Bummis Easy Fit by Tots Bots

I am going to review the Bummis Easy Fit by Tots Bots:

I picked the starburst print, which if you are looking for a great boy print it is fantastic 🙂 Material wise, the PUL is super nice on these, not bubbly like the new PUL is on diapers, over in Europe they must be using a different adhesion method because this stuff is really nice.

The rise is smaller than a tiny tush and a bumgenius 4.0, Sebastian is 9 months old/18 pounds, and is on the largest setting on the Tots Bots, but still has one setting left on the BG 4.0 and the Tiny Tush. It is a little more narrow in the crotch than the TT, and the aplix is very wide across the belly. I stuff it with an additional hemp insert to hold him, and that helps to keep the aplix from rubbing on his belly because the aplix is so high. If you run into this problem with other diapers, and can fix this by pulling your insert way to the front to give the aplix something to hold over, you will want to add an insert to these guys. The insert does agitate out no fail, so you don’t have to unstuff it if you don’t add an insert. I do like the diaper, it is trim, easy to use, and does a pretty absorbent job solo, especially on a younger baby.

It does hold in poo well, not to be gross but he is on 2 antibiotics now and has poo worse than a newborn, so far it does a good job of holding it all in. The bamboo doesn’t stain, and quite a bit of moisture is wicked away by the microfiber soaker so for a natural fiber it doesn’t get very wet. All in all I am please, for a very tall or chunky baby though it may not be the best choice.


October 19, 2010. cloth diapers.

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