Donations for Emily-not a prize post

Just want to grab a second, all of you so generously gave $986.00 to little Emily and her family. 3 year old Emily is suffering from stage four cancer discovered right before Christmas, her mom Shannon has a very popular blog and facebook page, and has done some promotions with us before. The link below is very sad and hard to read, but if you can/want to donate, please consider clicking, donations can be made on the “Chip In” link or the bank address listed halfway down the page:


February 4, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Sarah A replied:

    I gave a few days ago. Such a sad story.

  2. Christy replied:

    Thanks so much for doing this and helping them out!

  3. Kelli replied:

    I wish I knew how to knit. I’d make her a cute little hat. Any knitters out there? =)

    • Kelli replied:

      I say this because her post today said that mom was shopping for hats because her hair was falling out.

      • Jenn replied:

        I should have my cousin make her one! Great idea!

  4. Hillary Wenrich replied:

    Thank you so much for the reminder.. God bless her family and that little girl.. I can’t imagine..

  5. Crystal replied:

    breaks my heart. Can’t imagine what she’s going through. Every time I read her updates I pray and then hug my son a little tighter.

  6. Sabrina Radke replied:

    Only $14 from your goal? Hmmm, maybe I can squeeze that, is it too late?

    • Crystal replied:

      awe, where’s a “Like” button when you need one!

    • abbyslane replied:

      We already sent in our totals, but use the link on her caring bridge site, I know every penny is welcome!

  7. Maria replied:

    Very sad. 😦

  8. Lindsey replied:

    Heartbreaking. I’m so glad to see the cloth diapering community surround this family in love, support, and prayers.

  9. Chrissy P replied:

    I donated and also sent Emily one of my cotton beanie hats with a huge flower. I hope it brings her a little joy in this difficult time. 😦 She will remain in my prayers.

  10. Melissa Speegle replied:

    If you use ChipIn to donate to Shannon and you donate at least $5 you are eligible to enter my giveaway. I have over $1,000 worth of prizes up for grabs! Lots, and lots of fluff too!

    You MUST fill out the entry form at this link to be entered to win:

  11. Bridgett Zaidi replied:

    Such a sad story. I donated during an auction on FB

  12. Abby replied:

    Praying for her and her family.

  13. Kristy D replied:

    Prayers sent!

  14. Amanda D. replied:

    Prayers for this sweet girl and her family.

  15. Theresa G replied:

    Prayers sent 😦

  16. Kate replied:

    Praying for Emily and her family

  17. Traci replied:

    In our prayers. “Heavenly angels, sent from above, keep you from harm, wrap you in love”. Bless this child of God!!

  18. rebecca deal replied:

    Praying for her and her family…

  19. Jennifer replied:

    We will definitely pray for her and her family!

  20. Connie replied:

    I am so sad for this family

  21. Zack replied:

    hey…i was just wondering, what your avg. post-per-day stat? cause, you seem to post a LOT…..which isn’t necessarily bad. i’m just curious

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