Night time diapering!

I want to revisit nighttime diapering again – I know it is a Waterloo for many cloth mamas, no-one likes the 3 straight hours we usually get interrupted by a swimming pool either in our sheets, the crib or the new toddler bed we just put together. Many mamas will use disposables at night, and believe me, that is not going to get a raised eyebrow from me.

Very heavy wetters can be very challenging, and if one disposable a day helps you keep some sanity long enough to cloth diaper during the day, by all means you have my blessing. However, if you have the desire to try or re-try nighttime diapering, we would love to help you find a solution. The typical age we see most babies outwetting what they use during the day is 4-6 months. Around 9 months, we usually see a big jump in absorbeny needs, and it truly can happen over night, so don’t be surprised if the change seems very sudden.

For the fitteds/pocket using moms, I always love to bring up the Happy Hempy. It is a simple diaper, a pocket fitted with a stay dry inner, and often is overlooked as a nighttime solution. It does need a cover, and inserts/trifolded prefolds to put in it, but it holds everything in place, is easy to put on and off, helps contain a great deal of absorbency, and is easy to wash and dry because it is essentially a pocket without any PUL or encased layers. It is roomy in size, so trifolded a prefold with hemp inserts is easy to do, and it still provides the stay dry protection many babies need at night to avoid the pink tinge to their skin from overnight wetness and/or heat rash.

Let me know if you have any questions, it is easy to upsize in these, they are sized low in the rise to fit under covers, so if your child is close to the next weight range, feel safe in sizing up for the longevity of wearing that size. Let me know if you have any questions.


October 6, 2010. cloth diapers, night time diapering, Night time solutions.


  1. Christy replied:

    We love using a DryBees fleece diaper with a SuperDo insert, after trying many different combos, this really works well for us. I think because the fleece breathes a bit it helps her not get rashy.

  2. mamamattersdoula replied:

    We used a double stuffed BumGenuis os with either a Bummis Super Whisper wrap or a ProRap cover over it!

  3. Jeannie replied:

    I’ve been using a Thirsties AIO with a tri fold prefold (smaller size) for my 2 yr old son and it works great too.

  4. stephanie replied:

    My 2 go to night time diapering combos are either a Joey Bunz on top of a BG elemental or a Joey Bunz wrapped inside an organic Flip insert in either a Flip or Weehugger cover. My little guy is allergic to stay dry materials but I found either of these 2 works well (I think the organic Flip combo works a little better)

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