Softbums Omnni One Size Pocket

I am going to offer my thoughts on the SoftBums Omni One Size Pocket:

In short, I love it. In long, here is why 🙂

For those of you who currently have the Softbums Echo Shells and Pods, the system will go together perfectly. What I love is the toggle sizing for a truly customized fit that doesn’t gap or have wing droop (the design of the front aplix does not droop at all, even crossed over all the way on a crawling and cruising 11 month old!). I love how high I can make the rise, Sebastian still has quite a bit of room to go, and some one size diapers he is on the highest rise of already. The pocket is easy to stuff, and it still is very trim in the crotch for slender fit. A nice addition to the Softbums line, I love when I can find a one size pocket with a high rise, as I think a good deal of your leaks are from the rise not being high enough. Absorbency of course being the main culprit, but fit is equally important in getting the diaper not to have compression leaks.

You have two insert choices, the microfiber insert which is quickly absorbing and lightweight, or the organic bamboo pod which is denser fabric and more absorbent. The pocket itself is wide enough to accomodate most everything, depending on the build of your baby, Happy Heiny Stuffins or SuperDos/LoopyDos may be too wide. Let me know if you have any questions!


December 13, 2010. cloth diapers.

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