boosting absorbency

I received several emails this week from customers who were looking to boost the absorbency on their fitted diapers they were using for their babies without having to invest in new diapers. Since fitteds don’t have the pocket (save for a few), you may be wondering how to do this 🙂

The first way, if you have natural fiber inserts, such as hemp joey bunz, bamboo inserts, or velour blends, you can simply lay them on top, right in the middle. If you have a stay dry fitted, lay them behind the fitted, on top of the cover. Cotton Prefolds work well, too, trifold them like a business letter and lay them in the middle, or fold in half, and put between the fitted and cover. Microfiber shouldn’t go directly against the baby’s skin due to the quick-absorption nature of the fabric, so either lay a fleece or flannel liner on top, or put it behind the fitted. Remember when shopping, “liners” refer to something that passes wetness through but has no absorbency. “doublers” or “inserts” mean they will absorb. Usually doublers refer to something with two layers, inserts 3+. Layering can be bulky, which is why sometimes folding bulkier things in half rather than thirds and placing behind the fitted can work better.


December 20, 2010. cloth diapers, FAQ, Q & A.

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  1. Nikki replied:

    Thank you for the reminder about Not putting microfiber directly next to the skin. I was just wondering about doubling this morning as I was prepping the diaper for nap time 🙂 I have a bamboo insert for a diaper that we have grown out of that I think will work well if I lay it on top.

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