All you wanted to know about the Ergo baby carrier

We do have a 30 day buy back program now, too, you can wash/use any Ergo Carrier from us, return if within 30 days if you don’t like it for a full refund, you only pay to ship it back to us. A great way to be sure in your investment~

Ergo: “Originals” and organics-the term I use for their regular Cotton Carriers, like the Galaxy Grey, Black/Camel, etc.
and organics:

These are the tried and true, simple, effective, great carriers. They do have a front pouch, big enough to carry a small wallet, keys and a pacifier, attached and sewn into the carrier. They do have the hood, great for when the baby falls asleep, and can have the waist extender added to it. We have used one of these now for 5+ years and love it.

Ergo Sport:
A little longer in the torso, but no pocket in the front. They do have a hood, and a nice cut out in the middle to make it a little more lightweight and not as hot in the warm weather. Love this guy, too, even 7+ months pregnant in Las Vegas last year with my 2 year old, and in the airports~

Ergo Performance:
Longer in the torso, these are great for taller dads, taller moms, we have gotten a few returns on these for that reason (being longer), so not the best choice if you have a shorter torso. Lightweight, breatheable mesh, pocket in the front. Lightly padded, not nearly the amount as the others, but if you don’t have back issues and don’t need it, it only works as a “pro” in keeping it light.

Ergo Options: styled like the regular cotton Ergos, with the option to add the interchangeable cover under the pocket~

A great carrier, durable, easy, comfortable, did I say COMFORTABLE?


November 9, 2010. Baby Wearing.

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