Third prize :)

This prize=white diaper sprayer from Sigma 🙂
Post below with the one moment you thought to yourself “now I am a parent!”


October 7, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Tina replied:

    Giving birth! lol

  2. Lynda replied:

    When I licked my finger to wipe something off her face. That’s when I thought “I’m a mom!”.

  3. Beth replied:

    When I held my little man for the first time AT HOME (he was in the hospital 8 extra days for an infection).

  4. Jannell replied:

    hearing my husband tell me “its a girl.” after i gave birth

  5. Allyson replied:

    I pick my daughter’s boogers and show them to her and say ‘uckies’ so she lets me continue to keep getting them out!! HAHA!

  6. Kate C replied:

    When I held my baby for the first time right after birth! 🙂

  7. Tori replied:

    leaving the hospital and realizing that it was just the three of us!

  8. Brian Z replied:

    Looking into his face

  9. lindsey Y replied:

    Nursing the first time! Or…on a funny note-I knew I was a parent to a toddler when he pulled down his pants in the sitters front yard and watered it for her.

    Luckily I still have a cute 3 month old to cloth diaper!

  10. Ashley Stanciel replied:

    Having my water break with my first at 36 wks! Was expecting to go late, not early!!!

  11. One Southern Girl replied:

    counting fingers and toes…

  12. Kelly M replied:

    I still remind myself daily ;o)

  13. adrian replied:

    When I trip over toys as I stumble down the dark hallway to go to bed after crashing on the couch, quietly giggling to hubby so we don’t wake the kids!

  14. Jessica replied:

    That first night when I stayed up to watch her sleep… I love my sleep. I couldn’t believe I was missing sleep. LOL That’s how I knew I was a parent.

  15. Emilie replied:

    Once we were back from the hospital and my family had gone and I realized that I could really care for a baby on my own.

  16. Carla G replied:

    when my son peed all over me, his dad, and the isolet in the hospital when we tried to change him. we had to call the nurse to come clean up (I had a c-section and was unable)

  17. Annelee Giese replied:

    When I got my first kiss 🙂

  18. Rachel replied:

    The first time I held my daughter

  19. Erin Rodriguez replied:

    When we first strapped DD into the carseat to take her home from the hospital… All of a sudden we were alone in being responsible for her safety!

  20. Lisa A replied:

    The moment I realized I was a parent: going out to a dinner date with my husband and the first thing I asked him once we got to the restaurant was “How much spit up do I have on my shirt?” 🙂

  21. Tamara Sz replied:

    When I make sure that my son has eaten before I eat myself!

  22. JessicaMoore replied:

    when my oldest cried and wanted noone but me!!!

  23. Liz replied:

    The moment I was nursing and B projectile vomited all down my (undressed) front and I didn’t even blink before I quickly cleaned the baby up first.

  24. Nicole replied:

    When I couldn’t let my daughter out of my sight when she was born!

  25. Sara L replied:

    nursing in the rocking chair in her nursery at 3 am the first night home. So sweet!!

  26. Natalie replied:

    When I was pregnant, and had to tell random strangers, ‘thanks for the advice, but we’ll be doing things our way.’

  27. Gretchen replied:

    A week or so after my son was born, I walked into the bathroom and glanced in the mirror. I was bra-less, my nursing boobs hanging, my hair was disheveled, my shirt covered in white splotches of baby spit-up…and I didn’t care. I just thought, “Man. This is how it goes…” and went back to my lovely little man 🙂

    We’re taking our cloth camping this weekend–no internet ’til Sunday night (you know, in case I win…) ;p

  28. Carlee H replied:

    When I couldn’t sleep in the hospital because all I wanted to do was stare at my beautiful baby girl. 🙂

  29. Amanda O. replied:

    When my son went to sleep (for the night) in the car for the first time, on the way back from my parents house. When we got home, I took him out of the carseat, carried him upstairs to his room and transferred him to his crib without waking him up. I felt so much like a mom at that moment.

  30. bECCA replied:

    the first sleepless night at home with our little dude 🙂 then my next thought was…i won’t be sleeping a full night for at least another year!

  31. Mollie replied:

    The first kick really sealed the deal for me. Also the first day I had 3 kids under 16 months by myself (6 days after delivery)

  32. Elisha replied:

    The first time I cheered our newborn daughter for making a good, dirty diaper, after an uncomfortable period of constipation.

  33. Stephanie-jean replied:

    When my son projectile puked down my back, front, and all over me and I made sure to clean him up first.

  34. Katie Whitaker replied:

    Watching my husband scoop her up and snuggle her to his chest right after she was born. He kissed her little vernix covered head and I thought “We made her, she is ours, we are parents!”

  35. Amber replied:

    The first time my toddler went to spit something out and I stuck out my hand so he could spit into it.

  36. kristen replied:

    The first night in the hospital room with my daughter, pulling her out of the bassinet next to me and onto the hospital bed to sleep next to me. I didn’t sleep a wink. I watched her all night.

  37. Aurelie replied:

    I think it was the first time DS had a fever. I was so scared.

  38. Alyssa replied:

    When I said “if you eat one more bite of your dinner you can have an ice cream sandwich!”

  39. Kara replied:

    When my daughter was up every hour to nurse on our first night home from the hospital. I was so tired, but loved looking at her all night.

  40. ashley replied:

    At 2am when she wants to nurse…again!

  41. Erin replied:

    Holding the baby I lost before burying her. Then, when DD came along, looking into her huge blue eyes as DH held her in the OR while she just stared at the both of us.

  42. Tiffany U replied:

    When I caught my son’s puke in my hand so I wouldn’t have to clean the floor…this coming from somebody with the ultimate gag reflex!

    I adored him and would have died for him from the moment they gave him to me, but that was when I knew I was a “real” parent!!! 🙂

  43. Jennifer Repetto replied:

    The first time I said “my son”. It took me aback for a minute. I remember thinking “Wow, I have a son!”

  44. Brittany replied:

    I caught runny breastmilk poo with my hand as it was coming out of a ‘sposie so it wouldn’t get on the carpet. We switched to cloth shortly after.

  45. Jennifer replied:

    Right after I had my son, he was being suctioned out (meconium in the fluid) & everyone was piling in my room to congratulate me, but my eyes never left him.. I had to make sure he was ok before I even looked at anyone else! That little man is my life!

  46. Liz E replied:

    At the hospital, as we were leaving, I realized, “oh wow- they are letting me take her home” and it hit me that I was a mom now!

  47. Annie replied:

    When I have to fish food out of my little guys mouth.

  48. Meg replied:

    Well, I haven’t had that exact moment yet, as my kiddo is T-14 weeks away 😛

    But the “Holy crap, we’re going to have a baby” moment hit us a few months ago when a friend of ours dropped off a carload of baby clothes, bouncy seats, etc. Suddenly we were surrounded by piles of baby stuff and it seemed pretty real 🙂

  49. Val replied:

    Probably when he pooped on me and I laughed. Actually, sometimes I still don’t believe it!

  50. Melissa Phinney replied:

    The many days of no sleep and almost constant nursing right after SAP was born! 🙂

    mphin278 at yahoo dot com

  51. Cyndi replied:

    I think this every time my daughter coughs or sneezes in my face when she is sick and I don’t mind!

    cyndi_steinke at hotmail dot com

  52. Lenore replied:

    When I sent my husband out to Walmart with a spit-up covered shirt and we both just shrugged and said, “It will be mostly dry by the time I get there”

  53. Kim Grindean replied:

    When we had to make the rule, “No drop-kicking the babies!” AGGGGHHHH!!!!!

  54. Danielle replied:

    when my hubby accidentaly let the little guy bump his head and brought him to me screaming. I held him and calmed him and nursed him and everything was better. I made him feel better.

  55. EERamos replied:

    Whenever I get puked/pooped/peed on and barely even bat an eyelash…

  56. Megan replied:

    When I sleep in my daughters nursery with my hand through the crib rails touching her back. Or, when I show up to work with spit up on my shoulder! 🙂

  57. Shanea replied:

    When we got the breastfeeding down at the hospital and we were in the room all alone. Scary real.

  58. allison replied:

    The first time she laid on my belly blew my mind. A few minutes earlier she was IN my belly! I think setting the alarm clock for every 3 hours even though SHE was sleeping longer to try to help her gain weight was when I felt mom-like. Hmm, maybe that early interruption is why she never slept through the night for years… 🙂

  59. Joy replied:

    about 6 weeks into the pregnancy- when morning sickness kicked in.

  60. stephanie Dunn replied:

    When I went to bed at 8pm on a Friday night.

  61. Jennifer Hull replied:

    When I stayed up all night watching him sleep that first night in the hospital. I was so exhilarated after the birth that I couldn’t sleep even though he was!

  62. Ann replied:

    When I was crying after giving birth to my son and was thinking “what in the world did we get ourselves into??????!!!?!?!?!”

  63. JessicaC replied:

    Still preggo…

  64. Britiany T replied:

    After about a week at home she exploded with out a diaper on and it got everywhere and i just laughed

  65. tyler replied:

    When I helped give him his first bath he looked at me and it was like he knew I was his dad. I held him and pat his hair dry and knew from that moment on that I was always going to be there for him.

  66. Rachel S. replied:

    When the baby barfed and I immediately reached out to catch it all in my hands. XD

  67. Jennifer L replied:

    The first night with our little girl….it was no longer just the hubby and I.

  68. Tracy replied:

    When we came home from the hospital, and I knew it was just my husband and I to figure things out!

  69. cynthia replied:

    The 1st time I really got puked on all over. Real vomit not baby vomit!

  70. Heather Hudson-Alouf replied:

    As soon as my oldest was born and I looked at her little face…it was so surreal knowing that this was MY daughter and I was responsible for her well-being…. She is a beautiful and intelligent 13 yr old now 🙂

  71. Brian replied:

    Climbing into the tub with my wife during her labor with our son

  72. magslove replied:

    Everytime DD only wants me and only I can make it all better.

  73. Heather S. replied:

    Not a parent yet, but recently been watching friends’ newborns and it’s finally “hit” me that I’ll have our guy here soon!

  74. Patti replied:

    when i first started bfing dd. I just thought “Here we go!’

  75. Jen replied:

    when we finally had both our twin boys HOME after about a month in the hospital. It felt like we were just visiting some really little babies when they were in the hospital and I felt empty…I am so thankful for the NICU and my awesome boys!

  76. Beth replied:

    I think the first time he was sick and I really understood how much I loved and wanted to protect him and make him better. That moment changed it all.

  77. j.h.mommy replied:

    the first time I was peed on

  78. VirtualM replied:

    Perhaps it was when, after my son (now 4) was a few weeks old, I was so sleep deprived that when a friend of mine came to visit me unannounced at 11 AM, I was in such a daze that I didn’t recognize her! She left and it finally dawned on me who she was after I shut the door behind me and I had to run out and apologize, I was so embarrassed. Having kids has definitely landed me in the realm of the zombies.

    (Oh, and any time I wipe a bottom – I remember that I’m a parent!)

  79. Heather Moore replied:

    When we came home (15 days post birth) and I didn’t have nurses telling me what to do!

  80. April replied:

    The first time me, my couch, and the floor was peed on!

  81. Aubrey G replied:

    When I was pregnant and they thought something was wrong with the baby. Thoughts of how we were going to handle a special needs baby consumed me. It was a good taste of what parenting is all about, you completely forget yourself and focus only on your child!

  82. Amanda replied:

    The first kick

  83. Lindsay K. replied:

    anytime my little guy gets upset and I am the only one to make him feel better

  84. Nicole replied:

    Going through potty learning with my older daughter.

  85. Lindsey replied:

    When I licked my finger to wipe my daughter’s face! And wiping off spit up off her chin with my finger and wiping it on my jeans. 😉

  86. Claire R replied:

    The first diaper change when we got home from the hospital and my son projectile pooed across the room. Seriously….he was on the changing table and hit the wall…no clue how that happened. As soon I picked myself up from ROFLMAO, I called DH (who was out picking up groceries) to brag. Yeah, he was a proud daddy too. 🙂

  87. Leslie Twining replied:

    It’s a tie between the first body drenching spit up and having no problem sticking my finger in a diaper and smelling it to see if it is dirty…….

  88. Peter replied:

    When I held my son for the first time

  89. Stephanie replied:

    When my daughter never let me sleep at night. She didn’t sleep all night until she was 16 months and still has the occasional night waking at 22 months.

  90. Krista replied:

    I locked my keys in the car. Mommy brain!

  91. Christy replied:

    Leaving the hospital. Until then she felt like part of the whole strange experience at the hospital. We had our third baby at home and I was just saying to DH how different it would have been to become parents the first time at home. Not that I was ready for a home birth back then though, lol.

  92. Christine replied:

    My 3 week old peed up in the air on the changing table, and it started running down the wall behind my dresser. Then my cat started to barf on the bed (the cats were not happy about the new baby being there) so I had to hold my son with one hand while I pushed the cat off the bed. When I stood back up, my son had pooped on the changing table. Pee, poop, and cat barf. Awesome!

  93. Kate F replied:

    The first time I nursed my little guy

  94. leasa replied:

    When we got home from the hospital

  95. allison replied:

    S arms around my legs. I thought, “I’ve waited my whole life for this”Swhen he ran up to me and wrapped hi

  96. Colby replied:

    I was changing baby cake’s diaper and he sprayed with poo! I laughed. Thats when I knew!

  97. Nicole LeBlanc replied:

    The first time I nursed DS. It was such a rewarding and magical experience.

  98. Ellie replied:

    We are expecting baby #1 in November. It is a great reminder that we are parents when we sit and watch my bare belly move and bounce all around as baby moves. It’s amazing! Now I am a parent!

  99. Tiffany replied:

    When my in-laws came for a visit, my son screamed every time they held him. But as soon as he was in my arms, he was calm and content. I felt amazing. Horrible for them, but whatever. I had the connection with my son and it was fabulous.

  100. Rebecca replied:

    My daughter had her first fever last weekend. Snuggling her on the couch, waiting for her temp to come down, was definitely one of those “now I’m a mom” moments.

  101. Linnea replied:

    When my mom referred to me as a mom!

  102. Alisha S replied:

    My little guy had a milk allergy and it took us 11 weeks to figure it out. It was 11 weeks of nonstop crying but he was our baby and our love was greater than our exhaustion. We were so relieved to figure it out and it is all a distant memory now..

  103. Amelia La Casse replied:

    There are so many of those moments from the movement during pregnancy to giving birth & holding baby for the first time, but the one that really makes me think I’m a mom without a doubt – I would never do this to anyone else, but my own child. Licking my hand to fix their hair!

  104. Heather A. replied:

    Probably the first time I had to change his diaper

  105. stephanie replied:

    When I crossed the street holding a little hand in each of mine (when I just had 2, now 4).

  106. Pamela replied:

    When I held my son for the first time I knew what my mom meant when she used to say, “I love you so much that I could explode!” That’s exactly what it felt like!

  107. Cassandra replied:

    The first time I got projectile pooped on. I was surprised how little I even cared

  108. Maria replied:

    Huh, I don’t know! I think I felt like a real parent the first time I successfully handled a tantrum, in public, LOL.

  109. Lisa replied:

    When the doctor pulled my daughter out and lifted her up for me to see.

  110. Jessica Lister replied:

    After I pushed for 6 hours (brow presentation) and achieved mt all natural childbirth!!

  111. Michelle replied:

    holding my little guy for the first time

  112. Kristina replied:

    being covered with pee and spit up and not caring one bit!

  113. AlingaB replied:

    going into labor and giving birth!

  114. Sal replied:

    When my wife went into labor 3 weeks early and it went so fast that I had to DELIVER my son on the bathroom floor!!!!! There was no denying that was the moment that I knew I was a parent.

  115. rebecca huss replied:

    When I prefer talking to people at work about diapers more than drinking

  116. Nina replied:

    Taking him home from the hospital

  117. Jennifer replied:

    when she “kisses” me with her big open mouth slobbery self-and I LOVE it. And now she leans her forehead into us. So sweet.

  118. Ryan replied:

    As soon as I saw my little man

  119. Madeline replied:

    When the nurses left us alone for the first time!

  120. Sarah replied:

    Giving labor

  121. Jodi replied:

    When I held my hand out to catch puke…only a mother’s love!

  122. Rachel K replied:

    Hmm…Nursing in public, or grocery trip with an 18 mo. old and 2 week old. I had a better moment, but I can’t remember it any more…mommy brain, LOL.

  123. Jillian replied:

    At the birth but also when I said “my son” to someone for the first time.

  124. cindy s replied:

    when i couldnt figure out how to get the car seat in!

  125. carly replied:

    when i nursed him in public anytime anywhere!

  126. Karen replied:

    7 years ago when I heard my baby cry instinct kicked in.

  127. Jen S replied:

    Hmm….probably when we got home from the hospital

  128. jessica r replied:

    the first time i held my son, 12 hours after he was born in the NICU. one of the most emotional moments of my life

  129. Catharine Bushman replied:

    I’ll have to let you know! Baby’s due in a week!

  130. Nicole replied:

    The night i brought my daughter home from the hospital and she screemed all night. I couldn’t even call my mom to rescue me.

  131. kim mcintosh replied:

    baby hasn’t been born yet (but hopefully this weekend)!
    so far doing the diaper and clothes laundry and folding it all in preparation
    mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

  132. Naomi Rozak (was Curlett) replied:

    There were so many moments like that – so many realizations. One was our first time eating out after she was born… Restaurants have never been the same since!

  133. Heidi K replied:

    After my daughter was born and I took her home from the hospital.

  134. Emily G replied:

    Every time I go into his room while he’s sleeping, like to put clothes/diapers away.

  135. Rachel S replied:

    Waking up 5 times the first night!

  136. Carrie (DangerousCrayon) replied:

    when I got to hold her for the first time!

  137. Melanie replied:

    When the nurse put her in the isolette, and my heart absolutely broke. I held out my arms and said, “Give me my baby!” We haven’t been apart since. 🙂

  138. Liliana Montemayor replied:

    The moment I started feeling super relax and hungry!!

  139. Corrie Kolbe replied:

    The first time I said or did something that was something my mom said or did, with my baby.

  140. Elizabeth Kolek replied:

    The past 8 days when I didn’t sleep in my own bed bc i passed out on the couch at 8 pm every night—from exhaustion! Love my life;)

  141. Lisanne replied:

    When I couldn’t pass the crying baby off to someone else 🙂

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