More wash routines!

Many of you were very intrigued by last week’s info about the initital warm rinse. Some replied with a “this solved my stink issues”, others with a “that made no difference, thanks for jacking up my electric bill”, which is fine, too 😉

Washing isn’t a science, we offer what we see working for a majorty of our customers and our own personal experiments. The second set of washing tips today goes to the wash cycle itself. First tip, do not use the sanitary or whitest whites cycle, this is the superhot 3 hour lock down cycle that will wear down your diapers quickly and void warranties. I have seen pictures of melted snaps and burned elastic from this cycle, the regular hot cycle is plenty hot enough to get the diapers clean. Last week we went with the “warm or hot prerinse”, and the advice to skip it entirely if you can only do cold. So now we go to the hot wash cycle. Detergent wise (we will get into this more next week, but for starters), we have found over the years these general tips to be helpful:

-Powders work better than liquids
-Free and Clears will be sub-standard to “mainstream” detergents
-HE detergents for HE washers, however in a “regular” washer you can use HE detergent if you have soft water. It is easier to rinse, and less sudsy for less buildup. Remember though, HE=HE detergent, Regular=HE or Regular detergent.

Next week we will get into some detergent specifics 🙂

Thank you for another year of success with Abby’s Lane. I don’t take one customer for granted, each order enables us to stay on our path to help families find the greener path to their baby’s health and comfort. We have grown from one 2 shelf bookshelf to a 2100 square foot store space, and one mama with one little girl to a staff of 8, and the same mama now with 3 girls and one boy 🙂 Much has changed, but the basics haven’t. We want your shopping to be fun yet functional, we want your business but we know we have to earn it. The cloth diaper market online now is huge, and we feel priveleged with every order you choose to place with us. We vow to not get set in our ways with policies and products, but take your advice as to what you want to see in our store, and what products you want to know more about. My email address is AbbysLane@…, I answer every single email within 24 hours whether you are happy with us or not, so let me know what you think and what you like and dislike, we take every suggestion under consideration 🙂

Thank you again everyone, I am excited about 2011!


January 3, 2011. cloth diapers, Diaper Chatter, FAQ.

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