kristen huss replied:

    to be able to PLAY OUTSIDE!!!!! i’ve got the loooong, cold snowy winter blues!

  9. Carrie Warner replied:

    Getting the kids back outside to exercise!!!!

  10. Kara C. replied:

    Looking forward for all my snow to melt so DS and I can plant our flowers and garden at our new home!

  11. Amanda Stallman replied:

    Sunlight would be nice. I miss it.

  12. kelly M replied:

    not having to take my son’s coat on and off in the car!

  13. Jannell replied:

    My husband being home from deployment and our daughters first birthday!!

  14. Lacy Dailey Farmer replied:

    I’m looking forward to our first baby… coming April 2011! I can’t wait!

  15. Lori Page replied:

    Sunshine! To play in and sun my dipes in! 🙂

  16. Becca replied:

    Going on walks with my daughter.

  17. Amy replied:

    No more snow and being able to open my windows!

  18. Michelle replied:

    I am looking forward to warmer weather.

  19. Nina replied:

    I’m looking forward to taking the kids on walks and to the park.

  20. Lindsey replied:

    I said I was ready for walking my daughter in her stroller, outside, and to tend to the garden! 🙂

  21. Heather T replied:

    warm, play outside, weather!

  22. Jennifer L replied:

    My hubby comes home 😉 Woot woot!!

  23. Carrie replied:

    Taking the little one outside to play!

  24. Christina replied:

    Not having to bundle the baby up!

  25. Hillary Wenrich replied:

    Warm weather as well!! It is just too darn cold right now.. And trees blooming..

  26. Stephanie H. replied:

    I’m looking forward to the arrival of our new daughter this spring! 🙂

  27. Matt Sherman replied:

    Playing with my son at the park

  28. Rebecca M. replied:

    Being able to hang my diapers on the line again 🙂

  29. Kim replied:

    Our lil miracle due in March!!!!

  30. Kristin replied:

    Hanging diapers on the line again!!

  31. Amy ashlock replied:


  32. Ariana replied:

    Looking for beautiful green leaves on trees.

  33. Alexis replied:

    Our new little arrival! Baby Due mid april! 🙂

  34. Brian Z replied:

    Our newest addition will already be here

  35. Adrian B replied:

    Hanging my diapers outside in the sun! I sure do miss that!

  36. jennplus5 replied:

    using the clothes line again to dry my diapers 🙂

  37. Rosalie A. replied:

    opening my windows and letting fresh spring air in!

  38. Lisa A replied:

    I am looking forward to spending time working on the garden in spring. All the hard work pays off in beautiful colors of flowers and then more birds come to visit! I love it!

  39. Katie Adams replied:

    the warm weather, pretty flowers, zoo trips, vacation, and seeing little man’s fluff no longer hidden under pants!

  40. Jackie Ziegler replied:

    Our first baby is due in about 2 weeks- I can’t wait to take him on walks when the weather is nicer!

  41. Heidi K replied:

    The sunshine! No more snow.

  42. Rachel K replied:

    Being able to take the kids outside to play and to run errands without bundling them up so much!!!!!!!!! And sun and no snow and WARMTH!!!!!!!

  43. amanda trach replied:

    Warm weather and budding trees and flowers.

  44. Amanda D. replied:

    That my babe will be toddling. And sweet easter clothes!

  45. Chany Jackson replied:

    I’m looking forward to not seeing snow out my windows!

  46. Pamela replied:

    No more snow! Don’t get me wrong, a fun dusting now and then is great, but after this week’s blizzard, I’m over it.

  47. Brianna replied:

    Warmer weather so we can enjoy more days at the park.

  48. Catherine Brown replied:

    No more heavy jackets!

  49. Kimberlie replied:

    Pretty flowers!

  50. Sara replied:

    We can play OUTSIDE! I’ve got major cabin fever.

  51. Jennifer Ratza replied:

    Digging in the garden and planting veggies with DS “helping”

  52. Aimee replied:

    Not having to look at six feet of gross, accumulated snow everywhere.

  53. Lei V replied:

    i look forward to moving to Malibu 🙂 gotta keep my family together

  54. Jessica replied:

    NO MORE SNOW!! 😀

  55. Andrea replied:

    Warm Weather!

  56. Sara G. replied:

    I’m looking forward to planting berry plants.

  57. Debbie M replied:

    Spring Break in Las Vegas!!!

  58. Rebecca S. replied:

    Dressing my baby girl in cute spring dresses!

  59. Jessica G. replied:

    walks with my new baby boy:)

  60. Adrian replied:

    No more snow!

  61. Elisha replied:

    Warmer weather for sure!

  62. Sarah A replied:

    I’m excited to take my little guy to the park. He’ll be about 8-10 months by then and I can’t wait to swing with him on my lap!

  63. Christy replied:

    I absolutely LOVE watching the first signs of spring pop up through the snow. My girls have so much fun looking for little green shoots. 🙂

  64. Amanda Fisher replied:

    Being warm enough to go out and play with my little man!

  65. sroudabush replied:

    Sunshine!! Its magical!

  66. Jennifer Sherman replied:

    Baby in nothing but a cloth diaper and t-shirt!

  67. Veronica replied:

    Nice warm weather

  68. Sarah Hull replied:

    Having warmer, sunnier days to play in th epark and hang my diapers outside! Plus, all the blooming flowers are so pretty!

  69. Brooke Tobey replied:

    Taking my kids to the zoo!

  70. EmilyER replied:

    warmth and sun!

  71. Tracy replied:

    I’m looking forward to an end to the snow! And playing outside, flowers, birds, Easter, spring break, just about everything that comes with spring!

  72. Stephanie Gaffney replied:

    warm weather for my daughter who refuses to wear pants!!!

  73. Peter replied:

    More sun!

  74. Hallie replied:

    I’m looking forward to tulips and a warm breeze.

  75. Phillip replied:

    Warmer weather.

  76. Tiffany replied:

    warm weather and drying dipes in the sun!

  77. Rebecca replied:

    I can’t wait to open our windows and get some fresh air and sunshine!

  78. Sabrina Radke replied:

    No coats, the smell of fresh cut grass and open windows!

  79. Emily replied:

    Being able to get out of my apartment and onto a playground with my baby girl. And open windows for goodness sakes!

  80. Jenn replied:

    I’m looking forward to my baby girl’s arrival! Due May 4th!! I’m also looking forward to playing outside with my son! 🙂

    I love CJ’s!!

    jennifer_atchison at hotmail dot com

  81. Mike Mo replied:

    Playing outside with my boys!

  82. Misty Brammer replied:

    Birthday parties for the kiddos, flowers, and warmth!

  83. Jessica Roberson replied:

    love CJS! And I am so excited for spring and my DDs first bday. But not in any hurry for my baby to be 1 already.

  84. Amber Eaton replied:

    New clothes for the kids! 🙂

  85. Sarah J replied:

    I’m looking forward to taking my daughter on walks without having to bundle up!

  86. Kelli replied:

    Warm weather and flip flops!!

  87. Amy replied:

    No more snow!

  88. Adam replied:

    Warmer weather- it’s been below freezing for 3 days in Houston. And baseball season!

  89. Amanda O. replied:

    Being able to take more walks.

  90. sarah j replied:

    Not having to bundle myself & 2 kids up every time we go somewhere!

  91. merritt replied:

    Going outside all the time!

  92. Val replied:

    Being able to take our son outside!!

  93. Janelle replied:

    I can not wait for this snow to melt! We have a tunnel of snow for a driveway since this weeks blizzard.

  94. Leasa Navarro replied:

    The SUN!

  95. Laura B. replied:

    Warmer weather!!!!

  96. Rachel Hockey replied:

    Getting out to the playground with my daughter 🙂

  97. Emily replied:

    Being outside walking and playing all day long! Oh, and sunning diapers 😉

  98. Kara D replied:

    sunshine =)

  99. Ashley Fendt replied:

    I can’t wait for the flowers and to plant a garden.

  100. Katie Palmer replied:

    Running my kids around the block to wear them out before bed!

  101. Tara replied:

    My birthday!

  102. Amber Searle replied:

    warm weather : )

  103. Tara replied:

    sunshine and warmer temps!

  104. Ruth B replied:

    pretty flowers and taking our little guy out in the warmer weather!

  105. Miranda replied:

    sunlight….flowers…….budding trees…………warm sweet fresh air

  106. Blair replied:

    Planting a garden and watching it grow. 🙂

  107. Meredith replied:

    looking forward to moving to a bigger place and the birth of our first baby

  108. Jennifer Laurin replied:

    The SUN! Ugh I miss it being light out until 9 pm!!!

  109. Jennifer Allison replied:

    My neighbor’s gorgeous flowers in her front yard! I love how they brighten everything up, and I wish I could grow something like it but alas I missed out on the green thumb gene..

  110. Stef replied:

    Walks in the park with my daughter in the Moby Wrap!

  111. Natalie H replied:

    I’m looking forward to my little guys arrival in April and playing outside with my toddler!

  112. lindsey yost replied:

    The lack of snow! Being outside for recess!

  113. Sarah G. replied:

    I’m looking forward to the beautiful, warm breezes. I love when we can open the windows again, and smell the fresh air and see the green start to come back to the trees.

  114. Cynthia Hegarty replied:

    lookin forward to going out doors and wearing shorts

  115. Amanda Schwoch replied:

    going on walks with my girls

  116. Lisa Pickens replied:

    Hanging diapers outside.

  117. Tricia replied:

    I long for pedicured toenails, sundresses, margaritas and the warmth of the sun. 🙂 This was my facebook post just hours ago.

  118. Gina Staub replied:

    My son will be able to play in the yard this year! I’m SO excited to watch him discover spring! 🙂

  119. Kristin M. replied:

    turning off the heat and opening up the windows. i love the smell of a fresh house!

  120. Bridgett Zaidi replied:

    flip flops!!

  121. Meg replied:

    Green grass, planting flowers and our veggie garden, being outside, not wearing fifty layers, the sunshine! Spring cannot get here fast enough 🙂

  122. Nikki replied:

    Going for walks! And I could really use to sun my diapers 🙂 ngiraldi @ gmail . com

  123. Lisa replied:

    I’m looking forward to some warmer weather.

  124. Heidi J replied:

    I most looking forward to warm weather, green grass and flowers.

  125. Cat replied:

    Warm weather and lots of outside activities!!!

  126. Jenny H replied:

    Sitting in the sun with my baby!

  127. Leah replied:

    Going for walks outside. I sooooo have cabin fever right now!

  128. Jeni H replied:


  129. Kayla Hurley Wetzel replied:

    I’m looking forward to being able to play outside with my little girl!

  130. Darcy replied:

    can’t wait to take my daughter to the park!

  131. Jason replied:

    Our family vacation

  132. Jaime Nicholson replied:

    Taking my son to the park to play

  133. Brittany B replied:

    Well its already spring like weather here in Florida (we actually turned on the a/c tonight!) but I can wait for weekends at the beach!

  134. Mama Swears replied:

    Nothing…. 😉 Spring=dust storms here!

  135. Carli replied:

    Being able to play outside with my son and dog. We are tired of playing inside and mama doesn’t like the cold 😉

  136. Misty Pavlovich replied:

    I am looking forward to warmer days and for the germs to go away! My oldest has the flu right now 😦

  137. Susan M replied:

    Going to National’s games! (yes, I know they are awful…but I can’t wait to take baby to her first game!)

  138. Jennifer replied:

    My husband will be home from AFG!

  139. Callie replied:

    No more snow! Tn is tired of it!

  140. Kari replied:

    Spring break. 🙂

  141. Kari M replied:

    My daughter’s 1st Birthday!!!!

  142. Jessica Rabbitt replied:

    Sunning my diapers!

  143. Chrissy P replied:

    Spending time outside with my daughter and the three girls I take care of. Winter is long in Michigan!

  144. Brandi replied:

    The warm sunshine 🙂

  145. Tami Brewer replied:

    Seeing those tiny little leaves on the trees, when they just start to grow and are such a vibrant green. It only happens once a year and I look forward to it all year long.

  146. Mary M replied:

    Not having to wear a coat or put coats on the kids!!!!

  147. amanda alvarado replied:

    I’m looking forward to spring break in march!

  148. jessie replied:

    I’m looking forward to spring so I can plant some flowers and veggies!

  149. Alisha L. replied:

    Warmer Weather!

    bakergurl02 @

  150. Madeline replied:

    Just being outside with my toddler!

  151. Masina replied:


  152. Missy Davenport replied:

    Taking Josh out and letting him explore and play on our swing set and in the grass he will be right around a year when spring rolls around.

  153. cindi replied:

    my grandbaby due in April

  154. Rachel Obrokta replied:

    Outdoor photoshoots of my little girl

  155. stampedwithgrace replied:

    warm, but not hot, weather 🙂

  156. Van replied:

    no more snow

  157. Jessica Lister replied:

    Looking forward to playing outside with my son!

  158. absolutelyadequate replied:

    Playground weather! Warm weather = good naps

  159. Corban replied:

    playing softball!

  160. Cara replied:

    More sunlight and spending more time outdoors!

  161. Sara T. replied:

    nice warm weather, but more so the arrival of our baby girl in May!

  162. sarah shult replied:

    no jackets

  163. KC replied:

    spring flowers!!

  164. Andrea replied:

    not freezing my bum off!!

  165. Sarah W replied:

    Thunderstorms!!! Yay!

  166. Saph @ Frugal Wife Blog replied:

    Looking forward to meeting our second child! 🙂

  167. Nina replied:

    Seeing my little one learn to crawl… should be in a couple months!! 🙂

  168. ashley h replied:

    no coats

  169. Katherine replied:

    Warm days spent playing with my boys at the park!

  170. Rachel Leslie replied:

    drying my diapers on our porch and warmer weather

  171. Mike Brown replied:

    More daylight

  172. One Southern Girl replied:

    Having the sun out… winter here is lots and lots and lots of… rain.

  173. Alisha S replied:

    I am new to Portland, Oregon so this is a tough one. I’m just HOPING for a little sunshine and warmth.

  174. Laura Dunne replied:

    No snow!!! Can’t wait!!!

  175. Alisha S replied:


  176. Sandra T replied:

    attempting to sun out some stains for the first time

  177. Amy T replied:

    I can’t wait for my spring bulbs to bloom! and for it not to be so dang cold! We’ve had ice on the inside of our windows the last 3 mornings.

  178. Anna replied:

    Warmer weather!!

  179. Jessica Atlas replied:

    Sunlight for our diapers and getting back outside with the kiddos! I don’t do snow 😛

  180. Chelsey replied:

    The huge variety of flowers to bloom here in Hawaii.

  181. Liz replied:

    Sitting on the porch and knitting while the kids play.

  182. Karen replied:

    Playing outside! Longer days, too!!

  183. Becky replied:

    wearing sandals!

  184. Mary replied:

    my cottage garden because it’s AWESOME in the spring. that, and turning the kids loose in the backyard to burn off some energy!

  185. Theresa G replied:

    warm weather and playing outside more

  186. Sarah R replied:

    My newest little addition is coming this spring! He’ll be our third child, but the first in cloth and we couldn’t be more excited!!

  187. Meg replied:

    I’m looking forward to getting out and about with the baby more! It’s too flippin’ cold and icy to do much lately!

  188. Erin Becker replied:

    Opening my windows and getting fresh air in the house. It always feels so stuffy to me this time of year. Also, sending my kids outside to play/wear themselves out!

  189. Joel replied:


  190. Kristy D replied:

    Greenery/flowers! 🙂

  191. Jaime replied:

    putting my daughter in cute dresses….and yes, sunning my diapers!!! they just don’t sun well in the winter

  192. Brian replied:

    The flowers

  193. Nicole replied:

    I can’t wait to take my girls out to play more often.

  194. Nicole replied:

    Taking walks and going outside to play. It breaks up the day v.s. the 24 inches of snow keeping us inside these days = (

  195. Heather R. replied:

    I can’t wait to use my clothesline!

  196. Barb Myers replied:

    Not having to warm up and scrape my car!

    barb02_84 at

  197. Carrie replied:

    Taking the kids to the park instead of being cooped up inside!

  198. Kayla replied:

    Cherry blossoms!

  199. April G replied:

    seeing my baby enjoy the outside for the first time!

  200. Melissa Speegle replied:

    No more snow!

  201. Janessa Solem replied:

    My daughter’s first birthday! 🙂

  202. Michael replied:


  203. jolie newman replied:

    Our fruit trees having blossoms on them!

  204. Amy Robinson replied:


  205. Danielle replied:

    Warmer weather! We share a car w/my husband so it will be nice to be able to walk places again when we don’t have the car.

  206. Rachel S. replied:

    Taking our son to the park! ❤

  207. Beth R replied:

    Being able to take my son to the park when it’s warm enough

  208. Ashley S replied:

    Brothers playing out in the yard and getting TIRED and a newly planted garden…want to see what it looks like with everything blooming! Planted it right before the snow started…

  209. Heath S. replied:

    Poisoning pigeons in the park.

    (Ok, not really. It’s a song. 🙂 )

  210. Ryan K replied:

    being able to do some woodworking outside again

  211. Karin replied:

    Watching my baby boy toddle around the backyard (he’s got a couple of months to figure out how to toddle before it gets warm).

    Also, the first day I get the sand table out in the backyard when my big boy will play with it for about 3 hours continuously and I can just watch him and relax.

  212. Rachel W. replied:

    Hanging diapers on the line!

  213. Jeremy Laurin replied:

    New life 🙂

  214. Nikki Seesholtz replied:

    warmer weather and getting outside more with my boys! oh and planting our garden

  215. Lisa replied:

    New baby in May, and no more full-time job!! wohoo!

  216. David replied:

    Warm Weather.

  217. Jodi J replied:

    sunning my diapers

  218. Rachel Campbell replied:

    No more snow!! I’m ready for warmer weather.

  219. Rachel N replied:

    going for walks! there is just too much snow here to walk.

  220. Jennifer Repetto replied:

    warmer weather!

  221. Chelsea replied:

    Getting my toddler out of the house again!!!!

  222. Tracy replied:

    Playing on the grass!

  223. bertille1914 replied:

    the flowers and being able to go for walks outside and play in the park.

  224. SharpieB replied:

    flip flops and shorts

  225. Megan replied:

    A vacation

  226. Becky replied:

    Warm weather and sunning my diapers!!!

  227. Anthony G replied:

    A break from shoveling snow!

  228. Lori Fordham replied:

    sunshine and warmth!

  229. Tiffany replied:

    Playing outside in warm weather with my son!

  230. Brent replied:

    warmer weather

  231. Jennifer replied:

    Warmer weather and being able to dry my diapers outside!

  232. Tina replied:

    Planting a garden!

  233. Doug Myers replied:


  234. Nicole replied:

    no coats and gardening

  235. Heather christian replied:

    The flowers blooming, I just love the air in the spring 🙂

  236. Rebecca S. replied:

    Playing outside with my daughter.

  237. Stefany Austin replied:

    I’m looking forward to going to the Park lol, we live right across one and I’m fed up of telling the kids we can’t go because it’s too cold…

  238. Bws replied:

    Trips to the zoo with kidos.

  239. Ryan replied:

    No more salt on my car

  240. Gretel Johns replied:

    fresh produce!

  241. Melissa Phinney replied:

    no more pants to cover fluffy butts!! 🙂
    mphin278 at yahoo dot com

  242. Randy replied:

    NO SNOW!!

  243. Lucas replied:

    Warmer weather

  244. Erica Robertson replied:

    The end of cold and flu season. My poor girls have been sick for 3 months.

  245. Stacie Leatherberry replied:

    Warmer weather and not having to bundle 3 kids up everytime we go somewhere!

  246. Steve Searle replied:

    Warm weather!

  247. Mary M. replied:

    flowers. 🙂

  248. Mike replied:

    Being able to put the boys diapers out in the sun so my wife will stop complaining!!!

  249. Amanda T replied:

    No more shoveling!

  250. Stephanie replied:

    Flowers in bloom!

  251. Vered M replied:

    looking forward to easier potty training! It’s hard to let the little guy go diaperless when it’s cold (but I still do it – I put on a pair of my knee high socks that go thigh high for him and an oversized sweatshirt that goes down to his knees. But we can’t go out like that 🙂

  252. Alycia replied:

    I’m looking forward to the 3 feet of snow being gone!

  253. jamie bartley replied:

    my baby being able to run around in a CD a t-shirt lol

  254. Connie replied:

    I want the snow to be gone….bring on the sun

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