Fun little Q & A about Abby’s Lane

It’s such a rainy day I think we need a little bit of fun….(though my three year old looks pretty comfy and cute sitting in her jammies with the paper and asking loudly where her cup of coffee is)…

Why don’t I receive an invoice with my order?
-Since our website automatically sends one to you via email, we do not include an extra one with orders. We encourage customers to leave it in their inbox to cross check if they wish, but we prefer not to waste the paper or your costs in wasting paper and ink. In order to continually offer free shipping in this world of ever rising postage and freight costs, we love the idea that saves us money to put into new products, and gives mother nature a boost by saving a few trees. If you ever need an extra copy, we can always email one to you, up to 5 years prior 🙂

With all of these one size diaper options becoming so popular, will the sized version fade away?
-The answer to this one is yes and no-LOL. Some product lines have greatly diminished their color offerings on sized diapers if their one size versions really take off. I don’t think sized diapers will ever go away completely, but keeping with supply/demand, some lines may eventually pare down or limit color selections on their sized diapers.

Why don’t you ever answer your phone line?
-We let all of our phone calls go to voice mail, then we call back anywhere from that instant to a few hours later if I am out with my kids. Sadly, the WAHM diaper diaper industry is especially attractive to prank callers who enjoy the adult diaper fetish. After talking to so many heavy breathing old men, we really had enough and had to screen the calls. We will call you right back, but this is the best solution we can offer to that problem.

When I email asking what you personally use for your children, why do you reply with asking me my child’s weight and age?
-We learned the lesson to this one the hard way, we would geniunely answer what our babies wore, people would purchase it assuming we only used the best, and then were disappointed with the fit on their children. We don’t carry diapers that we don’t feel are the best in the industry, but what we use is what fits best on our children, which could be completely different than what will work for your babies. Age and weight are the easiest ways for me to make a suggestion that will fit and work for you, so don’t think we are dodging the question, we want to make sure you are happy with your purchase 🙂

Why did you name your store “Abby’s Lane?”
-Our first daughter who brought us into cloth is named Abigail Elaine, so it is a play on her name 🙂 My younger three are a little jealous about that one~

I get frustrated with our diapers, with every single one I have used, there is something I would trade about it. Why can’t they make the perfect one?
-The diaper industry is a very fluid one, and it is exciting to see the changes that come out with each new style 🙂 Unfortunately, some combinations people want just can’t ever happen because they are completely in opposition of each other. For example, you can’t have a super trim but super aborbent fiited, absorbency means layers, layers mean more bulk. Another is those who want a natural fiber that doesn’t feel wet. The only true stay-dry fabrics are all polyester, we do have silk liners, which are natural, but they will feel more damp than anything polyester. We want to know what you are looking for, and I will do my best to find a solution for you. Sometimes that means a mix of super trim AIOs for short periods of time, or for specific outfits that need it, but thicker fitteds for the rest of the day, or going with natural fibers but having a few fleece liners on hand for naptime and nighttime when wetness can present an issue. Heck, I am still trying to find a perfect pair of jeans to fit into, and I am not trying to pee or poo in them, so I can imagine how hard it is for diaper manufacturers to tackle these issues!


October 4, 2010. cloth diapers, FAQ, Fun, Q & A.


  1. bECCA replied:

    this is great! i especially love the “perfect jeans” bit 😛

  2. Noelle replied:

    This was very interesting, thank you!

  3. zbiornik replied:

    It’s fantastic that you are getting ideas from this paragraph as well as from our dialogue made here.

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